Naza Kia Malaysiakia sorento engine no. d4hbhh327934, chasis no knaph81bsh5378456

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the incident happened on 27th Nov at around 11 am. I heard something dropped out under my car and not long after the engine of my Kia Sorento suddenly stopped and could not be restart. Smokes came out of the bonnet and aircond ventilation. we have 5 adults, one 7 years old child and one baby of 2 months old. we managed to exit the car immediately.

We noticed that the engined oil completely drained out of the engine. Photos attached. Later the car was tolled to the nearest Kia service center. The service engineer said that there is no engine oil and no engine oil cap. Meaning the engine oil cap was loose and dropped off. The service center said that after filling the engine with oil still could not restart as the engine was not responding. They said that such case will have to refer back to the workshop where the car was previously service by NSS Glenmarie. Immediately NSS manager called me and requested the car to be toll back to Glenmarie. They said that they need to investigate and after meeting on 3rd December, they could not come out with a solution for customer.

Such response and with the intention of delaying to resolve the problem was annoying. NSS manager said that he need to wait for Naza Kia and Naza Kia said they need to further discuss with NSS which they have no conclusion and solution. Please let me know what can be done. Kia is a reputable brand but the service is not up to the standard that we hope to receive. Awaiting your feedback soon.

Naza Kia Malaysia
Naza Kia Malaysia
Naza Kia Malaysia

Dec 03, 2018
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  • Ha
      Jan 04, 2019

    Has d issues being resolved? I hv purchased d sorento n now waiting for d delivery. Already past 1 week. Not sure why took sometime for delivery. Was asked to commit d purchase even d car is still not available.
    Is d car or d services reliable? Reviews from overseas market were excellent but in Malaysia, there were number of complaints n unresolved issues which has caused me to worry.
    Hope Kia Msia will provide d assurance as promised in bringing customer's confidence.

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