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charges and no refund

Like many posts on this site. I recvd sample. I cancelled any further product. I was charged twice for over $80. I recvd one bottle and returned it for refund. I recvd no refund. I see this story throughout the internet and yet the banks do not accept it as fraud. Bank of A investigated" so they say" and found this legit. They permitted the charges. I do not expect anything but "too bad " anymore from business. The lawyers have them protected to the hilt. We suckers suffer.

To the" told you so people take your know it all attitude back to the tv and monitor it for some triviality that upsets your self righteous you know what. Why are you reading complaints anyway if you are so perfect

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    nowayjose9 Feb 22, 2010

    I have filed a report with the Federal Trade commission.
    I suggest you guys do the same

    I ordered the product and was told my refund is processing. It's been 2 months. With numerous phone calls and email exchanges I was give many different time frames to expect my money, 3-5, 7-10, 10-14 and 30 days. After 2 months I was told my refund is processing, no expected time frame when my bank will get it. No supervisor around. Nothing they can do.

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took $378.16 out of my account

I ordered my free trial for $2.95 s&h and called and cancled after first shipment. After I recived 3 more bottles and $87.13 was taken out of my account I called them. They said I never canceled my acount. I gave then the ladys name we talked to (sherry) and conversation # the said we never called to cancle they do not give out conversation #'s. We filed a complaint with bbb finaly after two weeks they responded back and said if we return them they money would be put back in my account in two weeks. They recived the pacage 10/21/09 I still do not have my money. Jan 5 I recived another bottle. Called them back and talked to six or seven different people. I g've had for 6ot cursed hung up on and told about anything you could think of. Come to find out they have been taking money out of my account for the last six months. They have made a total of $378.16 of unauthorized transactions out of my account. I had to close my bank account I have had for 6 years and start a new one. We are still in process of fighting to get our money back. Had to turn it over to bank and credit card company.

I have been charged 97 +99 $ and did not buy anything please check your record, I have only bought 2 acai berry before and I paid for that.

I did not bought anything lately I bought 2 acai berry bottles few weeks back and the other few months back...

failed to refund monies due

I signed up for a free trial of Acai Slim online for $4.95 for just shipping and handling to just try the product. However two weeks later I received Acai Burn in the mail and aweek after that I called to cancel the product because my doctor said product was not safe to use. I returned the product and their warehouse received it on the 15th of October. I called them prior for the address and they assured me that if the product was returned by the 17th I was not to be charged. On the 20th of October they charged my account $87.62 plus $2.72 charged for international transaction. They have yet to return my monies into my account I have been calling everyday with the customer care reps being very unhelpful. The last four times I have called they assure me that they have forwarded to their corporate office. Still no response. My name is Ronquela Biggins my phone number is [protected]

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    beachymom4757 Nov 04, 2009

    I too cancelled my membership & returned the product. Told I would get a refund credited to my account. Has not happened yet and I have called numerous times. Told twice that they would forward information to corporate office.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Rahal Nov 15, 2009

    I Have also problems, I even saved the signature of the person who received my returned parcel in case (checked my tracink number and confirmed that it was rteceived in time) but I was still charge 87.62 us = 93.51 ca dollars on my credit how do I stop this?? I already returned the acai pills but was never refunded and or stop the charges...HELP!!! Barbara R

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overdraw of money

I originally ordered acaiburn and I get that but I have paid for that and I have't submitted my order then another $119.02 was automatically added to my cost. I did read through the website but didn't see information regarding this cost! A week later $119.02 was taken from my account - statement said Web Access?? unsure what this meant but presumed I was charged for looking on the website. At this point I was going to cancel my card but due to forthcoming events I decided to leave it for now. I feel completely sick knowing that these people can take money whenever they want - and not show this information clearly on their website. I have never bought goods from abroad before but feel really silly that I have been conned

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fraudulent credit charges

We made the mistake of ordering four (4) supplements online related to acai berry ffor "free trial offers", "just pay shipping". should have been 2 charges for $3.95, another for $4.95 & a last for $5.95. roughly $19 bucks plus tax for free trial's. all this started 8/10/09. to date our debit card has been hit with $525 worth of charges from the following companies:
Ph. no. found yet... jvr-supplements
[protected] golden health
[protected] wellbhealth
[protected] esupplimentstores
[protected] easystores
[protected] ultimatehealth
[protected] onv/acaiburn
Plus bank overdraft / return fees of $38.50 each for 12 valid purchases that didn't clear because of these unauthorized charges ($462).
We're looking at just under $1, 000 in unauthorized charges & fees from this $19 free sample!!!
The "samples" are sent in some cases from china with no invoice or packing slip to give you a clue as to how to return them.
The bank so far has been working with us to reverse some of the charges, but these unexpected deductions have caused household bills to be in delayed in payment.
The phone #s were almost all voice mails & the hoops you need to jump thru to get return addresses is just crazy.
In a poorly written email reply we're being told you can only return the unused portion within 15 days of purchase (not receipt) and then you pay shipping, and a 20% re-stocking fee!

  • Fl
    flournnoi Sep 20, 2009

    I too received fraudulent charges from this company. I noticed a pending charge of $79.95 from GoldenHealth9788424112. When I saw this on my statement I immediately went as far as to cancel my debit card - I had no idea who this company was and I had definitely made no requests to buy anything. I contacted the phone number and of course received only a recording. The recording simply stated that it was "billing" and did not provide any more information about the company.

    Since I could find out absolutely nothing about this company by phone, I searched the internet and the ONLY information I could find pertaining to the number (978) 842-4112 on the internet was this fraud complaints board. HMM.

    I have requested free samples in the past, but I have never ordered any type of "trial offer" in which I have the potential of being billed later. I avoid offers that require billing information for the exact fear of something like this happening. Also, although I do order free samples, I would not have ordered any type of sample about "burning weight fast." I have no idea how this company even got my information, but I will not pay their charges.

    To "Shalyn R." - what do you say to a person billed by your company who has never even requested a "subscription" or contacted you for a trial offer? Because that would be me. It's pretty clear that your subtext and what you advertise are two completely different things.

    And of course this would happen over the weekend - at a time when it would be extremely difficult not only to contact my bank, but to contact the very company that is charging me, since their "billing office is closed."

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  • Oo
    Oozhal Oct 02, 2009

    Looks like a big scam. I have been charged 4 times and for the same product with different names. GoldenHealth 978-842-4112, Dietpureburn 505-516-0072, Ultra-Tablets 575-267-2586. Also, two more charges intitally from PerfectHealthSup 303-325-3521 for shipping and handling. I have taken this matter with the local police and FBI.

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  • Le
    Lee-AnneUKNWEST Oct 02, 2009

    I agree - This ACAIBURN IS A SCAM. These are the charges on my account. Phoned the toll-free number from the UK in this thread and I held on for such a long time.
    The answer message was an American voice. I am scared I have been charged for this call as well - who can trust these people. Went to this website and phoned the toll free number for the UK. Got through finally. He gave me a cancellation number and said no more money would be taken from my account.

    19Aug 24Aug 10252936 HEALTHMEMBER 888-779-5303 CYP 4.46
    19Aug 24Aug 10253578 VH ACCESS 888-332-2707 CYP 2.02
    23Aug 25Aug 10011785 NUTRITIONALSUPP 888-433-4416 CYP 36.84
    17Sep 21Sep 10109482 ezykit 8664371621 CYP 4.43
    17Sep 21Sep 10125385 elitepack 8663962729 CYP 1.87
    21Sep 23Sep 10105687 wellbhealth 8667967336 CYP 36.67

    I have contacted my bank to put a dispute through. I also told the company to change the webpage where you order the 15 day trial to make it more clear so as not to mislead people in future.

    Lee-Anne From Lancaster UK.

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  • Pe
    penyetta Oct 13, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. This jive company claim that they sent me a sample packagel. I live in Mississippi and the person who has the package lives in Kentucky. I have been looking for information so I can report this to the Better Business Bureau. They are refusing to give me my money. They claim I made the order but how can I make an order and they ship it to another state. This company needs to be stopped. My debit card has been canceled. I talked with customer service at Golden Health Products and they stated that this company is in Canada and is a SCAM.

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don't send any more!

If anyone from acai berry reads this, please stop sending any more products to me. I am receiving a package almost every 4 weeks. all I wanted was a free sample. if this is not corrected, and I am not contacted to confirm cancelation, I will take further action. i'm sure you can find my details in your system, and my number is above.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Be
    Belinda Smith Sep 08, 2009

    please help do i get off the rollercoaster that is Acai Burn. how do you cancel???????????? is there a web site to go to to cancel my order?????????? the money just keeps coming out!!! please help me!!!

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  • Ni
    nicknack Sep 29, 2009

    i have the same problem too, for the past 5 months you've charged me $11 dollars three times, and $60 dollars twice! i only asked for a sample not a whole damn box of it! i dont want it anymore. if you don't stop sending it i am going to file a lawsuit and i am not kidding!.

    nick from england.

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no place to order in canada

I am extremly upset that I have to pay for my order in u>s> funds and the product comes from canada. it is produced in alberta but in order to get another order you have to order from the u. s. this is a rip off and it should be stopped. I don't have a company or a web site and this will not be answered.

  • burton21 Jul 31, 2009

    Mark Adamson - Just think media - scammers

    Principal: Jesse Willms, Owner
    Customer Contact: Jesse Willms, Owner (FAR RIGHT IN PICTURE)
    File Open Date: July 2009
    TOB Classification: Internet Shopping Services, Business Opportunity Cos., Dental Equipment & Supplies
    BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
    Additional DBA Names: JDW Media LLC

    BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. As a result, BBB may not have current information about the company.

    The BBB fully encourages consumers with difficulties to use the BBB complaint recociliation process.

    But in addition to filing a complaint with the BBB, the BBB STRONGLY suggests that consumers with concerns about this business contact the following organizations:

    Service Alberta
    3rd Fl-10155 102 St North Field Services, Licensing
    Edmonton, AB T5J 4L4

    Phone: (780) 427-4088
    Toll Free (In Alberta): 1-877-427-4088

    Complaints can be filed online. Competition Bureau
    50 Victoria St
    Hull, QC K1A 0C9

    Phone: 1-800 348-5358
    Fax: 819 997-0324

    Complaints can be filed on-line under the "Contact Us" section of the website and they can also be faxed or mailed in.

    The Internet Crime Department of the FBI.
    Complaints can be filed online

    Info on company location:
    2184 Channing Way #322
    Idaho Falls, ID 83404

    This location was found to be a PO Box at a UPS store.

    Advertising Review
    It should also be noted that the company's website has the following improperly linked seal images at the bottom of their website:

    Security Certified
    Fraud Protection Guaranteed
    Trust-e (
    McAfee Secure (
    VeriSign Secure (
    Additional Information
    This company is also linked to other companies:
    AcaiBurn, Credit Report America,, Earn Cash Fast with Google, eDirect Software, Just THINK Media, Government Funded Grants, Pure Cleanse Pro & Wu Yi Tea.

    There are separate reports on these companies available through
    This company offers the Acai Nutraburst product on a 14 day trial basis conditionally upon enrollment in their home delivery program. By submitting an order for the trial offer, respondents agree to pay the non-refundable shipping & handling charge of $4.95 for the free trial bottle. If you cancel before the end of your 14-day trial period, you will not be charged anything else. Your 14-day trial period begins when you place your order and inc…
    Complainants allege misleading advertising, unauthorized credit card charges, receipt of unwanted merchandise, and difficulty implementing cancellation procedures. Some complainants allege that they agreed to a trial offer only, and was not aware they were enrolled in a continuity program. Customers complain after repeated attempts to cancel, shipments are stopped, but the company continues billing them monthly. In some cases complainants allege that the company sold their information and credit card number to another affiliates who also charged their credit cards for products or services. The company responds to most complaints by agreeing to refunds for returned bottles, or canceling shipments. Many complaints are unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate. Some complainants dispute that credits or refunds are actually received.
    Address: 5300 Ontario Mills Parkway Unit 400
    Ontario, CA 91764
    Tel: (800) 659-3588
    » See more photos on TrustLink
    Web Site:

    Contact: Mark Adamson – Contact

    Business Start Date: 1/19/2009

    Summary and Analysis of customer complaints and company responses:
    The following shows the number and responses to complaints over the last 36 months:
    25 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
    5 Making a partial refund
    123 Agreeing to perform according to their contract
    177 Refusing to make an adjustment
    109 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
    0 Unanswered
    0 Unassigned
    439 Total

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  • Ma
    Madgar Aug 11, 2009

    This is not true. You do not refund people or even give them a cancellation number. I cancelled my order on June 19, just one hour after I placed it. I received the product 17 days after that and returned it right away to China, as requested. I sent lots of messages and always received weird answers. It has been 51 days now and no refund or cancellation # yet!

    Office de Protection du Consomateur (OPC), a Quebec government organism, is working on the problem. They found out that Acai Berry products are sold on the Internet with false representation. First of all, Terms and conditions are not CLEARLY displayed. They do not comply with Quebec laws for lots of reasons. If those people want to do business in Quebec, they'll have to follow the rules.

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read terms and conditions

Please read it all! the complaint I have is the one of the fact the phones are tied up to talk to someone because all you people on here didnt read the terms and conditions of the website. some of you said that you got charged for extra charges, well that is because on the page it states that you will be getting two bonuses and if you had read in the terms and conditions it would state that they were both on a 14 or 28 day trial period and then you would get charged for monthly fees at which you can close the account at anytime with those two bonuses. then the fact of getting charged for the fees of a product right after you have ordered it. we all know that nothing is free in this world and like the site says, 14 free trial period, doesnt say free product nor does it say free sample. this product is a 14 day free trial to try out the product, and you will be charged a small fee for shipping and handling. under the terms and conditions it says that you will be charged 59.99 for the product at the end of that 14 day period, which is a 30 day supply (60 capsules). did you fail to also read that the product comes with a 60 day guarantee, which means that you can return any portion of the product or even an empty bottle back to the company to receive a full refund. so instead of calling about how you have been cheated out of something you need to read the terms and conditions and get off the phone so us people can get through on the phone. dont blame others for you not able to work the internet. you need to read, that is r e a d first, then if you understand the website, charges and terms and conditions then you place your order.
Mr. c

  • So
    South Dakota Jul 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tried to get a number to send the product (acai) back and was told they did not take the product back. I answered that the terms stated to get a number to return product and the woman still insisted they did not want the product returned and would not give me a number. She actually hung up on me when I insisted on a number. I, too, kept track of the 14 days and called well within those days only to be told I was supposed to start counting the days when I ordered the product. That doesn't make any sense to me as the days should start when I start taking the product or at least have received it. It seems to me they don't give out all the information needed. South Dakota

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  • Ma
    Madgar Aug 09, 2009

    This is not true. You do not refund people. I cancelled my order on June 19, just one hour after I placed it. I received the product 17 days after that and returned it right away to China, as requested. I sent lots of messages and always received weird answers. It has been 51 days now and no refund yet!

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over charge

This company.. acaiburn is not a scam... they are thieft with a cover!! this company sucks... they charge with no autorization to my bank 119.90 for 4 bottles and I only recive one.. I cancele it and still they charge me for the 1st bottle that I was suppose to be charge just 5 bucks and cancelet within 21 days...3 weekes later, they send me 2 bottles... I return them and I wait for my money to be back in my acount... but then.. they said, they sended me 3 bottles, so I have to pay for 1 bottle... this [email protected]#% are theft!!!

  • Li
    Linda Gratton Aug 06, 2009

    I too was scamed by this company...There must be a law against fradulant practices on the internet.

    I actually did my research...after I gave them my card information. I tried to cancel immediately..they replied that I needed to receive the product before I could cancel. Upon trying to get these people to do the proper thing to no avail.

    I immediately called my bank card company and they had already processed the first charges. I explained to them yhay yhis company had a scam going(get this...It is not a fradulant charge if you give them your card # .

    The only way I could stop any future charges to my account was to stop ALL charges to my account. In other words I can't use my own card now. The card company would not simply change my number due to the fact that I gave them my # soooo it is not considered fradulent use.

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  • Ma
    Madgar Aug 11, 2009

    Addie M.
    Hi again and again and again . . .
    This is not true. You do not refund people or even give them a cancellation number. I cancelled my order on June 19, just one hour after I placed it. I received the product 17 days after that and returned it right away to China, as requested. I sent lots of messages and always received weird answers. It has been 51 days now and no refund or cancellation # yet!
    Office de Protection du Consommateur (OPC), a Quebec government organism, is working on the problem. They found out that Acai Berry products are sold on phone or on the Internet with false representation. First of all, Terms and conditions are not CLEARLY displayed on their web site or given by phone. They do not comply with Quebec laws for lots of reasons. If those people want to do business in Quebec, they'll have to follow the rules.

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free trial scam

Do not, I repeat do not order this so-called free trial of acai burn. what a scam! I ordered their product that was touted as a free trial bottle of pills and $150 later I am finally getting out of this mess. stay away from it and everything that has to do with it!!! there is no truth whatsoever in their claims or their scruples. there are at least 2 different phone numbers that you have to call to cancel your "membership". omg what a horrendous business.

  • Be
    Becci Apr 29, 2009

    I agree i've just found out i've been scammed too . .. and i didnt even recieve any pills! truly awful company, surely their using some form of false advertising? why hasnt anyone shut them down??

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  • Am
    amy2098765 May 15, 2009

    Please please do not order this product, do not give out your credit card details to this scam!! I order the product and never recieved it, they took money from my account every 2 weeks, first it was small amounts then large amounts of £50!! I rang up to cancel and they finally gave back my money but a few weeks later i discovered that they had another scam company called "Web access" that continued to take my money out, despite cancellation. I contacted my bank and they wrote a cancellation letter to BOTH companies, if more money continues to leave my bank account then it counts as Fraud!!!

    I never even recieved the product and i don't even know how and why i ordered it as i am perfectly slim anyway. I would advise anyone to STAY AWAY from this website and product as it has cost be over £100 to try and sort this mess out. One month later i think i have finally sorted it!!

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  • He
    hellokitygirl22 Aug 18, 2009

    It is a scam ... dont try this
    they'll ### you over either way, wether you send the pills back or not they will still get you for the 79.95.

    I was writting my story to share with you guys about how shaddy this people are, but my computer whent down as i was finishing. and im to lasy to rewritte it all over.

    This is a scam.

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  • Dm
    dmaxx Sep 02, 2009

    It isn't even that there is any confusion. They don't care if you use their product or not. If you do then they suck your money away. If you don't you receive "membershis" into programs that you didn't ask for and to cancel those you have to call two more phone numbers even though they are both the same company!

    OMG what a scam!

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  • Ac
    acai-scammed brenda Sep 05, 2009

    Yes it is a scam I ordered the first 3 bottles hoping eventually they would work... they didn't. Got the next 3 called to cancel I was over 60 days on 1 bottle told each bottle after the trial would be $58.95 its in the terms and conditions they said. You can reach them at 18669898945 ask for customer service supervisor they got me for approximately $350.00 I'm only getting 1 bottle refunded back at $58.95 but, I have to send all 3 bottles back...damn terms and conditions. Please do not order any of this company products. The products don't work and they will take your money. To all they have violated tell your friends and family about this product pass it on stop this scam and this company. Hey to all some advise to you... Better Business Bureau. Terms and Conditions my ### just say what your charges are its as simple as that!

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  • Ms
    mstrj1983 Sep 24, 2009

    i paid 4.95 for free trial and today 80.00 dollars was taken out of my paycheck unauthorized is there a refund policy anyone?

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  • Se
    sethluman Oct 08, 2009

    THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM. its a ### product you can get the same results from products at wal mart. i called the 18669898945 number and they told me that it could take up to 30 days for my returned product to get to them. i dont understand that. like everyone else was sayin "THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM" they are very right i wish i wouldive done some research before i ordered them.

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  • Li
    *Littlemissk* Nov 27, 2009

    oh i am so glad i am not the only one to be stupidly ripped off! i used my mums credit card and they charged a total of $158.95 and i did not even recieve anything! i can't even find the website i ordered them off so i am quite upset and am hoping they don't take anymore money of mum's credit card or i'll be devastated. the things we do to try and be healthy and lose weight!

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  • Co
    corrine p Jan 04, 2010

    hi, i also went for the free trial, 3 month late and £150 later i recieved 2 tubs. When i cancelled it they carried on charging me and sent me anothe 3 tubs. i had to ring again to cancel it this time they charged me £5.00 cancelling fee. DONT DO IT!

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ripped off

This is a complete rip off. the trial offer is not free. you place your order through their website and all you have to pay is a minimal amount for postage and handling of $us4.95. the trick is that the fee is in us currency to be posted in the us not international. the order confirmation they sent me via email shows the following:
Summary of today’s charges:
Item description price quantity subtotal
Acaiburn capsules free 1 free
Free trial 30-day supply
subtotal $0.00
shipping & handling $24.95
priority upsell $0.00
grand total $24.95
Your shipment is estimated to arrive within 4-7 business days.
The capsules are not free!!!
Nz$59.95 has been deducted from my visa account. when I queried this I got this response on 23 february:
I would like to explain why we have charged you $ 24.95 for the shipping charges:
you have been charged $ 4.95 for the original shipping charges and $ 20.00 additional for the international shipping charges since you are in new zealand
I would like to inform you that we ship international shipments via best shipping order to secure your shipment and our acai berry pills we charge an extra $ 20 for international orders. I hope you can understand.
I queried this further and have been told that due to currency conversion the shipping and handling fee is nz$59.95 and that:
we ship one months supply but we offer 14 days to try our acai pills and after that if you wish to continue with the pills after your free trial period gets over then you get charged $ 59.95 for the one months supply.

We shipped one month supply with the 14 days free trial period if you decide to keep the acai pills after free trial gets over then you will be charged $ 59.95 for that.
Most people I know usually cant be bothered returning capsules once they have received them.
This is a scam, buyer beware!!
I placed my order on february 15 2008 and still haven't received these yet, today is march 3 2008!!


You have been removed from the autoship program and you will not be receiving any further shipments. as per the terms and conditions you agreed to before placing your order, your card will be charged the discounted rate of $59.95 for the full month’s supply of amazing pills after the completion of trial period.

You will not be charged the $59.95 for the free trial if we receive the package back before the 14 days trial period is over. if the package arrives after that, then you will still be refunded.

Please return the portions of pills you wish to be refunded for to:

Acai burn
Po box 10233
Des moines, ia 50381

Please send package back either ups, fedex, or if you prefer to ship via usps, please ask for "delivery confirmation". you will be provided with a tracking code - it is very important so please keep this tracking code.

Refunds are processed every two weeks; you will receive an email from us immediately after we have refunded you. please include correspondence in the package with your reason for return and write your rma (return merchandize authorization) number clearly on the outside of the package so that we can identify it as yours, which is: [protected]

What we have charged you is $24.95 only for shipping and handling in usd and shipping and handling charges are non refundable.

I can tell you that although it may not be for everyone, acai burn amazing capsules personally helped me to lose weight and gave me an incredible rush of new life. I hate to see you go but I do understand how difficult losing weight can be. i'd like to thank you for giving it an honest effort.

Have I addressed all of your concerns or is there something else that I can help you with today?


Acaiburn support team

  • Hr
    HRLRN PHILLIPD Apr 02, 2009

    This company has been taking money out off my account since Dec 08. I have only recieved the free trail. Nothing else. Now I am fighting with my credit card company to get all the payments they took out off me back.

    Beware Do Not touch this company. Apart from e-mails I was not given any contact details account number phone number Nothing!!!
    so contacting them is HARD.

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  • Nl
    nlh021983 Jul 13, 2009

    I was also had by the too-good-to-be-true "Free" trial offer, only to find that unless I return the bottle within 14 days I'll be charged $58.76! They rubbed it in my face that I "agreed to these terms and conditions" although even their website clearly says "you pay only a small shipping fee" for a 30 day supply. SCAMMERS! The customer service people were rude and could care less who they work for. Now I not only don't get to try the product, but have to waste my $1.95 and time sending it back! And...the customer service rep told me that even though it's only been a week since I ordered it, he shows they already have two future payments set up for my debit account for the end of July and beginning of August. Talk about counting their chickens... horrible! I'm sending it back and will just continue with my 6-day 45 minute workouts thank you!

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  • Ma
    matca190 Jul 29, 2009

    Below is a conversation I had with the company, as you can tell they have generic answers . I hope you have not lost money and time like me!
    29 July 2009

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Pam'

    Pam: Thank you for chatting with AcaiBurn. May I know, whom am I chatting with?

    you: carol

    you: i want to cancel my membership

    Pam: Could you please provide me your email address and phone number, you used to order our product. So that, I can pull up your details?

    you:[email protected]

    Pam: Please wait for few moments, while I locate your transaction.

    Pam: You have been removed from the auto ship program and you will not be receiving any further shipments. As per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to before placing your order, your card will be charged the discounted rate of $58.76 for the first shipment of the amazing acai burn product after the completion of the trial period.

    Pam: Your cancellation # is

    Pam: 302222

    you: I have not recieved your product and therefore I have not had a trial perod.

    Pam: Your Trial package has already been shipped and you will receive it soon, it is on the way.

    you: How long is it meant to take? Your website said 2-3 days

    Pam: Orders placed in the United States will ship immediately and arrive in only 4-7 business days. International orders may take 1-3 weeks, depending how far the package has to go.

    Pam: It takes time of 12-18 business days to New Zealand.

    you: Right ok, and what guarantee do I have that I will recieve the product? What company are you using to deliver the goods?

    Pam: We have shipped via Australian Post.

    Pam: And you will be receiving the Acai burn pills.

    you: Would you mind providing the exact name of the delivery service as there is no such service called Australian Post.

    Pam: It is shipped via Australia Post.

    you: could I have the tracking number so that I can know when to expect the product?

    Pam: I apologize for the inconvenience, but we have not yet received updated tracking from the shipping company. We expect to have it shortly, and as soon as we do you will be sent your unique tracking code promptly.

    you: The original tracking code is what I would like. No need for an updated tracking code as it does not change.

    Pam: Your package has already been shipped to you and you will receive it with in few business days. But tracking number for your package not updated yet, you can contact us after 2-3 days to get your tracking number.

    Pam: It was shipped on July 14, 2009.

    you: whatt do you mean - you can contact us after 2-3 days to get your tracking number?

    Pam: Exactly, you can contact us after 2-3 days to get your tracking number.

    Pam: Ship to Address1 :

    Pam: Suite/Box # :

    Pam: City :

    Pam: Province : South Island

    Pam: Country : NZ

    Pam: Postal :

    you: Why 2-3 days? Why not now?

    Pam: You will receive the Trial package at the above shipping address.

    Pam: We have no Tracking number updated here now.

    you: just give me the original tracking number

    Pam: We don't have original tracking number updated as well.

    you: why not?

    Pam: I would like to inform you that this tracking number is a first class shipping and they do not give detailed tracking.

    Pam: We would like to request you to please have patience you will definitely receive it within 2-3 days

    you: ok Thank you. In regards to the canellation number you gave me, do I need to do anything with that or is that number confirmation that my membership is cancelled?

    Pam: Your order has been canceled and you will not be receiving the further shipments except the Trial package which is on its way.

    Pam: The cancellation number is just for the reference.

    Pam: I hope I was of assistance to you. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    you: ok great

    you: In regards to the $58.76 I did not agree to this. I agreed to pay $4.95 for the postage for the "free trial"

    Pam: You will get the Trial period of 14 days and if you decided to keep the pills, then you will be charged $58.76 after the completion of 14 days, if not you can return it.

    Pam: Your two week trial period doesn't start until AFTER you have received your package in the mail.

    Pam: After receving the Trial package, If you don't wish to continue, you can return the unused pills and You will not be charged the $58.76 for the free trial if we receive the package back before the 14 days trial period is over. If the package arrives after that, then you will still be refunded.

    you: Why are you sending them to me if I did not agree to buying them?

    you: I ONLY agreed to the free trial @ $4.95

    you: Hello?

    Pam: It was clearly stated on our terms and conditions that you agreed to prior to ordering on page 3 (order confirmation page) that you will be charged $58.76 after the 14 days.

    Pam: You can return the package after getting the Trial package and You will not be charged the $58.76 for the free trial if we receive the package back before the 14 days trial period is over. If the package arrives after that, then you will still be refunded.

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  • Dy
    Dynamite Aug 27, 2009

    Healthmember-888-779-5303 just ripped me off for an unauthorized electronic debit from my bank account. Acaiburn did refund me 58.76 it was billed to my credit card but they charged me a 2% transaction fee of $1.18. The product was not worth it, it had additives that just didnt need to be added, terrible product! You have to beware, if any of these are outsourced out of the United States, there is a fee charged to your credit card and you don't know this till it hits your account. I tried the products for 2 days when I got my statement with all of these charges I called and canceled before my14 days were up, and there was no mention about the "Healthmember" found that out 2 mo later when the charge came through my bank account unexpectedly. It cost me $ 7.14. I called them from a number attached to the charge on the account. They didn't have my phone number correct, they didn't want to remove it right away! They had to fill out new paperwork due to my complaint. We'll see if I get it back. Others on the internet are stating that it was a non-refundable fee! I will contact the state generals office, and anyone else, along with blogs and complaints all over the internet!!! Times are hard, we don't need to get duped by these worthless companies!!!

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  • Ju
    Justice19 Aug 27, 2009

    Hi there

    I agree that this is all a scam.I place my order and got the shock of my life when I got my visa statement that I was charged $34.95 for the acai and colon was $9.00.What happen to free trial and shipment of $4.95.It make me very angry.I would not recommend it to anyone.

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  • Fu
    FUUUU Sep 04, 2009


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  • Mi
    MickD Nov 17, 2009

    The company gives you 13 days to return the bogus product with a "False 30 Day Free Trial" promotion. I received the product on the 6th and returned it and they received it on the 14th and the still billed me $87.62 on the 16th. BOTTOM LINE: WORTHLESS AND DANGEROUS PRODUCT AND BOGUS COMPANY AND PROMOTION. FALSE ADVERTISING AND A DESIRE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY HERE !!!

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  • Je
    Jefferson Monroe Nov 18, 2009

    they did the same thing to me

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  • Jo
    joefield Jun 08, 2010

    I also made the mistake of thinking that I would only pay the 4 dollars for the free trial and ended up seeing this website just a few hours after I ordered. I canceled my credit card I immediately jumped on the phone and told them I wanted to cancel, and they told me they would. A few days later, however, I still got the free trial in the mail. I immediately called and asked them if the bottle was mine to keep and everything was done or what. Some lady I spoke to said the free trial was just that, a free trial. So I hung up and was about to open the bottle when I looked at the website I ordered it from again. It said that if you didn't want to be charged more money, you had to send the bottle back within 14 days! That [censor] lied to me! I was so angry that I called right back to the company and told the guy who answered to give it to me straight and not lie to me about anything! I was so angry that I swore at him too. He told me to send the bottle back or I'd be charged the $58 dollars and more. He ended up being a really nice guy and helped me out completely, he even told me about the other 2 charges for the book or whatever that I didn't even know I was signed up for. So I called two other numbers after thanking him profusely and got them canceled as well. I'm just glad I got out of this mess and only lost the 4 dollars of the shipping and handling.
    My advice to anyone who is getting the run around is to get angry. Don't let them pull anything over on you. Or tell them you canceled your credit card and they won't get any money from you anyway. Good luck to everyone who is trying to get out of this terrible mess.

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I want to cancel everything I was subscribed or registered to!!

I ordered the free trial of acaiburn which was $5.95 and that was it, then they started charging me more on my bank account even when I called and canceled it. I was charged two times for this product which I only ordered once which was the free trial. then I was charged again for the product acaiberry which I "never" ordered, so I went to there website and sent them a message saying that I wanted to cancel the order and they said that i'm not registered to them. so I wonder, was am I being charged for the acaiberry product when I was told I was not registered to it. I was charged for acaiburn, acaiberry, acaiberryteaplus, teaacaiberry. I don't know if its the same company, but it keeps charging me. I even get charged so for membership, and I dont know why. and now, I want to know why i'm being charged for this poweracaionl. I was charged $94.57, I went to google and searced to see what it was and it brought me here. so how am I suppose to support my two kids when everytime I deposit money in the bank the acai places keeping charging my account. and now I don't even have a job. do you know how hard it is to have two kids, not have a job, having to pay the bills when you don't have money because of acai company keeps charging me for something I never even ordered or never even heard. I called to so many acai websites and canceled whatever I was registered to, but somehow i'm still being charged!!! I want answers to why this is happening. I want my money back!

  • Ca
    Calgary, Canada Apr 13, 2009

    Plus go ahead and cancel ur card and get a new one. If it still happens then you can take it up with you bank and demand to close the card completely before ACAI drains you dry!

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  • Ka
    karen jaramillo Apr 13, 2009

    I have had the same experience, i ordered the free trial offer, on march 14, and received it on march 15, then sent it back express mail canceling on march 16,
    showing it was signed on march 20. then receiving another two bottles on march 30, at witch time they debt. my account for 86.85, i called that day and spoke with jenny, she said i didnt cancel before 15 days, and i told her i sent it back and canceled and have a tracking #. she said it had to be called in!! but they did receive it! i have canceled my account!! but they owe me the 86.85!!!

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trouble trying to cancel

I have been calling all of the numbers posted with out any success. the product made me feel really ill. I...

solution! get your money back!

I, like many of you ladies, recieved a charge of $4.95 on my bank account but it was under web access along...

fraudelent charges

I also have been charged twice for $4.95 once for $59.95 and now a charge for $29.95. I read too late all the complaints coming from ordering acai burn. I have submitted a complaint to the BBB in hopes of getting some resolution to this problem. I hope that more complaints are sent to the BBB so that they can shut down this company who is just fraudulently continuing to charge unsuspecting clients.

  • Li
    Lizzy Burr Jan 03, 2009

    I also ordered a FREE TRIAL package of this product, on the search page it stated 'Free Trial' just pay a small fee of '£3 S/H.'
    Upon accessing the web page there were testimonials, etc., and a very nice picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina stating how great the product is. The web page also offered a 'FREE TRIAL' bottle containing a months supply of Acai Burn, 'ALL YOU PAY IS THE COST OF SHIPPING' which was stated as $4.95.
    Proceeding to the 'Are you eligible?' (Of course we are!) Filling out the order form with shipping and handling of $4.95 upon completion ...WOW... it now changes to $24.95 with no way to cancel the order. There was nothing to state that there was a higher charge for overseas postage, etc., and the initial webpage stated the price in £ sterling so it now starts screaming this is a scam.
    The product arrived 4 days later with an advice note which states an order charge of $60... Nothing mentioned of the FREE TRIAL that was promised on the Acai burn website. When the customer services were e-mailed it appears that it is not a 'Free Trial' but a 'free evaluation period' and if the product is not returned within the 14 days 'Trial Period' your credit card will be charged for the $60 +$24.95 s/h. The Acai Burn promise of a free months trial appears to be a snip at only $84.95.
    A Scam...You decide.

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  • Tr
    Tracy from the UK Jan 15, 2009


    I agree this is a scam but I noticed on the advertisement page there was a tiny line of copy which said add $20 for shipping outside USA & canada which I didn't mind if the product worked it would be worth it.

    I got my product and have been charged for it. I was also charged for some sort of web use and for something else. I tried calling them but got an automated service, put on hold and then cut off costing me more money. I've sent the empty bottle back and asked for a refund and put a block on my credit card. I am still trying to contact them for my refund.

    The pills didn't work for me at all either. In the history of my diets I've always had a weight loss every week. So far dieting with Acia Burn has produced no weight loss at all.

    As for the photos of celebs if you look at the green tea advertisement going round the web it looks exactly the same set up and probably the same scamming company running it.

    Kind regards,
    Tracy from the UK

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  • Pa
    patricia dew Feb 02, 2009


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cancelling order

I dont know if I have a complaint yet or not. ive read the other comments and am very concerned about getting...

cancellation of product not being honored still billing your bank account after cancelling product within time limitacc

I ordered trail size paid shipping charge of 4.95 12 days later there a 69.95 charge on my bank satement call...

acai burn is a scam

I ordered package two which clearly states in the terms and conditions that it does NOT come with a...

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