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Norton Antivirus 2009 / product does not do what it is supposed to do

1 San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:

So I bought Norton AntiVirus 2009 to prevent virus' to protect my computers. A month or so in to using the product I found out that Norton AntiVirus missed a virus definition. So I tried to update the virus definitions manually. Couldn't do it. So I contacted Norton's chat room. Below is their response. Essentially, they said they could fix the problem for $99.99. Unbelieveable, I only paid $79.99 for the software to begin with, and now they want to charge me more. Below is the "chat" conversation I had with them.


Status Analyst Shrenitha is here to assist you. Issue: ced_8921_229 End Session ~Mrs. colleen has entered room.

Ravi kishore has entered room.

Ravi kishore(Mon Apr 20 22:36:18 PDT 2009)>May I address you as "colleen "?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:37:31 PDT 2009)>yes

Ravi kishore(Mon Apr 20 22:37:36 PDT 2009)>Hi Colleen I see that you're having problems with the error message 8921, 229. Is it right?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:38:38 PDT 2009)>I don't know what the error message is but I haven't been able to update my virus definitions for over 20 days. I have a virus in my system that Norton cannot remove. Help!

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:38:42 PDT 2009)>Please

Ravi kishore(Mon Apr 20 22:39:06 PDT 2009)>Okay not an issue I will do my level best to resolve this issue.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:39:18 PDT 2009)>thank you.

Ravi kishore(Mon Apr 20 22:40:09 PDT 2009)>As you suspect that there is a Virus on your machine, I am going to escalate this case to the Virus department . Is that Okay with you?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:40:23 PDT 2009)>yes

Ravi kishore(Mon Apr 20 22:40:34 PDT 2009)>Thank you.

Ravi kishore(Mon Apr 20 22:41:07 PDT 2009)>Please wait, while the issue is escalated to another analyst.

Ravi kishore has left room.

Shrenitha has entered room.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:44:25 PDT 2009)>Welcome to NortonLive Spyware & Virus Removal Service.

Is this the first time you are contacting us?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:44:38 PDT 2009)>no

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:45:05 PDT 2009)>May I have your Priority ID please?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:45:38 PDT 2009)>Is that this number 260534?

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:46:26 PDT 2009)>Colleen, It is alright.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:46:38 PDT 2009)>Please tell me which country you are connected from.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:47:17 PDT 2009)>The United States of America.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:47:26 PDT 2009)>Please confirm your email address is ********* and direct phone number is 858-***-**** . Is that correct?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:48:18 PDT 2009)>I am on my husbands cell right now 858-***-****. My cell battery just died. Everything else is correct.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:48:47 PDT 2009)>Are you using a Norton product on your computer? Norton 360, Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, etc? If so, which Norton product are you using and what version/year is it?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:50:10 PDT 2009)>Norton AntiVirus 2009 v

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:50:25 PDT 2009)>Your Priority ID is [protected]. Please note down your Priority ID. If you need to contact us in the future about this issue, you can provide your Priority ID to the chat agent or enter it if you call. This will expedite our handling of your case.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:50:42 PDT 2009)>k

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:51:52 PDT 2009)>As I understand from your issue description, you suspect your computer is infected . Is that correct?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:52:09 PDT 2009)>yes

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:53:12 PDT 2009)>How long have you been facing this issue ?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:54:10 PDT 2009)>for 20 + days

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:54:26 PDT 2009)>Have you downloaded any free software, animation, free music, movies etc from the internet recently?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:54:32 PDT 2009)>I cannot update my virus definitions

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:54:45 PDT 2009)>no

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:55:08 PDT 2009)>I have daughters though. Who knows what they have dont.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:55:10 PDT 2009)>done

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:55:47 PDT 2009)>Do you get any pop ups that prompt you to download antivirus or other protection software?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:56:05 PDT 2009)>not that I recall

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:56:22 PDT 2009)>Are you getting any alert messages like "Virus Alert", "Your Computer is infected", "Security Alert" etc?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:56:40 PDT 2009)>yes

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:56:52 PDT 2009)>but it can't remove it.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 22:57:59 PDT 2009)>Would you be able to give me the exact virus name ?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 22:58:36 PDT 2009)>I don't recall. I am running the scan right now.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:00:23 PDT 2009)>Collare you getting re-direcred to random websites while browsing ?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:00:37 PDT 2009)>no

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:00:57 PDT 2009)>Did you observe any other suspicious behavior on your computer that indicates a possible infection?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:01:09 PDT 2009)>No

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:03:28 PDT 2009)>Have you run a scan using the latest updated Norton Antivirus software, and did it find any threats on the computer?

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:05:25 PDT 2009)>From the description you provided, we are unable to determine conclusively whether your issue is related to a virus/malware or not. To take the diagnosis and potential removal any further we would need to engage a specialist technician to personally access your PC. This specialist will directly investigate whether you have a virus or malware, identify the threat and the appropriate means to remove the threat, and remove the threat. There is a fee for this premium service. Would you like to proceed.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:09:21 PDT 2009)>Are you with me?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:10:22 PDT 2009)>Yes

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:10:35 PDT 2009)>Yesterday they didn't mention a fee

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:12:08 PDT 2009)>I don't feel that I am getting the support I paid for. I know I have a problem. I have a problem because Norton missed the virus. If Norton had been doing the job it was supposed to be doing, I wouldn't be in this fix.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:13:11 PDT 2009)>Colleen, let me explain.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:13:17 PDT 2009)>Why didn't Norton catch the virus.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:13:22 PDT 2009)>>

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:13:24 PDT 2009)>?

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:13:23 PDT 2009)>There are several possible reasons for this:-
1. The infected file is active on your computer;
2. It is "embedded" into your browser (such as an Add-on) or into some other running software/application;
3. The infected file has "assumed" system file status/rights and hence it cannot be deleted simply.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:13:25 PDT 2009)>Your Norton software attempts to override these; however it is not always possible, since we adhere to various software standards, some of which can only be set by the Operating System.

These are possible reasons, but the actual reason will only be known once a detailed diagnosis is completed.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:15:11 PDT 2009)>What is the point of buying the Anti-Virus if the software doesn't do it's job? And now you want to charge me for something it missed?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:16:44 PDT 2009)>So if I pay extra today and then Norton misses another virus tomorrow, am I supposed to pay again tomorrow?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:16:59 PDT 2009)>And again the next day and the next?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:17:12 PDT 2009)>Come on...

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:17:40 PDT 2009)>Norton is protecting you from tens of thousands of existing malwares and from the hundreds of new threats released every single day. It provides among the best security that is available for your computer.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:17:49 PDT 2009)>This particular infection could have been caused while subscribing or downloading from free websites or when you download/transfer files such as movies, songs, screensavers, games, etc. from other computers, such as in a P2P system, or from insecure websites.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:17:50 PDT 2009)>Normally when you download something, it will ask for your permission to open/install, and accept the license agreement.

When you do so, being the administrator/final authority of the computer you are potentially authorizing an override of the security restrictions in place.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:18:44 PDT 2009)>And as an average user, how am I supposed to know what can and can't be downloaded?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:19:07 PDT 2009)>Isn't that the job of Norton Anti-Virus?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:19:21 PDT 2009)>Isn't that what updates are for?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:20:24 PDT 2009)>Every day the virus' are ever changing.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:20:34 PDT 2009)>That is why I bought this.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:21:07 PDT 2009)> Colleen, there is a fixed fee for this premium service.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:21:13 PDT 2009)>When you purchase the product, the cost of the product is for software, updates to the software and for virus definitions. There is an additional charge for value added services.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:21:56 PDT 2009)>IT CAN'T BE UPDATED!

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:22:48 PDT 2009)>This might be due to a possible infection in your computer.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:25:00 PDT 2009)>To take the diagnosis and potential removal any further we would need to engage a specialist technician to personally access your PC. This specialist will directly investigate whether you have a virus or malware, identify the threat and the appropriate means to remove the threat, and remove the threat. There is a fee for this premium service.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:25:12 PDT 2009)>The Consultation fee is US $99.99.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:25:17 PDT 2009)>We guarantee to identify any threats that may be on your system. Once we have found them, we will remove them. In addition we guarantee our work for a period of 7 days from today should you experience any reoccurrence.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:25:52 PDT 2009)>Back to my previous question. Let's say you fix this today. Then the next day a different virus is missed by Norton. Do I have to pay for "value added services" again? Listen. I know you have a job to do. You are supposed to probably try to sell "value added services". You probably get a commission from the service. I am just telling you that twenty one days ago Norton was updating and I didn't have any virus on my computer. Now I do since Norton didn't update.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:26:37 PDT 2009)>$99.99 is more that the cost of the original software!

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:27:40 PDT 2009)>The technicians do a complete diagnosis of your computer, and if there are malware/threats then they remove them. If required and if your system permits, they connect to your computer remotely, and do all this for you directly. They ensure that any malwares/threats present on the computer are removed.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:28:05 PDT 2009)>Once we have found them, we will remove them. In addition we guarantee our work for a period of 7 days from today should you experience any reoccurrence.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:30:00 PDT 2009)>Is this the only way I can get help through your company? We already tried to do this with Shreekumar and Preethika.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:30:29 PDT 2009)>Is there another way to resolve this without paying an addtional fee?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:30:45 PDT 2009)>the fee is more than the original cost of the software.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:31:19 PDT 2009)>Colleen, Norton provides free online support that has 'step by step instructions' to remove the threats from your computer.

The free online support is available to you at

Type in the relevant threat name in the search box to view the relevant instructions.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:32:37 PDT 2009)>Is there anything else I can help you with?

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:33:26 PDT 2009)>Nope.

Shrenitha(Mon Apr 20 23:33:40 PDT 2009)>If you need to contact NortonLive Spyware & Virus Removal Service again please visit

It has been pleasure assisting you. Thank you for choosing Norton. Have a great day.

~Mrs. colleen (Mon Apr 20 23:34:01 PDT 2009)>Wish I could say the same.

And there you have it folks! Another great day of dealing with a company that doesn't support their broken software. They don't backup their product. You see, if they were to fix it today and then if it didn't work again in 8 days, I would have to pay another $99.99 to get them to remove the virus again. What a sham!!!

If you are interested there are other companies that have anti-virus software that works.

Spyware Doctor
PC Tools
ThreatFire Anti Virus


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    I Downloaded Norton AntiVirus 2009 on 11/14/2008 and followed their online instructions to the letter. 1st deleted 2007 version and then installed 2009 with no problems. Entered the product code provided and provided symantec with the information that they required and was billed $39.99). 2009 works well and I am very happy with it as it stops many many intruders. It is much better than 2007 and very easy to use.

  • Do
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    When you did this it is looking for the Product Key that was Emailed to
    you. and also appears on the invoice.

  • At
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    Well heres the first problem: It's Norton. Heres your second problem: Stop looking at porn.

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    This software was loaded on-line on 5-7-09. Immediately, my PC operations, namely Internet log-on, log-off, etc., slowed to a snails pace. I had to have the operating system reconfigured by an advanced computer consultant, IMW in Orange, CA.

  • Ne
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    Heslin, I have just installed Norton 2009 as an upgrade and am informed my Anti-virus definitions are 301 days out of date, what is this nonsense, who are these software writers. Past computer problems on downloaded files from Norton have introduced problems and reduced communication processing and internal programing malfunctions. I will now look for alternatives regarding anti-virus software. I will not download anymore so-called updates.

  • Ro
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    Mrs. colleen, please stop browsing nasty porn sites to keep your computer safe. Don't blame software, they do have limitations.Control your desires first.Or atleat pay to view them, do not always look out or beg to get every thing FREE of co$t. Shame on people like U.R u an American??? Shame!!!

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    That agent provided best suppport Mrs. colleen.You should be ashamed of yourself and your deeds which resulted in your computer getting infected. Stop browsing porn Mrs. colleen. Why don't you use internet for good works.

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    Use linux maa'm

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    Norton Antivirus 2009 - I only ordered one
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    I only wanted one Norton antivirus 2009 and i have been billed for two of them. I also have not received anything in the mail. I got a 15 day trial version downloaded online. I have not gotten anything else.

  • Sh
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    Not up grading

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