Olive Garden / service

Rochester, NY, United States

Olive Garden restaurant located at 533 Jefferson Rd., Rochester, NY 14623, manager Matthew Gross gave us the worst service imaginable! We started off with a waitress that he assigned to another table during our visit because he told us that a party of 25 guest had come in. We felt unimportant! He then brought us our meals but left out the side item that we ordered which was sausages. Interestingly enough he still charged us for this! Then upon receiving the bill I had presented a coupon that was emailed to me from my birthday and his comment to me was that this could be spam or from retail me not and would not be excepted. He never even looked at the email to verify where it was coming from he just assumed and made this offense comment instead! I have taken quite a bit of time since the visit to sit in reflection of my experience at Olive Garden and still feeling awful about the treatment, I decided to write this formal complaint! The information from my receipt shows August 27, 2017 at 8:57 PM. Table 44. Please contact me back directly. I can be reached at [protected].


Sep 25, 2017

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