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1 El Dorado, AR, United States Review updated:

Well, they got me too! I ordered teh "free" Trial of Natures Best Acai Berry for a paltry $4.95. I read the "fine print" but since I only got the product a couple of days before my "trial period" was over, I decided to cancel anyway. HaHa! Every time I call the number on my order form (the one that says "For Customer Service please call") [protected] all I get is a recording that says "Welcome" and then it goes straight to music. I have tried this daily to no avail. I had made a bank deposit on 2-19-09 and that evening I used my debit card to get $20.00. The balance on my receipt was way less than my deposit minus $20.00. It was then that called the bank! NOt only did they "STEAL" $80.00 bucks from my account, it put me at negative $17.00 so now I have to pay an addititonal $29.00 insufficient bank fee! They may have gotten me once but not next month. I have cancelled my debit card and have an appointment at the bank on Monday to "dispute" these charges. Good Luck to the rest of you who have been scammed. Believe me, from now on if I can't get it at my LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE, I will just do without it!


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  • Ju
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    Natures Best Acai Berry Supplement - Unsubstantiated Charges
    A.S.N. LLC
    20100 S. Vermont Ave.
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-983-7968

    I sent information to a completely different company for a free trial offer on a supplement containing ACAI. somehow this company got my information, including my credit card, and was going to charge approx. $80.00 for services I did not even order. when the other website was given the information my credit card billing address was different than my shipping address. By mistake the billing address was never given which should have made it impossible for them to charge my card. The original company did not send me the product or bill my card because of that reason. This company, Natures Best did bill my card and when called was extremely hard to understand, never admitting that they should have not done the billing. By the time it was all over I am in possession of FOUR cancellation numbers for additional product and services and am still being billed $4.95 for shipping of a product I never ordered. I am very disturbed that this company can be so underhanded and continue to do business. Time will tell if I really do not get billed. BEWARE

  • Ma
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    The same thing happened to us and we did not even receive the trial 30-day supply.

  • Ra
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    Oceanside, California.,
    The same thing happened to me. I was able to get through to the customer service number800 983-7968 and I complained about this shoddy business practice. I got stuck with $79.96 on my bank card.
    My bank will dispute this charge just as soon as it comes off pending status. When I told them that I had filed a complaint, they said that they will refund the charge in 10-14 business days. I also learned a lesson that from now on I will buy only at the local health food stores.
    I will watch my account closely to see if the charge comes off.
    I have learned not to buy on line anymore.
    It sounded to me that the customer service was in India...which is normal nowdays.

  • Sc
      2nd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    The same thing happened to me! I thought it was a free trial and I just had to pay the shipping and handling. I called the 1-800-983-7986 and waited for a long time and then I could barely understand the customer service rep! She basically yelled at me when I said that I wanted to cancel my membership and get a refund for the $79.96! She said that it was past the 14 day trial period. How is that so, I only had the product for less then a week! Horrible practice and scam! I am going to my bank tomorrow to dispute the charges and cancel my debit card! Ridiculous! Now, I am out 79.96. I cannot afford this! I guess live and learn...I am too, only going to go to the store to buy this stuff no more internet scams for me!

  • Ro
      2nd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes
    Natures Best Acai Berry Supplement - Comany Policy is a JOKE
    Amir and Sanchez Nutraceuticals
    20100 S Vermont Ave
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-983-7968

    I tried to return unopened bottles of the Natures Best Acai Berry Supplements. In the Terms they have a section called "Return Policy". It has a phone number and the address of the company. NO WHERE does it say in the Policy or the Terms that you cannot return the product for a refund. When I received it I was shocked to find that it is nothing but their version of "SPEED". It contains Green tea extract (225 mg), EGCG (135 mg), Caffeine (200mg) and ONLY 50 mg of Acai berry. They also don't tell you that when you purchase it. They are misrepresenting their product and are not stating facts that we should know. And what company won't give a refund on their product?! In my eye, a RIP OFF COMPANY!!!

  • Co
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    On behalf of Nature's Acai Berry, I would like to apologize for any misconceptions that you might have had about our amazing weight-loss supplement. I understand your concern about returning the product. Keep in mind, of course, that we cannot redistribute the product, so having your return it is not really necessary. However, in speaking to our customer service representatives, you should be able to cancel future orders and get your confirmation numbers to ensure that we cease the shipping of our product to you. Furthermore, depending on your circumstances, it might even be possible to get you a refund, though that will be up to the customer service agents dealing with your situation. I hope that we are able to resolve this issue to your satisfaction. Please feel free to contact the company again and see if they can further resolve your complaints. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and have a great day.

  • Su
      12th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I received the Acai Berry supplement and was reading the bottle. I saw the distributors name Amir and Sanchez Neutraceuticals and checked on the web. I sound this site and was really worried at the information here. So I checked my credit card account and sure enough $79.95 charge. I called for information. They gave me the phone number to call the Amir and Sanches Nutraceuticals. The company put me on hold for 15 minutes and then cancelled three!! things I had signed up for when I authorized $4.95 for shipping charges. I had 14 days to cancel but I did not received the product until the 14 days was up! They apologized for the late shipment.

    My credit card company Bank of America said that they would not dispute the claim since the policy stated the trial period was not 14 days after receipt but 14 days from sign up period. I cancelled my credit card and the total rip off was $79.96 in charges!
    Bank of America was flooded with the same request as mine. They were very familiar with the sign up policy and refused to help. I will not be doing business with B of A ever again either!

  • Sw
      17th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    This company is a rip off. I actually called the very same day I order the product to cancel and they still charged my credit card the $79.96. Tried to call this company and I get no satisfaction. So now I turned them into the Better Business Bureau and my Attorney Generals Office.

  • Ma
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I got a second bottle of Nature's Best Acai in the mail yesterday, with charges to my card for $87.13.

    However, I did call (800) 983-7968 (# listed on the packing slip) and did get a hold of a live person. The customer service rep was not helpful at all and wanted me to "verify" my card number with her, no way.

    Once I told her I wanted to speak to a boss, I got a man named Eric, who claimed he was the Customer Service Supervisor, who spoke perfect english, cancelled my "subscription" and gave me a cancellation confirmation number.

    In a couple of weeks, I guess I'll see if I get another shipment. In the meantime, I feel better about this.

    Try asking for Eric if you call (800) 983-7968.

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