Netflixi’m disappointed in the very low quality of standup comedian shows!

T Nov 14, 2017

Your service is good and you have some good movies. I just wish you had a better reliable rating system than the thumbs-up or thumbs-down symbols! Many of your movies must be screened prior to them being viewed. Sadly, I've had to give a thumbs-down to many because of sordid, vulgar content and or language.
I really enjoy funny stand-up comics when they can be viewed by any age. However, most of your recommended comics are far from funny when they begin their programs with perverted, trashy, vulgar, potty-mouthed words that they think are funny. It's an insult to humanity to continually drag people's minds into the gutter. I've searched and searched for clean-mouthed and decent comedy and they are mostly non-existent.
A really good example would be "Red Skelton"! He is hilariously funnier than all the comedians that Netflix has recommended to me. At least, I can give his programs a thumbs-up!

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