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I would just like to express that I'm pretty disappointed that there are not more people of color on your cooking show "The Final Table". I think that it is unfortunate that there are so many countries that are represented but people of color that reside in those countries are not being shown. There are many indigenous people of Spain, India, Africa, Brazil that you could have chosen from. The lack of representation is just inappropriate and I would hope that you will consider a more diverse group for season two. I do enjoy the show! However, I will advocate that people should not continue to watch if these changes are not implemented in the near future. I'm sure there are other people that feel that same way.


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    Starsy Nov 23, 2018

    I thought the same too. I was so disappointed and discouraged that there were hardly any women or people of color in the competition. I loved the mix of cultural backgrounds, as represented by Darren and his calling for Japanese food, the guy from Mexico, Ecuador, and just that diversity was really the highlight of the show. But to have no African countries represented. Are you freaking serious? No Ethiopia, Nigeria, no Kenya? The one woman from South Africa was very funny and unique so she was great for diversity, but what about the native black Africans or indigineous people? From any of these countries? No Peru? Just a shame.

    I was thinking of not watching the show after I understood the unexcusable lack of diversity and representations from the chefs of a true GLOBAL stage. But the few understated hints of diversity and culture I got from Darren, from the Ecuadorian guy, from the Mexican guy at the end, and the love of artistry from Rodrigo, and the brotherhood of some of the contestants is what saved the show for me. Otherwise, I would have not watched it. And will not watch a second season if the representation is similar to the first season. What a shame.

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    Lidice Arreola Dec 03, 2018
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    I was so rushed into the concept of the series, but as you keep watching the show it is clear the lack of diversity and inclusive language of the program, yes, maybe cuisine is still rule by man (unfortunately), but as a worldwide streaming service, with people watching all over the world you have to take those things seriously. Like you guys ignore that this Scottish chef is a complete ignorant with some plates but you air the new Zealand girl crying because she is going home?. I'm pissed.

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    English breakfast Dec 04, 2018

    The English breakfast was completely disgraced and having a chef choose pea as our country food, is she even a real chef. Absolutely disgusted in a programme that's supposed to have the best of the best. Wasted time in my lifetime watching your utter fake crap. Disgrace. Shut it down, save yourself from more complaints and save your own career!!! From the whole of the UK!

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