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Orbitz Complaints & Reviews

Mar 06, 2021

Orbitz — Website didn't disclose correct rules for check in

To Whom It May Concern I have an issue about the Red Roof Inn at 5001 Renner Road Columbus Ohio. Can someone...

OrbitzFlight credits

Due to Covid our trip was canceled In June 2020. We were given flight credits for airfare instead of a refund as requested like we received for our hotel. We were given so much conflicting information about how the credits could be used and by when the flights had to be booked and when they had to be used by it almost started feeling like a scam.
We made notes of the dates and knew our time was approaching that the flights had to be booked by so we started trying to plan a trip that we really couldn't afford to be taking but knowing we would be losing our flight credits Of approximately $1500 we knew we should plan something. We started looking and pricing on orbitz.com and when we found a trip we could afford we contacted or Orbitz to use our credits and was told that the credits can't be Applied to flights bought in a "package" that they had to be purchased separately. So again feeling scammed we started shopping for flights on orbitz.com and when we found flights that we were told that the price advertised on the site doesn't apply to flight credits that they are "discounted" when in fact the flights we found were the same as departure/arrival airports as our cancelled flights and the new flights were approximately $100 more per ticket than the original we were told the advertised flights on the website do not apply to our flight credits. We were then told the price of the tickets would be $900 each for the same flights that we have credits for $460 each. This is criminal and nothing less than Robbery. All we are asking for is either. Complete refund of our credits or to be able to book the same flight at the same price. We WERE EVEN Willing TO PAY $100 more per ticket, but this is just wrong and there should be some action taken to hold Orbitz accountable. Actions like this by company's lead to class action lawsuits.

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    Feb 25, 2021

    Orbitz — Unable to update my trips

    Yesterday, February 24, I booked a change to my cancelled itinerary #[protected] using credits from the...

    Orbitzflight refund complaint

    Good afternoon my name is Fernando Hernandez
    [protected]@gmail.com [protected] Cell
    Reservation # [protected]
    The reservation is on my mother name. MARIA D HERNANDEZ
    Las Vegas NV To Mexico city on 03/21/2021 one ways
    I would like to express to you my indignation that I have had this past weekend. On February 19, 24 hours before the ticket purchase I tried to contact ORBITZ customer service and unfortunately, they did not answer by phone and also online, I tried to call between 20 or 30 times and nothing, equally in line and nothing, Between Saturday and Sunday believe me that between 7 to 8 hours trying to communicate with a representative of ORBITZ. Saturday I had the opportunity to chat with a representative, and approximately more than 1 hour we were in chat and I concluded that there was something in the system that could not complete the refund, so I told myself that in the course of 24 hours someone would communicate with me, Sunday was the worst approximately a total of 3 chats each one more than 1 hour trying to help me, for nothing the chat was falling, if 3 times each one for more than 1 hour just to imagine that almost I spent all Sunday trying to get my refund back. What happened while waiting to chat was the worst. I would like you to take into account that your system is very bad.
    The most important thing is that if someone contacts me, to help me recover my refund.
    Thank you, I'm looking forward for your answer


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      Jan 11, 2021

      Orbitz — Booked a flight that never existed

      Orbitz booked a flight that never existed and never notified me when Delta rejected the booking. In fact, I...

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      In september I made a hotel reservation to jamaica... And I didn't know we have to have covid19 test and some papers from jamaica government.. I try to cancel the hotel and get my refund but. Orbitz and palladium hotel push me around back in forward.. And they told me I can't do anything to recover my 1400 $.. So I don't know what to do. I call them so many times.. I understand I have to pay maybe some fees but not 1400 $full amount... And never stay in the palladium hotel in jamaica

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        OrbitzRefund on itneneray [protected]

        After about 8 hours on the phone and getting cut off 3 times I thought I was getting a refund from my flight. Cathay Pacific canceled the flight from Hong Kong to Brisbane which makes the rest of the trip worthless. It's their fault not mine. All orbitz will give me is airline credits but their email says refunds are available minus $200. There is no where I will need to go on Cathay Pacific so airline credits are worthless. It was not my fault they canceled the last leg of my flight. Now they have no flights to Brisbane due to covid. I want the refund not airline credits.

        Refund on itneneray [protected]
        Refund on itneneray [protected]

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          Trying to get a refund for a trip panned in December and cancelled by the company in march dur to covid. Delta was awesome and refunded my credit card quickly. Having trouble getting hotel refund on my card. Due to health issues we are probably not traveling out of the country. Level in punta cana want to give a voucher. Won't be able to use it. Have been fighting this for months. Orbitz says call travel guard. Travel guard says call hotel. Ca n't get through to hotel so called orbitz back they said call travel guard. Come on spent hours on the phone and still no refund. Will never use orbitz or travel guard. Scammers

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            • Li
              Lisaao Aug 03, 2020

              I am having a similar issue. The woman I talked to after waiting on hold for TWO HOURS could barley speak english and knew nothing about ANY policy. I was on the line with her ONE HOUR. She kept telling me that I would have needed to cancel my flight within 15 days of purchasing it to use the insurance. WHAT?????

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            Mar 10, 2020

            Orbitz — airline tickets

            03/10/20 Dear Orbitz. This is the second time I have filed a complaint. The first one has gone without a...

            Orbitzrip off

            I recently tried to setup airfare for my spouse and myself on ORBITZ . When we got to point of finalizing the transaction the original price of the airfare went from $ 772. to $ 1797. I went to JetBlue's website who was the airline that ORBITZ was quoting and got the same flights that ORBITZ was quoting for
            $628. $ 144 dollars cheaper than their first quote. NEVER AGAIN will I use ORBITZ! ORBITZ website is constantly prompting that you had better grab the deal because the price could go up . They were right!

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              Dec 07, 2019

              Orbitz — booking

              Dear respected My name is Taher I reserved 3 tickets for my family like I always do using your website...

              Orbitzsit tickets

              Don't trust this scam site
              Reserved ticket They charged my card and sent e mail confirmation
              Confirmed taking off work for two weeks
              Travelled from my city to airport city
              Then at counter they said nothing reserved for you . Showed them the eticket ...does not exist .
              Called orbitiz and looks like their called forwarded to Philippine hardly u can understand their accent . They dono nothing put me on hold for longest time then forward to another person then they say
              Sorry no ticket was issued we will refund ur money
              And now I see other complains that they don't redound
              It's scam. Don't trust it

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                Orbitzrefund was not done

                I have booked Superior Double Room, Ocean View at Cannes Luxury Yacht, Cannes - May 16, 2019 for Total: €2, 700.00 ($3, 034.05) /The day I arrived Orbitz informed that yacht was not available and I cancelled my booking. Orbitz suposed to refund me full amount since it was their fault but I never got refunded. After some time they sent email that this was a fraudulent booking and I have to cancel my credit card. I did what they instructed. I was patient and understanding but since May 16, almost more than 5 months they did not refund.
                Please advise how can I file a complain?

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                  Orbitzsuncountry airlines

                  We booked a flight through orbitz on Sun Country and just wanted too update Orbitz so others do not go through our experience We arrived for our flight 2 hours prior and waited in line for over an hour, when we got to the agent, she told us it was too late to check our bags, 45 minutes was the cut off and we were two minutes over, due to the long line, airport Employees tried repeatedly to get Sun Country to open up more lines.
                  Never once was our flight called out in an attempt to expedite us and others who this happened to through the line. So she told us you can either throw your bags away( people do it all the time according to her) or come back the next day and fly standby with no guarantee of getting on, the manager was no help either and was very rude.. We found another flight threw Suncountry with 4 open seats that would have gotten us close enough to our destination but were told we would have to pay full price. We ended up flying Delta. The agents were the best! My husband and I fly frequently and have never had a worse experience. The agents were rude and seemed to hate their jobs . I sincerely hope no one has to go through this awful experience Think twice before flying Sun Country

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                    Orbitzhotel booking

                    I have booked with orbitz two itin no [protected] and [protected] ) for $ 578.43 and $379.72 respectively.
                    My bookings is subject to price guarantee .
                    Prices went down dramatically and i filed many claims with orbitz with. Proof from reliable and well know agencies .but they denied all claims while some lower price screen shots from their own web site and they said that they cant valiate the lower price .
                    Pls help
                    Hazem Alomari
                    Email : [protected]@hotmail.com
                    Mob no +[protected]

                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking
                    hotel booking

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                      • Sh
                        ⇝shift Aug 03, 2019
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I found that some customer service agents are more difficult. It is indeed annoying as by rejecting the claim what does that mean... we are cheats? lol
                        following up on a rejected claim will not work. Just do a fresh set of screenshots and do a new claim (maybe wait for 12 hours from the original claim to make sure you do not get the same CS agent)

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                      Jul 09, 2019

                      Orbitz — service

                      I don't have time or energy to write a book about "Orbitz", and the terrible techniques used to leave people...

                      Orbitzcar rental

                      July 7, 2019
                      I have tried to book a car with Orbitz and NU car rental company from Timisoara, Romania for the past 4 days. I have continued to go online, select the car and dates I needed, and I would get the same two vans showing up as AVAILABLE each time I tried. I would continue to input credit card information and press "reserve", after which I would get an error message saying the booking could not be completed. After seeing this for 2 days, (trying multiple times each day), I called Orbitz. The first customer service representative tried on his end, and got the exact same error message. He then placed me on a lengthy hold and told me that it was NU Car rental company's website that was down, that was the problem. He told me to call them directly and basically to deal with it that way, and to try booking again in one hour.

                      I waited, tried again in one hour, same message. Two hours, same message. 12 HOURS later, same message. I called Orbitz AGAIN and explained the situation AGAIN. This customer service lady I spoke to this time could not even find the car that I wanted, and insisted by telling me it's unavailable when I could still see it on my screen. I explained that the agent had found it the night before and that he told me "no one can book because their website is down", so I asked her "how did they become unavailable if no one can book them?" She proceeded to repeat herself that sometimes it takes a long time to update on my end, and I asked to speak to a supervisor. She put me on another hold, and then the line disconnected.

                      I called back and explained the situation to ANOTHER customer service rep. He proceeded to insist that HE try looking for the vehicle and to try booking before letting me speak to a supervisor. After 40 MINUTES of being on speaking/holding patterns with this agent, who tried to book and got the same error message, then tried for 15 minutes to contact NU Car Rentals and got no response, this agent finally put me on another hold for the supervisor.

                      The supervisor could not resolve my issues, and I ended up hanging up to book through EuroCars.

                      I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the service I have received from Orbitz. I cannot believe that they would advertise companies they do not trust, and would work with companies who do not even have functioning websites. Moreover, I could not believe that it seemed like I had an easier time finding car options online than their own customer service agents did. It seemed bizarre to me that I could see the two vans available for our trip, and that the 2nd agent told me nothing is available when agents 1 & 3 could also see the vans requested.

                      Safe to say, I have lost my trust in Orbitz as being a reliable rental company, and because of this experience, I will not be booking anything through Orbitz ever again.

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                        The property on 10th street my boyfriend and I stayed at was overall "ok" rating, we were not pleased and the service was not good for the money we payed. Upon arrival to the property we seen someone checking peoples cars but couldn't speak English to tell us where more parking was. In the parking lot everything close together and no easy directions as people kept going the wrong way, no one to direct traffic. When we arrived 2 people were mopping the floor while 1 lady was checking in a group that had 5 rooms. No one greeted us upon arrival or anytime we walked through the lobby. After waiting awhile finally 1 of the kippers came to check us in. The guy almost forgot to give us the parking ticket luckily I remembered and we had to ask about additional parking. The pool is small, the elevator was slow, 1 broke down. The ice machine took 3 of us! The box springs was old, the comforter had lint balls everywhere and was old, things were broken and old in the bathroom, the 6th floor(being above everyone) side view balcony and the mattresses (surprisingly comfortable) were the only good things and being so close to the beach

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                          Orbitzcanceled flight with no recourse

                          After much research and consultations, I decided to book flights to Sweden through Orbitz. I booked the flights in October 2018 for travel in June 2019. The reservation included a flight from Salt Lake City to Chicago O'Hare on American Airlines and then a flight from Chicago to Stockholm Sweden. We drove to the airport the night before to check in and confirm everything. After everything was confirmed and we were put at ease, about 10PM that night, just as we were going to bed, I received a text that our flight on American from SLC to Chicago had been canceled. We called American Airlines as the text requested and were on hold for over an hour when we decided to drive back to the airport to see what they could do about getting us on another flight. We spent over an hour talking with the gate agent while she was trying to get us on another flight. She repeatedly told us that since we had booked through Orbitz, she could only do so much for us. She kept saying she would never book through a service such as Orbitz. Ultimately, her solution was to get us on another flight later the next day with two layovers going through London and arriving in Stockholm two days later. We had booked so far in advance and paid extra to upgrade our seats on SAS. In addition, we had activities the first two days in Stockholm that were paid for which we would be missing. About ½ hour before midnight, the agent told us maybe we should run over to another airline to see if they could help. We didn't realize we could possibly do something in person that she could not do for us on the telephone. We ran over to the Delta terminal and asked if there were any flights the next day that would get us into Chicago in time for our SAS flight to Stockholm. She said they could get us on a flight the next morning for $708.30 each. We were desperate and felt we had no other options to make it to Chicago on time so we purchased the tickets. We went back to the American Airlines counter to see why they couldn't have made the same arrangements for us and make sure we were not taken off our flight on SAS since we would not be arriving on American under our original booking. The agent told us again it was because we went through Orbitz.

                          I have sent a complaint to Orbitz but have received no response. I will never use Orbitz again!

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                            Orbitzorbitz & emirates airlines not refunding for ticket booked on emirates airlines due to death in family

                            I had booked a ticket for my wife to travel in may 2019 to India, unfortunately my mother passed away in April 2019 and i called in to orbits to advance her travel and include two more tickets for me and my son as we had to carry the cremated remains to India.

                            Orbitz customer care suggested I cancel her ticket and book three new tickets as her ticket is entitled for full refund due to death in the family, they even contacted Emirates while I was on the call and confirmed stating I need to send proof of death certificate and cremation certificate to get the full refund.

                            We traveled on the new tickets and completed the final last mile journey of my mother to immerse her ashes in the river as per her wishes and returned back to USA.

                            I sent both the cremation and death certificate of my mother to orbitz, they wanted my birth certificate, I sent them, they wanted my marriage proof to my wife, I only had the wedding invitation card printed 30 years back as our marriage was done in temple. I also sent them the obituary published on the funeral home website and news paper link where our names and details are printed to add more proof.

                            In spite of sending all documents, they have not refunded and they continue blame Emirates airline stating they are requesting for a relationship document between my mother and my wife which I pretty sure they is none in this world.

                            I contacted Emirates and send them all the above emails correspondence with orbitz.

                            Made numerous calls, no response from both of them other then getting the same old std email to provide relationship doc.

                            Please if any one has gone thru this ordeal please educate me how can I get my refund from this two corporations... appreciate any kind of help.

                            Orbitz reference orbitz itin [protected] Req-E-[protected] emails correspondence since April 22nd 2019
                            Emirates : stefano [protected]@emirates.com june 6th

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