Olive Garden / yonkers cross county location

Yonkers, NY, United States

We arrived at 7:50pm, family of 4 and was told there was a 20 min wait due to shortage of waiters and the waiters are not allowed more than 3 tables at a time. After waiting ten minutes I noticed the restaurant wasn't overly crowded. Actually it was half full, which should have been manageable. I spoke with the hostess and received a lecture on a server life. So I ask to speak with the manager. within 5 additional minutes we was seated and 20 minutes later a waitress came to take our orders. 45 to 50 min without accommodation of bread nor salad. When our appetizers arrived, they arrived with an explanation of while the orders wasn't right. No fault of the waitress who was pleasant and cordial. Something I cannot say about the hostess. Very bad service and experience. This is not the Olive Garden I came to know over the years.

May 21, 2018

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