Naza Kia Malaysia / rear side windows takes 2 months to replace.

Dear Sir,
My KIA Grand carnival side window was damaged in May 2018 and I have made a replacement order. I was told by KIA 3 Cube Plentong JB staff that they have ordered but as the part is coming from South Korea, it would take up to 2 months to arrive Malaysia.
How am I going to drive for this 2 months? I taped up the window but I can't park in the public as the broken window is easily broken into. Rain water seep in, not to mention, the while driving, broken glass may collapse in n cut my family.
I was told no spare parts in Malaysia. What is this? Naza Kia wants to be a main car player in Malaysia but tell customers that they DON'T STORE SPARE PARTS?
Any other solution? Yes.
KIA could just borrow or "Rob" parts from any unsold stocks of cars. You can easily loan a side window from your new unregistered model in the warehouse, to replace my broken one. Giving excuse no spare parts stocked is not acceptable since you have many unregistered cars available for spare parts.
I urge Naza Kia to take this seriously if you want to Malaysian to buy your car, as most people in the forum here would probably NOT RECOMMENDING KIA cars to friends anymore.
If the CEO of Naza Kia reads this, please provide us your email or mobile so that we could feedback DIRECTLY, as many of us are fed up with the unpleasant experience.
Thank you.

Jun 05, 2018

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