Netflixno refund after being hacked and charged

I was trying to cancel the next subscription before the trial ended but whenever I logged onto my Netflix it would redirect me to something saying it's unavailable. And so I assumed it tried to charge me but I had not enough money in my bank so it cancelled itself. But then the other day I found Netflix charged me and I was confused bc I hadn't touched the account for a couple of weeks. Then I log back in to find that it had been used by someone with an iPad that day. I asked my friend if she had used the account but she had not bc she was using her friends Netflix. So I called Netflix to explain that it's most likely hacked and they activated the next months so I got charged. And they refused to refund me. It's is totally unfair that a hacker is using my money to watch Netflix for a month even though I don't even want the Netflix.

Nov 24, 2018

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