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Orbitzproblem confirming flight

On April 26, 2018 I booked a flight round trip from Tampa, Florida to Frankfurt Germany. I received an email with the itinerary # [protected]. A few days later I went to my Orbitz website and my account said there were no upcoming trips. I called orbitz customer service and after a long wait on the phone a representative cam eon the line. I had great difficulty understanding her English and she kept referring to me as mam. I am not a mam but a male. And no matter how much I lowered my voice she kept referring to me as mam. Regardless, she said the could see my account on her screen and the upcoming flight. But on my orbitz website it said there were no upcoming flights.
My concern was that I arrive at the airport and that there's no record of my reservation. Luckily I printed my itinerary when orbitz first emailed it to me.
The orbitz wasn't much help. She recommended I go to the airline's website to confirm but I said I shouldn't have to do that. I just want my orbitz account to reflect what I purchased.
I finally just gave up. I've been an orbitz customer for about 15 years. I will not be one anymore. I can just call the airline for my flights at about the same price and at least get airline miles.
Orbitz, I wish you well but you've lost me as a customer and I will advise others to do the same.
Fred Hiers

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    Orbitzcar rental

    I recently rented a car in Mexico through Orbitz on Dec. 22, the price was 21.72 per week. when we got to Mexico the desk clerk at payless looked at the rate and said, "That's too cheap" and proceeded to make the charges 23x that rate, also explaining that "insurance was more expensive during a holiday." When i asked Orbitz to help with Payless to get the reserved rate they replied, "We guarantee our prepaid bookings but for Pay Later bookings, charges and billings depends upon the selected car rental company.
    Please be advised that request has been properly /completely reviewed and validated, and the decision for this is final."

    Orbitz is the company making these reservations, if they are fake, we need to know about it before wasting our time on fabrications.

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      • Ki
        Kika Kikaa Jan 30, 2019
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Bigest scam!!!

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      • Ki
        Kika Kikaa Jan 30, 2019
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Big scam !!!

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      Orbitzcharging my account and cancelling my rental

      This company has gone to the toilet. I wouldn't give it 1 star. I got online to reserve a car rental. When it went to book it the page kept searching then would drop. I checked to see if it was booked and it said no. I tried to book it again and it did the same thing. 30 mins later we checked our back acc. and they had made 8 different charges on our acc. I then called and was told we would have to pay a cancellation fee. I raised my voice and said" listen I just tried to book this 10 mins ago. " He tried to pass me on but I stood strong( I thought). He said he saw the charges and would book it for me. well well well, , we arrived and no booking. What was suppose to cost $62 was now $184. I made 2 different 30 min. phone calls to speak with customer service that is in India and bad connection and they cant speak fluent English. They fdo that on purpose hoping you with just give up. Not me

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        Orbitzlost airline ticket

        Our party of two went to pick up our boarding passes. Our tickets were previously paid for in total. The airline said one of us did not have a ticket (boarding pass). Orbitz was contacted, but refused to take responsibility and reissue a ticket. Our party of two thus was required to remain inside the airline terminal for more than 24 hours while we attempted to resolve this issue. Our ages are 72 and 74 and this situation presented us with health problems. We want to be compensated.

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          Orbitzchanged itinerary

          Re: Itinerary [protected] Gwen Eaton
          Itinerary WUORJX Tamara Ballou

          To whom it may concern
          This letter is intended to provide information related to the 2 travel itineraries shown above, which were purchased on the same day for the same flight, so the parties could travel together. Ms. Eaton's reservation was changed by the airline, but Ms. Ballou was not offered the same change which resulted in separate flights on different days, preventing the parties from flying together.
          In August of 2018, Ms. Eaton purchased an airline ticket to Paris, via Denver, for travel dates Dec 20 through Jan 4. The ticket purchase was made through Orbitz and was purchased on the same day that her sister, Ms. Ballou, purchased the exact same flight to Paris, also through Orbitz, so the family could travel together FOR MEDICAL REASONS. Ms. Eaton must fly with a designated partner (Ms. Ballou) due to a disability. The airline (American) was notified that a wheelchair would be needed, and Ms. Ballou should sit with or very near Ms. Eaton to assist her during the flight.
          In early October, Ms. Eaton received notification from Orbitz, that AMERICAN AIRLINE had made a schedule change to the flight, and Ms. Eaton was to select one of the changes offered or her ticket would be terminated, and a refund given. After discussing the notification with Ms. Ballou, Ms. Eaton discovered that her sister had NOT received the notice, but pressured by the agency, she was forced to accept the change dictated by the airline. Ms. Ballou agreed she would choose the same option when notified.
          The change notification was received by Ms. Ballou on Thursday, November 15th. She called Orbitz immediately and spoke with an agent regarding the options. The change that Ms. Eaton was forced to accept was NOT offered to Ms. Ballou. Her ticket was changed to a day earlier departure, on December 19th, flying through Miami instead of Chicago to Paris. Ms. Ballou explained to the agent that she was flying with a disabled family member and that the itinerary's much match. The agent assured her that this would be possible without a problem and proceeded to change Ms. Ballou's reservation/itinerary to accommodate the Airlines change. While confirming her flight, Ms. Ballou informed Ms. Eaton of the change and told her to call Orbitz right away and have the same change made to her ticket.
          Me. Eaton proceeded to call and request the same change but was met with complete opposition. Orbitz refused to change her ticket, stating that she had already made 1 change and any additional changes would incur fees and repricing. Stunned, Ms. Eaton denied ever making a change to her itinerary. It was the AIRLINE that made the change, and the AIRLINE that forced her to accept the change to her ticket or risk cancelling the ticket all together. Thus began 4 continuous days of countless hours on the phone with Orbitz agents, supervisors, American Airlines and Iberia Airlines. Both Ms. Eaton and Ms. Ballou called repeatedly, trying to get the issue resolved. On Sunday, they were on a 3-way call with Orbitz that stretched to over 5 hours. Orbitz and the airline refused to acknowledge that they had initiated the change to the ticket. Their response was that Ms. Eaton changed her ticket once already, and any additional changes would incur large fees and reticketing prices. They refused to accept her disability claim, even though the wheelchair and travel partner information had already been requested and was in Ms. Eaton's reservation file.
          Orbitz would promise a resolution, then force us to stay on the line for over 20 minutes at a time, while they "negotiated" with the airline. When Ms. Eaton called American Airlines, the agent said she would have been happy to make the change, but it was an Iberian flight, so she did not have the authority to make the change, EVEN THOUGH THE NOTIFICATION ABOUT THE CHANGE IN SCHEDULE CAME FROM AMERICAN AIRLINES.
          It is our firm stance that Ms. Eaton's ticket be changed to match Ms. Ballou's ticket. The customer DID NOT REQUEST THE CHANGE, THE CHANGE CAME FROM THE AIRLINE! The tickets were purchased in August to avoid the high cost of buying them closer to the date of travel. The airline then made changes during the time between purchase and travel, did NOT offer the same changes to the customers and that has resulted in the change and complications of our current travel plans. To preserve any resemblance of the original plan, the airline is trying to force us to pay exuberant fees in order to keep our flights together. They are asking us to PAY AGAIN for a ticket that we have already bought. This is an outrage. These travel plans were made months in advance to ensure the family could travel together due to a disability. This is not just a requirement of convenience. THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH. Ms. Eaton must have her limbs massaged during flight to prevent blood clots. She will be on oxygen, and the medication she is taking requires immediate access to the bathroom. Ms. Ballou will be able to assist her with all these requirements. We do not feel that the flight attendants will be readily available to assist her. Flying alone without assistance could cause her serious health problems. In addition, we feel we were tricked by the airline to accommodate a change for their convenience. Even after explaining our situation, they refused to assist us, and therefore we also feel we are being discriminated against due to the disability.
          We would like Ms. Eaton's flight changed to match that of Ms. Ballou's flight, without fees. This change is required because of the initial change made by the airline which resulted in separating the parties planned travel together. The parties must travel together due to a disability, and life-threatening situation that could occur if Ms. Eaton should be forced to fly alone. I don't want this to end in any harm to Ms. Eason, simply because the airline refused to honor the tickets that were originally purchased specifically so the parties to fly together. It is hard for me to believe that the policy would be enforced, even if it could result in the death of a passenger.

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            Orbitzdeceptive pricing practices

            So, as you're filling out the forms and putting together your trip, Orbitz site sya very clearly "Price Guaranteed" on the screen, When you go to check out and pay, a notice appears that says "The price just went up by $500 or more, buy now before it goes up again!" We should be paying the price on the screen at the time of booking. "The Guaranteed Price". This is clearly scamming the customer and forcing us to "pay the hostage price" or look elswhere. I won't be back, and I won't be using their parent Expedia either! I hope all take this to heart, because that is the only way we will ever get what is "Guarateed" and advertised.

            Too sad Orbitz... ruined my Christmas.

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              Orbitzcar rental

              I have been waiting to receive an email to review our experience with economy car rental, but have yet to receive one.
              I feel that it is very important to share our experience and frustrations with Orbitz for you are representing and recommending this establishment.
              I rented a vehicle on October 17th, itinerary ‭[protected]‬; when we got there to pick up the vehicle, we had already been traveling for 8+ hours and had another two hours of driving before we reached our destination. The trip to Economy (or Allied? Not sure which one it was but both were mentioned) took multiple bus rides, long waits and was very unorganized.
              After waiting for an employee to go and retrieve a car for us, she brings us a Kia Soul that had damage to every body panel. One of the back quarter panels was actually spray painted. We should have requested something different at that moment but really wanted to just get out of there.
              The interior of the vehicle was even worse. The glove box was falling out, there were multiple burn holes on the seats, Had a very strong cigarette odor, the headliner and interior panels were splattered with brown stuff!
              After making sure that the lady noted all of the damages, we headed off to our destination. The passenger seat was not properly secured and rocked each time you accelerated, or applied the brakes.
              Again, had we not been on a mission to just get where we were going, we would have turned around and checked it back in.
              In addition, the check in and check out process was just as bad. There was no one there to greet us; while waiting, there was another gentleman there who said he had been waiting over an hour for someone to go get his vehicle. The customer service was not good. And when the lady came back to check us out she never even said hello or asked how everything went.
              This was by far the worst car rental experience ever. As a matter of fact, every time I book through Orbitz it seems like we also get the worst seats on the airplane, the outdated rooms, etc. I am not convinced further business will be any different. And at this point, I cannot say I would be comfortable recommending Orbitz to my friends or family.
              In all reality, at the very least, we should be reimbursed for this experience.

              car rental
              car rental
              car rental
              car rental
              car rental
              car rental
              car rental
              car rental

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                I booked a flight to London, England via Orbitz. My booking ID is VDKRJP, ticket # [protected]. My confirmation said it included 1 free bag, Seat Choice, carry on bag and miles earned. However, when I try to choose my seat, the system will not allow me to do that without incurring extra $$$. Therefore, that is misrepresentation of seat choice. That is not a choice, it is just a "seat" and can not be chosen until check-in and should have been noted correctly in my confirmation. I should have known that when I booked the ticket. Now, I have to just cross my fingers and hope I get a decent seat for a very long flight to London or incur additional expense to choose in advance. I have also placed this complaint with Air Canada as well. And, I will place it with United too. That is mis-advertising.

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                  Orbitzflight from london to pdx

                  #[protected] itinerary

                  Good morning, I flew from London to pdx on september the 12th sucessfully.

                  On my return trip i arrived at 10.00 oclock to book in for my return flight on the 23rd ave. when i get to Heathrow my flight was cancelled as immigration was too long to make the connecting flight. Ba said that as orbitz did not contact them they cancelled the flight and i would need to work it out with them.

                  I then spent an hour on the phone in the terminal with orbitz and was told i could get on another flight and go to Dallas. After a long time being sent to different places and no one not knowing where to send me i was sent to terminal 3...The ticket agent did not allow me the time to get there so i was refused entry on the plane. They then rebooked me on a later flight to Los angeles and back to terminal 5 which is a bus ride. I have now been running for 5 hours around the airport. I got into La spent two hours in immigration and then got to my hotel and 12.00 midnight and having to be on the 8.00 am to portland. I spent over 30 hours getting from london to portland through no fault of mine. I had to cancel all my appointments on the monday. It does not instill confidence in me booking with orbitz again.

                  your comments?

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                    Orbitzflight change - orbitz itinerary number:[protected]

                    On 1.7 we orded for Mr. Ran Dagan a ticket from Tel Aviv to Beijing 2.7-13.7:

                    Orbitz itinerary number:[protected]

                    On 12.7.18 we changed the above ticket : [protected]
                    Flight from Beijing to Tel Aviv on July 20 instead of 13.7.
                    After a long phone conversation with Orbitz representative the change was confirmed, and a payment for the change by $ 100 was transferred to Orbitz. (See attached file)
                    Unfortunately, when Mr. Ran Dagan, Dagan's C.E.O approached the Check-In counter in Beijing airport, he was very surprised to discover that he is not registered on this flight.
                    Mr. Dagan was forced to run around the airport, on and off, between the tickets office to the Check-In counter four times.

                    It caused him huge frustration, nerves and distress and wasted his precious time.

                    Since this is the first time it happened like this (We reserve many flights through websites all year round), We would appreciate your attention, to clarify and compensate him accordingly.

                    From Hainan air liens we accepted the answer bellow:

                    Dear Yonat

                    The relevant department already investigate the ticket [protected]
                    1. There was no problem of the check in system at Beijing Airport dated 20Jul. When Passenger check in at the airport, no reservation showing for flight HU7957 on 20jul.
                    2. The reason why the passenger cannot checked in because of the agent did not issue the ticket correctly. We contacted the agency who claim that the system cancelled the flight dated 13Jul and did not change to 20jul successfully.

                    If passenger looking for compensation, please call Orbiz
                    Customer Service [protected] for complaint

                    Looking forward for your prompt reply.
                    Best Regards

                    Yonat Ofir
                    Dagan Agricultural Automation Ltd
                    Tel: +
                    Fax: +

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                      Orbitzrefused a refund for their mistake

                      On July 2nd 2018 I was due to fly back from Montreal to Singapore where I live. When I arrived at the airport I found out that Orbitz had downgraded my ticket from Business to Premium Economy. I called them back to rectify the issue.

                      I spoke to multiple agents after being cut off or put on hold for up to 25 minutes at a time with no information and no one was able to rectify the issue before my flight.

                      I asked them to rectify the second leg of my journey whilst I was in the air to Beijing. In Beijing I should have had access to the lounge giving me free wifi and therefore the ability to make free calls. I asked them to grant me the access I would have had if they had not downgraded my ticket. This would have given them 13hours to find a solution for the 2nd leg of my journey - flight and lounge. I asked them to call me back once I landed to tell me what the situation was.

                      No one called. I had to call them. Repeatedly. No one was able to rectify the situation for the 2nd leg of the flight despite having hours to do it. No one I spoke to seemed to understand my issue or be able to do anything about it.

                      I finally spoke to a lady who offered a refund to cover the difference in the flight and my food costs in the airport. I told her that I would have wifi and call charges and she said to contact Orbitz again to arrange to refund them. I was offered a measly $200 travel voucher with Orbitz for the 26 hour journey I had to take sitting up despite paying for business.

                      My call and wifi charges to Orbitz were over SGD$500. I contacted them with the detailed bill and they refused in writing to pay.

                      I would like a refund of the call charges and wifi costs incurred due to their mistake in downgrading me - A total of $505.63 SGD (or at today's exchange rate, USD $369.90)

                      Itinerary Number: [protected] - Case ID : [REQ:S#[protected]]

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                        Orbitzdefected car

                        The rental car I was given was defected. One of the safty control light was on. Once I arrived at my destination the car was not moved due to questionable safety of the car. I have contacted Fox Rent a Car in Krakow airport, about the existing problem.I was told to fix it my self. The advise given to me was ineffective. The car is undrivible.
                        I request a refund for the amount of days the car was not used. For safety reason I do not feel comfortable using the car. I ask for speedy resolution to this problem and a refund.

                        defected car

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                          Orbitzcustomer service / flight bookings

                          On August 14th I called their booking phone number and received terrible service all around. I spent 48 mins 02 seconds on the phone with the first person. I was put on hold several times and had to give my flight information 6 times. The person told me that he is unable to find the flights, despite me giving all the airport codes several times. I told him TPE and he kept asking if I wanted to fly out of ICN. I was then told to "hang on" and was transferred to customer service where I waited on the line for 24 minutes to speak with someone. I spoke with a different person who told me the price has increased from $442 to $1027. I asked her how that is possible if I see the price online and am currently looking at it and the answer I received that "I don't know..." She said that they are unable honor prices found on their website and could not tell me what the error number I was receiving meant. I then asked customer service how to file a complaint and I was told they do not have a complaint department and there is nothing she can do if I received bad service. She said I cannot talk to anyone about it. I definitely will NEVER be booking with them as I can only imagine what would happen if I have a problem while traveling. Absolutely useless company.

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                            Our Problems started when we arrived at Las Vegas airport at 7am on the 31st July to catch our 9.05am flight to Indianapolis only to be told that our flight had been cancelled and we had been booked onto the 6am flight which we had already missed. We received no prior notification of this change not by e-mail or text, you would have thought that such a massive change would have heralded a barrage of communications. Though I did consider ringing Orbitz to confirm our flight details a quick glance at my booking e-mail announced...
                            "Your reservation is booked and confirmed. There is no need to call us to reconfirm this reservation."
                            I tried to call Orbitz at this point but was left on hold for 15 minutes before being cut off. As the calls were costing $2.00 a minute and we were in danger of missing further flights we went with the American Airlines offer of going onto standby.
                            Standby worked reasonably well and we got onto a flight within a couple of hours but then disaster struck, the flight broke down with a mechanical problem and we had to disembark. The delays increased from one hour, to four hours to six before the flight was finally pushed back until the next day. Standby no longer seemed to work as we were in competition with the entire passenger list from the cancelled plane and they all had priority over us as they were members of the AA flying club and we were not. With time now getting on and after a number of conversations with a number of AA representatives it was decided that our best option was to wait until the next day when they could actually book us on a flight rather than waiting on standby. We booked and paid for our own hotel and caught a taxi at our own expense. At the same time, we had now missed both the first day of our convention and our hotel in Indianapolis.
                            The next day we arrived at the airport in good time for our flight but again after boarding adversity struck and once again we were asked to leave the flight due to mechanical problems. Again time moved on with the flight time slowly but surely being pushed back before being cancelled. Again standby was next to useless for the same reasons I mentioned earlier. This time we were given a hotel to stay in and some food vouchers but now we had totally missed the two days we were meant to spend at the convention and our hotel in Indianapolis. After talking to various AA representatives we booked a flight to JFK for the next day and booked ourselves a hotel in New York (again at our own expense.) At this point we went down to the
                            AA baggage office to ask that our bags be re-directed from Indianapolis to New York and were told they would be waiting for us when we arrived.
                            When we arrived at the airport the next morning we found our flight to JFK had been cancelled and we had been placed on a later flight. At this point a minor miracle occurred and we actually took off on a plane, an hour later however we disembarked for our connecting flight to find it delayed. Four hours later it finally departed getting us into JFK at midnight.
                            We then went to pick up our bags only to find that they had not yet arrived. After an hour in a queue we were able to talk with a pleasant young lady who assured us our bags would be delivered to our hotel in New York the next day.
                            The next day came and went with no sign of our bags, the automated phone number we had been given being less than helpful. We flew back to London early on the 4th August, our fifth day without our bags which of course held all of our clothing and washing materials. This forced us to purchase various items often at sky high prices as we had little option but to buy in airports or hotel gift shops.
                            This whole trip has been little short of a disaster, we were unable to attend the convention, were forced to spend a fortune on hotels, food, clothing and washing items as well as wasting three days of our lives hanging around airports. For this reason, I would like to request a measure of compensation and look forward to your response.


                            Stephen Hubbard
                            Warren Gillham

                            Original trip information

                            Gatwick to Las Vegas
                            Virgin Flight VS43 28/07/18 LGW - North A 10.15
                            28/07/18 LAS - Terminal 3 13.00 Booking - D4F7BP
                            Las Vegas to Indianapolis
                            American Airlines 2626 31/07/18 LAS - Terminal 1 9.05
                            31/07/18 DFW 13.45 Booking - [protected] / FNCIQS / TDWXWN
                            40 min Stop at Dallas DFW
                            American Airlines 1174 31/07/18 DFW 14.25
                            31/07/18 IND 17.41 Booking - [protected] / FNCIQS / TDWXWN
                            Indianapolis to New York
                            American Airlines 4598 03/08/18 IND 12.56
                            03/08/18 JFK - Terminal 8 15.12 Booking - [protected] / FNCIQS / TDWXWN
                            New York to Heathrow
                            Virgin Flight VS26 04/08/18 JFK - Terminal 4 8.15
                            04/08/18 LHR -Terminal 3 20.10 Booking - D4F7BP


                            27/07/2018 Hotel needed at London Gatwick For 1 night 27/07/2018
                            South Terminal Gatwick Airport, Gatwick, RH60LL Twin Room - Check in 3.00pm,
                            [protected] Check Out 12.00pm
                            28/07/2018 Hotel needed at Las Vegas For 3 nights 28/07/18 & 29/07/18 & 30/07/18
                            Wynn Las Vegas
                            3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Double Double - Non Smoking
                            Las Vegas, NV 89109
                            31/07/2018 Hotel needed at Indianapolis For 3 nights 31/07/18 & 01/08/18 & 02/08/18
                            Indianapolis Marriott East
                            7202 East 21st St Double Double
                            Indianapolis, IN 46219
                            03/08/2018 Hotel need at JFK Airport For 1 night 03/08/2018
                            Radisson Hotel JFK Airport
                            135-30 140th Street
                            2 Double Beds - Check in 3.00pm,
                            Jamaica NY 11436
                            Check Out 12.00pm


                            Gen Con

                            Warren - 331427 Stephen - 331428

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                              Orbitzflight cancellation - no refund of monies

                              Good day,

                              My son paid R 1437.38 for two tickets which was never refunded - Jan POS International Purchase Chq 111.60 3g Direct Pa 412752*9882 29 Dec 1, 437.38
                              01 Jan POS International Purchase Chq 111.60 3g Direct Pa 412752*9882 29 Dec 1, 437.38

                              This reservation has been fully cancelled. We're sorry your plans didn't work out. When ready to book a new trip, we'll be happy to help.
                              Travel dates
                              Dec 31, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
                              Itinerary #
                              Ticket #
                              [protected] (Dirk Hermanus Maartens)
                              [protected] (Marjone Maartens)
                              Booking ID

                              Kindly advise on refund


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                                Orbitzexchange and refund

                                On June 1 2018 I called to use the travel insurance to change my flight and hotel to July. It took this customer service guy over an hour and it was a mess. On July 8 I'm at the airport and United tells me they are NOT going to let me on the plane becuase Orbitz did not pay them. It was a business trip so it was a problem!! I called Orbitz and there was NOTHING they could do. I called a week later to get a refund and was told their system was down and to call back tomorrow. I have called 3 times today and so far I've been on hold for a total of 2 hours. The reason I have time to file this complaint is because I'm still on hold!! I paid a total of 1, 061.11 and have been refunded 386.91. So I'm owed 674.11. I have even sent them the screen shots of my credit card statement because I use it for business travel. So they said they would refund me 197.00, which leaves me holding the bag for 477.11. I've been on hold for so long my phone has finally died. Wish me luck! Never using Orbitz again.

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                                  • Updated by Sharon Snyder 36 · Aug 06, 2018

                                    Horrible scam like the other lady said. I've spent 3 hours and I keep getting put on hold.

                                  Orbitzwhy should I pay for mistake committed by your team

                                  Dear Orbitz team

                                  Why should I bear for the mistakes committed by you.

                                  You have not informed the property of the cancellation and now when the amount is refunded I am taking a hit of OMR 5.38 which amounts to USD 14.

                                  can you please ensure the above amount is refunded to me ASAP.

                                  Thanks & Regards


                                  On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 7:50 PM Vikas Anand wrote:
                                  Orbitz team

                                  Why is that the below cancellation has not been conveyed to the property?
                                  Why has my card been charged even though the booking was cancelled?

                                  My card was charged today for the booking that was already cancelled

                                  Kindly ensure that the amount is refunded ASAP

                                  On Tue, Jul 10, 2018, 10:18 PM Orbitz wrote:


                                  You have cancelled with full refund of deposit by hotel.

                                  Jul 18, 2018 - Jul 20, 2018 2 nights

                                  Days Inn by Wyndham Washington DC/Connecticut Avenue
                                  4400 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20008 United States of America

                                  Guest room Room, 2 Double Beds, Non Smoking
                                  2 full beds, non-smoking room

                                  Reserved for Vikas Anand
                                  2 adults, 1 child, 1 infant

                                  Thank you for choosing Orbitz for your travel reservations. We're sorry your plans didn't work out. When you're ready to book a new trip we'll be happy to help you.

                                  If you have been charged a deposit or partial payments, you will be issued a refund by Days Inn by Wyndham Washington DC/Connecticut Avenue.

                                  ​​Orbitz Itinerary number: ​​[protected]
                                  Hotel reservation number: 82792EC024483
                                  If you want to cancel additional rooms, a car or activities you must cancel them separately.

                                  why should I pay for mistake committed by your team
                                  why should I pay for mistake committed by your team

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                                    Orbitzhotel stay in point pleasant, nj

                                    I am not a complainer, and would most certainly like to give compliments vs complaints. However, I booked The Driftwood Hotel (ON THE BEACH) as a gift for my daughters. As recently divorced, I wanted to make a special time for them.
                                    Day before leaving, i recieved a phone call from Sam, the owner of the driftwood, stating thrh were overbooked and we had to be moved to another location, NOT ON THE BEACH, and we had to drive daily to driftwood for beach passes each and every day. Which was incredibly inconvenient to load the car each and everyday with myself and 5 children. It was a major error as that the driftwood never notified of a reservation and it was truly all a nightmare. I will never ever book through Orbitz again . What a huge dissapontment. Especially to find out less than 24 hrs before arriving and needing to scramble to find another hotel, as this was a gift, and I wanted my children to goto the driftwood as that is where I went every year as a child.
                                    Orbitz is off the list for ever using again.

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                                      Orbitzprice match guarantee

                                      The price match guarantee process with Orbitz is the most lucrative process for any consumer to go through. I have a flight booked ITN#**SSN**667 and found a cheaper flight on site www.brol.com. The exact same flight, exact same airline, departure time etc- as Orbitz prefers "apples to apples" - its the exact same flight to and from. After having spent two hours, TWO hours on the phone, mind you my previous call of 30 min the agent hung up or should I say "got disconnected", I had one agent tell me that the economy class needed to be verified. The ECONOMY class. How many levels of economy class are there? It was the exact same flight information but yet her grasp at an excuse was the economy class might off been different. As if in row 20 is treated any different than row 30? Because in all my 30 years of flying, that has NEVER been the case. Moving on, both the agent and I looked online at the competitors site and both indeed saw the flight price difference - yet she did not have an answer for me. It is VERY frustrating to have to go through all this to not have an answer. Why even offer price match grantee to begin with? The claim for price match has to be submitted within 48 hours, they send you back an email late at night that way by the next morning, it is too late to dispute the claim because your 48 hour window has now passed. Not only that, but now you risk the price going up on the competitors site. The screen shot you have to submit? Oh forget it. I completed that and did so as asked but the amount of hairs being split by Orbitz will test even Mother Theresa's patience. I submitted a screen shot, but now have to submit a new screen shot, with now the higher fare, its still cheaper than the orbitz flight but the competitors fare has now gone up. ALL THIS for a price match guarantee???? Lesson learned: DO NOT BOOK WITH ORBITZ. And you ask why even fight over a price match ? I am a single mother, I rely solely on my income so if this is a promise the company values, clearly they don't, I'd recommend they just remove the price match guarantee program all together since all they care about is keeping there money. I would rate zero stars if I could, let that be known !

                                      price match guarantee
                                      price match guarantee

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                                        I booked a hotel because I thought it was near my son's hospital in Midland TX. When I arrived I found it was near the administrative offices instead. I asked Orbitz and the Fairfield Inn to cancel the reservation explaining the severity of the medical issue. Both parties said they could do nothing and referred me to the other party. After a week of complaints, the Fairfield manager said she would reverse the cancellation charge but Orbitz would charge her for the cancellation. If this is Orbitz business practice, I will never use them again. I have asked the Fairfield manager to inform me if Orbitz charges them. If so I will make it my business to spread the word about Orbitz.

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