Orbitz Complaints & Reviews

Orbitz / suncountry airlines

Aug 08, 2019

We booked a flight through orbitz on Sun Country and just wanted too update Orbitz so others do not go through our experience We arrived for our flight 2 hours prior and waited in line for over an hour, when we got to the agent, she told us it was too late to check our bags, 45 minutes wa...

Orbitz / hotel booking

Jul 13, 2019

OrbitzI have booked with orbitz two itin no [protected] and [protected] ) for $ 578.43 and $379.72 respectively. My bookings is subject to price guarantee . Prices went down dramatically and i filed many claims with orbitz with. Proof from reliable and well know agencies .but they denied all...

Orbitz / service

Jul 09, 2019

I don't have time or energy to write a book about "Orbitz", and the terrible techniques used to leave people on hold, pretend that line was cut off, keep referring you to another person, and not give you what you are entitled to ! I'm asking you to REFUND ME $300.00 for the "Pain" and money...

Orbitz / car rental

Jul 09, 2019

July 7, 2019 I have tried to book a car with Orbitz and NU car rental company from Timisoara, Romania for the past 4 days. I have continued to go online, select the car and dates I needed, and I would get the same two vans showing up as AVAILABLE each time I tried. I would continue to...

Orbitz / hotel

Jul 06, 2019

The property on 10th street my boyfriend and I stayed at was overall "ok" rating, we were not pleased and the service was not good for the money we payed. Upon arrival to the property we seen someone checking peoples cars but couldn't speak English to tell us where more parking was. In the...

Orbitz / canceled flight with no recourse

Jun 27, 2019

After much research and consultations, I decided to book flights to Sweden through Orbitz. I booked the flights in October 2018 for travel in June 2019. The reservation included a flight from Salt Lake City to Chicago O'Hare on American Airlines and then a flight from Chicago to Stockholm...

Orbitz / orbitz & emirates airlines not refunding for ticket booked on emirates airlines due to death in family

Jun 24, 2019

I had booked a ticket for my wife to travel in may 2019 to India, unfortunately my mother passed away in April 2019 and i called in to orbits to advance her travel and include two more tickets for me and my son as we had to carry the cremated remains to India. Orbitz customer care suggested...

Orbitz / kicked off flight due to orbitz not booking us seats

Jun 24, 2019

We booked our vacation in July 2018, nearly a year before our trip. We booked online through Orbitz, and the third party service used Air Canada for the flights from Detroit to Punta Cana through Toronto, Canada. We arrived 3 hours early for our 6:40 a.m. Air Canada flight from Detroit to...

Orbitz / travel package changed

Jun 22, 2019

Hello, I am writing to make a complaint about my recent experience with Orbitz. I booked a package flight and hotel to the Dominican Republic and wanted to cancel. I received a refund for the hotel but neither orbitz or the airline (Copa) wanted to help us get a refund on the flight. We...

Orbitz / car rentals

Jun 18, 2019

OrbitzI ve had the worst deal with orbitz. They charged me 40dollars for a car reservation saying the price was 16 dollars a day + tax for a dodge charger. When I got to fox rentals the price was three 4 times the "deal" they said. What I really want to say is 1. There was nothing saying I...

Orbitz / problem confirming flight

Apr 30, 2019

On April 26, 2018 I booked a flight round trip from Tampa, Florida to Frankfurt Germany. I received an email with the itinerary # [protected]. A few days later I went to my Orbitz website and my account said there were no upcoming trips. I called orbitz customer service and after a long wait...

Orbitz / car rental

Jan 28, 2019

I recently rented a car in Mexico through Orbitz on Dec. 22, the price was 21.72 per week. when we got to Mexico the desk clerk at payless looked at the rate and said, "That's too cheap" and proceeded to make the charges 23x that rate, also explaining that "insurance was more expensive...

Orbitz / charging my account and cancelling my rental

Jan 22, 2019

This company has gone to the toilet. I wouldn't give it 1 star. I got online to reserve a car rental. When it went to book it the page kept searching then would drop. I checked to see if it was booked and it said no. I tried to book it again and it did the same thing. 30 mins later we...

Orbitz / lost airline ticket

Dec 21, 2018

Our party of two went to pick up our boarding passes. Our tickets were previously paid for in total. The airline said one of us did not have a ticket (boarding pass). Orbitz was contacted, but refused to take responsibility and reissue a ticket. Our party of two thus was required to remain...

Orbitz / changed itinerary

Nov 28, 2018

Re: Itinerary [protected] Gwen Eaton Itinerary WUORJX Tamara Ballou To whom it may concern This letter is intended to provide information related to the 2 travel itineraries shown above, which were purchased on the same day for the same flight, so the parties could travel together. M...

Orbitz / deceptive pricing practices

Nov 06, 2018

So, as you're filling out the forms and putting together your trip, Orbitz site sya very clearly "Price Guaranteed" on the screen, When you go to check out and pay, a notice appears that says "The price just went up by $500 or more, buy now before it goes up again!" We should be paying the...

Orbitz / car rental

Nov 01, 2018

OrbitzI have been waiting to receive an email to review our experience with economy car rental, but have yet to receive one. I feel that it is very important to share our experience and frustrations with Orbitz for you are representing and recommending this establishment. I rented a vehicle on October...

Orbitz / flights

Oct 29, 2018

I booked a flight to London, England via Orbitz. My booking ID is VDKRJP, ticket # [protected]. My confirmation said it included 1 free bag, Seat Choice, carry on bag and miles earned. However, when I try to choose my seat, the system will not allow me to do that without incurring extra $$$...

Orbitz / flight from london to pdx

Sep 25, 2018

#[protected] itinerary Good morning, I flew from London to pdx on september the 12th sucessfully. On my return trip i arrived at 10.00 oclock to book in for my return flight on the 23rd ave. when i get to Heathrow my flight was cancelled as immigration was too long to make the connecting...

Orbitz / flight change - orbitz itinerary number:[protected]

Aug 20, 2018

On 1.7 we orded for Mr. Ran Dagan a ticket from Tel Aviv to Beijing 2.7-13.7: Orbitz itinerary number:[protected] On 12.7.18 we changed the above ticket : [protected] Flight from Beijing to Tel Aviv on July 20 instead of 13.7. After a long phone conversation with Orbitz representative the...

Orbitz / refused a refund for their mistake

Aug 18, 2018

On July 2nd 2018 I was due to fly back from Montreal to Singapore where I live. When I arrived at the airport I found out that Orbitz had downgraded my ticket from Business to Premium Economy. I called them back to rectify the issue. I spoke to multiple agents after being cut off or put on...

Orbitz / defected car

Aug 16, 2018

OrbitzThe rental car I was given was defected. One of the safty control light was on. Once I arrived at my destination the car was not moved due to questionable safety of the car. I have contacted Fox Rent a Car in Krakow airport, about the existing problem.I was told to fix it my self. The...

Orbitz / customer service / flight bookings

Aug 14, 2018

On August 14th I called their booking phone number and received terrible service all around. I spent 48 mins 02 seconds on the phone with the first person. I was put on hold several times and had to give my flight information 6 times. The person told me that he is unable to find the...

Orbitz / flights

Aug 07, 2018

Our Problems started when we arrived at Las Vegas airport at 7am on the 31st July to catch our 9.05am flight to Indianapolis only to be told that our flight had been cancelled and we had been booked onto the 6am flight which we had already missed. We received no prior notification of thi...

Orbitz / flight cancellation - no refund of monies

Aug 07, 2018

Good day, My son paid R 1437.38 for two tickets which was never refunded - Jan POS International Purchase Chq 111.60 3g Direct Pa 412752*9882 29 Dec 1, 437.38 01 Jan POS International Purchase Chq 111.60 3g Direct Pa 412752*9882 29 Dec 1, 437.38 This reservation has been fully cancelled...

Orbitz / exchange and refund

Aug 06, 2018

On June 1 2018 I called to use the travel insurance to change my flight and hotel to July. It took this customer service guy over an hour and it was a mess. On July 8 I'm at the airport and United tells me they are NOT going to let me on the plane becuase Orbitz did not pay them. It was a...

Orbitz / why should I pay for mistake committed by your team

Jul 30, 2018

OrbitzDear Orbitz team Why should I bear for the mistakes committed by you. You have not informed the property of the cancellation and now when the amount is refunded I am taking a hit of OMR 5.38 which amounts to USD 14. can you please ensure the above amount is refunded to me ASAP. Thanks ...

Orbitz / hotel stay in point pleasant, nj

Jul 30, 2018

I am not a complainer, and would most certainly like to give compliments vs complaints. However, I booked The Driftwood Hotel (ON THE BEACH) as a gift for my daughters. As recently divorced, I wanted to make a special time for them. Day before leaving, i recieved a phone call from Sam, the...

Orbitz / price match guarantee

Jul 24, 2018

OrbitzThe price match guarantee process with Orbitz is the most lucrative process for any consumer to go through. I have a flight booked ITN#**SSN**667 and found a cheaper flight on site The exact same flight, exact same airline, departure time etc- as Orbitz prefers "apples to...

Orbitz / hotel

Jul 24, 2018

I booked a hotel because I thought it was near my son's hospital in Midland TX. When I arrived I found it was near the administrative offices instead. I asked Orbitz and the Fairfield Inn to cancel the reservation explaining the severity of the medical issue. Both parties said they could...

Orbitz / flight change - orbitz itinerary number:[protected]

Jul 24, 2018

Subject: A complaint on Orbitz itinerary number:[protected] For Orbitz costumer Services, On 1.7 we orded for Mr. Ran Dagan a ticket from Tel Aviv to Beijing 2.7-13.7: Orbitz itinerary number:[protected] . (Please see attached files). On 12.7.18 we changed the above ticket : Flight from...

Orbitz / car reservation itinerary #[protected]

Jul 19, 2018

COMPLAINT FOR: Car reservation Itinerary #[protected] in Florida-July 12-July 16 2018 pick up and drop off at PBI Airport. I was told more than once to take the shuttle to Budget car rental and pay the total amount of $ 125.83.Nothing that Orbitz did for us on the up and up. 1. We took the...

Orbitz / legal name change on ticket

Jul 16, 2018

OrbitzConfirmation GVJGNL (Aeroflot-Russian Airlines) Booking ID T5XVBE Ticket # [protected] (Tatiana Paola Orozco) [protected] (Carmela Karenina McCue) Itinerary # [protected] INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: I bought 2 flight tickets in September 2017 from NY to Russia but after a few months one of the ticket...

Orbitz / bogus ticket

Jul 14, 2018

OrbitzMy family is currently stuck in a Chinese airport because orbitz sold us a bogus itinerary. We'll only get out of here if we pay for change fees or find other transporation at our own expense. It's been a circus to know who will help. There was a 1 hour layover between flights but the...

Orbitz / vacation package

Jul 13, 2018

I booked a trip for August 12-16 via orbitz, I also got travelers insurance. I misspelled my friends middle name and inadvertently placed a ‘A' where there should have been an ‘E' in her middle name. That turned out to be an ordeal I was disconnected over 4 times and placed on hold several...

Orbitz / car rental

Jul 02, 2018

I made a reservation for a car rental from a local car rental company EZ Rent A Car. My plan was to use this rental car instead of my car to drive from Salt Lake City to St George which is about a 400 mile drive one way. The car I reserved had unlimited miles and the price was around $70 for...

Orbitz / 24hr cancellation scam

Jul 01, 2018

Do not use orbitz! It is a horrible online travel booking website. You cannot cancel a whole itinerary within the first 24hrs, despite what they promise!!! You must cancel each item separately which complicates things further if certain airlines are used (spirit). This way you lose the travel...

Orbitz / flight situation

Jun 30, 2018

I booked a ticket to flight from Auckland to Tel Aviv through Orbitz and when I got to the airport on the day of my flight, one of the airlines (Qantas) told me that I needed a transit visa to be able to get my connecting flight in Australia. I had no time to deal with a visa issue then...

Orbitz / orbitz travel

Jun 25, 2018

Today I requested assistance without success from Orbitz travel agent Dawn and supervisor Anthony for seat assignments for two legs of an international flight on July 29, 2018 for myself and Paul Sparks. Paul was unsuccessful getting seats on the day we booked our flights with Orbitz...

Orbitz / name change due to one letter difference and customer service

Jun 25, 2018

We purchased an airline ticket for our son and dtr-in law. Our son immediately noticed we had mis-spelled our dtr in laws name by one letter and we used her married name. Her passport does not reflect her married name. We called customer service to request the name be changed (even though...