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My order id: 3158994 thru online purchase on the 13th october 2012 has not arrived although it was on rush delivery by shipping. Please advise as it was already more than two weeks.

  • Hr
    hr practical training Oct 29, 2012

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I accept that from now on I should read the “terms & conditions” a lot more closely, but I just...

Free bottles charged for

Ordered a bottle of Acai Berry and Colon cleanse (called Cleanse Aware). They were supposed to be free to try. I was charged full price on my Visa of $97.69 CAN. for each one Also on my Visa they called these Slim Sho*Slim Shop, and Joint Relieif. I don't understand how a Colon cleanse can be called Joint Relief. I did receive both bottles this past week, but they are called Acai Reduce and Colon Cleanse.

Cannot seem to cancel my subscription

I stupidly ordered a "free 30-day sample" of a diet pill on line. I have been charged twice $88.19 for this one "free" sample that I received, and cannot seem to get in touch with the company to cancel the charges...

  • Ou
    oue Jun 06, 2011

    I actually had a reaction to the acai berry pills I ordered, also through the free 30 day trial. I cannot reach the company to stop shipment, and have received 4 bottles of the pills.

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  • He
    herminigildo sia Oct 04, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an order from Heath Buy of the PROSTACET and accomplish all the requirement including my payment which was charged by ICSDSSHEALTHSTOR but until now the delivery I did not received, (Ordered on 06/1002016 04:am) lately I found out that the mail address is not correct but I'm sure I had written the correct address in my order slip. I can not connect to check with the and every time I posted for tracking number they give me the answer of wrong tracking number . I cannot locate the office address of HEALTH BUY in the US. What is this a rocket on line.

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Charging items never been deliver

We ordered an acai berry 3 days free trial using my visa card with the amount of $9.99 but it came out to my visa card the amount of $ 201 last march 17, 2011.The ref.number 249053 sent to the email was the amount of $9.99 I called mybank to cancel it because the amount had been ordered it's only $9.99.then we're so surprised why it's 201.00 dollars.I tried to called up this number [protected] but sadly to say they let you to wait for hrs.and nobody's going to talk to you.I tried to emailed many times to the wss support ([protected] but they only answered call the customer support number.Then last week I received the bills of the amount of $201 from acai berry (my glow my glow) which sinced march 17, 2011 I swear to god I never receive anything from this company even one capsule and why they're charging me? that I cancelled already! How could they dare on charging people without delivering the items? If it's a scam why they're victimizing an innocent people who dont have enough money.They're only thinking about themselves or been happier already accepting money from the innocent people they victimized!Be aware on buying online esp. lots of online product are scam!

  • Ye
    yellownetty415 Jun 10, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They have done the same over in England. I have never received or ordered the goods they have taken payment from my account.

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Huge charges from my bank account

After ordering a free trial of 2 different supplements and authorizing them 2 take 2 payments of 2.95 I have...

Charged £234.90 for free trial

A pop up box appeared advertising a free trial, thought I would try this product, checked over the pop up box and looked at everything could not see any reason why this would not be free they ask you to pay for postage at £2.49 which I did.
I recieved the free trial approximately 14days later.I have now recieved my card statement and they have charged me 3 times each time at approx £79 totalling a sum of £236, 94 i got in contact as could not understand the reason for this charge, i received emails advising i had not sent the trial back which in turn meant i wanted the product so therefore was now being charged, how can you trial it out if you have to send it back i don't know.I have kept emailed them everyday asking for an explanation and refund they advised that if I send the trial back i would get 79 returned but they could not refund the other monies, I have continued to email again however I keep getting the same response.I now feel that they are just hoping i give up.I have now sent the trial pack back whats left of it, but i can still not get them to agree to the refund! Please can you try and put a stop to this being allowed.I did not receive any notification along with the trial or anywhere on my email they sent about the trial that I would be charged or that it had to be returned.I know they are allowed to have a website but i feel some rules need to be in place for eg a letter or email sent to you warning you that they will charge you in x amount of days or for you to send it back.I know there are lots more like me. This has sent my credit card bill up higher and my minimum payment has increased which in turn led to a late payment charge as i was not aware that this had been put on my card. I will continue daily to fight for my money back!! But this has to stop companies should not be allowed to do this!

Internet fraud, credit card fraud

I ordered a free trail of Acai berry in July 2010 for $1.49 then called the Diet Max to cancel my subscription before the trail period ends. The person I spoke too never cancelled my subscription and the nightmare started from there!!! I called Diet Max 3 more times in July to cancel my subscription and each time they will tell me your account has been cancelled. In mean time I was changed $4.97 for a monthly subscription and $87.47 for the product. The same charges and another hidden small amount of $1.95 were charged to my credit card in August and September. I tried to call them again in September to get a refund with no success. I tried to reverse the charges through my bank and I was told I have to dispute the changes directly with
Diet Max. I called Diet Max again and this time I was told the matter has to go to their accounting department and it will take few weeks to process the refund. I was getting sick of these changes and decided to make a stop on my credit card to avoid further charges - THE ONLY WAY TO STOP Diet Max charging my account!!!. I called again in October and no answer from line [protected], I finally found another phone number from # [protected] which seems working so far. Still did not get my money back and no products either.

  • Me
    Mel_mel Oct 13, 2010

    Here is Diet Maxs phone number that works. 1800 440 4397. You must TELL them to cancel your membership right then and there because they will want to do it over e-mail. Tell them your computer is broken. Get your cancellation number too. Have them REPEAT it to you. One you recieve their product call this number to get your RMA return merchandise approval and send it right back.

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  • In
    inkrock Oct 16, 2010

    Make sure you call befor the 10th day because they will charge you the full amount of the product.

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Monavie scam

I signed up for the MonaVie business earlier this year. I worked hard to try to build up the business and...


This is the same company that you guys purchased the free tril from its just a new name, don't be fooled...

Fraudulent charges

I ordered the free trial version of Leanspa. My account was charged $4.95 for shipping and handling. I did read the fine print where you have 14 days to cancel, or you will be charged and X amount of dollars. I received a phone call 3 days later to confirm my address. The representative started to offer me some gas vouchers of 100.00, I said "NO". Well 2 days later I have a 39.99 charge by a company called United Benefits Advantage (MDG) on my statement. After argueing with this company and going back and forth with my bank, I ended up having to cancel my credit card. These people are rude and they will not want to take responsibility. It's been a week and I never received the Leanspa. Its all a fraud so they can charge your account and leak your credit card information to third party companies. Your account will have surprise charges and its such a hassle. Luckily my bank is awesome and they helped with everything. Your money will not be released to you right away..Once they got your information and charge your account it can take up to 10 days to get even one charge returned to your account. The free trial isn't free!!! call the number for Leanspa and you will get an automated service for cancellation where your option is to still have 20.00 charged for the shipment you have received. In order for you to get a full refund you have to send back the entire bottle UNUSED...within 30 days. MInd you they take a long time to ship your merchandise by the time you get one bottle they are already shipping the second one and you will have double the charge. You also have to pay to ship back the bottles. TOTAL SCAM


Pls. Don't buy aci berry & digest it colon cleanse from website. It's scammmmmmmmmm people. They said free bottle and pay only shipping fee$3.87 for aci berry and $1.97 for colon cleanse. But they didn't. They charged $90.97 for colon cleanse even I did canceled right away they chared me for restocking $ 20.00 and they still shipped it to me. Plus, I have 15 days to send it back even I didn't receive the product yet. I did call the bank. They will take care of it.

  • Wo
    WojtekM Oct 21, 2012

    Don’t get fooled. It’s a cheater. No contact address, no e-mail. Owes me 50 EUR and doesn’t intend to pay. This product is worth nothing.

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Took my Money

I order this product (read the fine print CAREFULY), it was only 1.95 plus shipping and handling. I dont usualy order things like this because the fine print always says it will cost ALOT MORE each month if you dont cancel it. Well this DID NOT SAY THAT, so I went ahead and ordered. Check my bank account and there was a 169.95 taken from my account, so right away called and asked for my money back. They put half back in my account and said that I had to return the product to get the rest of my $, so I did that and that has been almost 2 months ago. I have called on several occasions and talked to a man who has told me lie after lie after lie. At the begining of July he said that I would be receiving a check by mail, so I waited and waited and waited. Called again, then he said it would be here by no later than Aug. 21, NO CHECK, so I called again and this time he said that it would have to be investigated????????? What the heck needs to be investigated, I sent the product back so send me my money already!!! So the Federal Trade Commision and the Better Business Bureau will be contacted if I dont get the answer I want when I call again.
My attorney is just waiting for me to give him the go ahead to start legal proceedings, I will give them one more chance to make this right, I dont care if it's just 90.00 dollars it's the principal of having people taking advantage, lying, and basicaly being frauds. That is MY MONEY AND I WANT IT BACK!!! They could of had my business if they just hadn't falsly advertised and blaitenly defrauded me and OBVIOUSLY MANY OTHERS.

  • Ro
    roberttrev Nov 26, 2010

    This has happened to me as well they said the same thing to me what do i need to to to get my money back they are giving me the run around on this as well i have the email to prove my complaint as well.

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Stole money from my account

I asked for trial but did not want to purchase anymore. I have had no way of contacting this company and I have tried numbers on bottle but to no avail. They have already taken one payment and I am trying to contact them to make sure they do not send me anymore of this product.


  • Do
    donna355 Aug 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I need help with a contact also I am calling from Australia, every possible phone contace I have tried does not connect! Anyone have an email contact?

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  • Fr
    freetrialfraud Sep 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have posted info under other titles explaining my experience. Even if you do contact them they might agree to give you a refund but charges will show up later. Do not believe anything they tell you. YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR CARD AND FILE A DISPUTE THROUGH YOUR BANK!!!

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didn't work

This product did not work. I used the trial first and it didn't work. I DID NOT authorize you to send me a new supply or to charge card $80.00. I'm going to send this back and I expect a refund back on my card ASAP.

Didn't order as they had said

I ordered my trial bottle of Acai Berry Flush well I ended up getting charged for another bottle. I called them and they were very rude saying I did not cancel in my 10 day trial period and all that good stuff. Well how can you do that when they do not charge your account until after that and you do not receive the product within the time limit. I will contact my Attorney General office if I do not recieve a refund. The girl I talked to I could not understand and she would not give me a chance to talk. Her name was Jennifer Hill. She then put me on to someone else and this person kept telling me they could not hear me and I know very well they could as I could hear her very well. This is a total scam. Each thing I recieve from them will be sent back saying on the box unopened Return to Sender.

  • Re
    Reann Johnson Aug 17, 2010

    I too ordered the product and was billed for something I never received at all. They give you 10 days to cancel but I never received the product at all and I was billed for basically something I never received. Then when you call to speak to a supervisor they give you the run around. I talked to a customer representative named Chloe didn't catch her last name because she had an accent that I could barely understand. They tell you to cancel and you should receive your refund in 3 to 4 business days but when the 3 to 4 business days pass you call back and then they tell you 10 t 15 days. This company and probably the product is a complete scam and I will still be persuing my refund ($87.47).

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  • Je
    Jelaine94 Dec 15, 2010

    I also ordered a free trial for the shipping cost only of 2.95. I didn't read the fine print, but usually you get the cancellation information when you get the product. I noticed a charge of 87.13 on my credit card andwondered why. I called and they said I didn't cancel within the 10 trial days. I told her I didn't even get the product. How was I supposed to know if I wanted to cancel it if I hadn't even gotten to try it. She said that didn't matter and that I should have read the fine print and known that I needed to call to cancel in 10 days even if the product hadn't come. It's been over a month now and I still haven't received the product and they say there is nothing to do to refund my money. It says it in the fine print I went back to read, but I still don't think it is very honest or good business. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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charged for product I didn't receive plus 18 other charges.

I ordered this product thinking that I would only have to pay $4.95 plus shipping. I did not look at the fine print stating I would receive a bottle of the product for $79.00 every month unless I cancelled my membership. After receiving the promotional product for the price asked I realized my mistake and cancelled my credit card so I could not be charged again. Now they sent me a bill stating they are going to send my account to a collection agency. They are charging me for another bottle of the Acai Pure that I never received. Plus $18.00 interest.

Used credit card without my consent

Over this past weekend I order a trial sample of acai berry and a colon healing product. Each advertise for...


The same complaint(s) as I have been reading...the 10 day trial is up before you can have any time try the...

credit card FRAUD

Not good enough!
I cancelled this order on the 8th 9th and 10th of December following charges discovered on my credit card now totalling approximately $1008.78. I WANT THESE FUNDS CREDITED TO MY ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY. I have sent back an order received for an "alledged" order made on the 4th of January. I MADE NO SUCH ORDER!!! I have also sent back unused product from the so-called 14 day no risk free trial!! THAT'S A JOKE!!! Unused product and the INCORRECT order I suddenly recieved this week have been sent to:
LB Envision Net Worldwide Ltd..
DH8 0LH Blackhill, UK
London, EC1A 9ET
United Kingdom

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