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Metabolic Research Center Complaints & Reviews

Metabolic Research Center / Products

Reviewer70102 on Dec 10, 2015
Just and FYI to all! The supplements they try so hard for you to buy do not work. There is no evidence that their claims work. They push you to buy these items because the weight loss consultants get paid commision. I have worked in the supplement industry and I can tell you that it...

Metabolic Research Center / Misrepresentation

Reviewer38569 on Dec 5, 2015
I read about a Black Friday special so I called the Springfield office. I was told it was a great deal, the best they had...17 weeks for $149.00. I gave them a credit card, as not to miss the special and went in within a few days to begin. They were very nice and I was impressed. They gave...

Metabolic Research Center Lawrence / Company as a whole

Sissymom912 on Nov 12, 2015
Really just a horrible company and "program" that disguises itself as helping people get healthy. From a customer perspective, they are over priced and require you to buy their products that are full of unhealthy ingredients. There is a ton of turn over in Lawrence and Topeka due to how...

Metabolic Research Center / Continuous buying

drklover1971 on Apr 14, 2013
So I'm 6 weeks into my first experience withe MRC.. So withe that said, here is what I've come to find out. What HCG and the MRC experience is, is a controlled starvation diet. Controlled starvation is a way to describe, how the body will live off the fat, and not consume many...

Metabolic Research Centers / scam

denver lady on Mar 18, 2013
I signed up for the HCG program and 6 week diet. This was a very expensive learning experience. The ladies were totally untrained, inexperienced, and rigid. They knew very little about nutrition and customer service. If I had a question their answers were always from "the script" and when...

Metabolic Research Center / Terrible Services & Products

ssmith8612 on Oct 23, 2012
The programs and services offered at this location are terrible. Not to mention the customer service. My husband and I have been treated terribly! I began the weight loss program in August, during the consultation I was promised 100% support and motivation from all staff. Week 1 I followed...

Metabolic Research Center / Questionable Tactics

Rabid Jackal on Oct 20, 2012
Snake Oil, Opportunist, or a Legitimate Weight Management Programme Having a Really Bad Week? Arguments for everyone! This round's on me! I didn't survive being left for dead under a truck to get screwed by Metabolic Research Center in Southlake, Texas. Joining my dog'...

Metabolic Research Center / poor management

b villines on May 13, 2012
This is one of the most poorly ran business ever. If I could pay for this very expensive diet, weigh all my food, eat only what is on my diet drive 50 miles one way every week you would think they could be prepared. No, only 1 time almost 6 months have they had what I needed. The excuse...

Metabolic Research Center / Buyer bewware/scam

kry5741 on Apr 18, 2012
BUYER BEWARE!! they are little sales women's of there products! 1)They lied on the living social deal about providing all the supplements for the first 6 weeks. They base that on 2/day the minuet you get in there you need 3-5 /day.. 2) I was supposed to receive some another supplement...

Metabolic Research Center / Intense Itchy Rash

stlivingston on Mar 18, 2011
After taking these supplements for 4 or 5 days, I broke out with a severe itch rash. My skin became red and swollen. My doctor advised me to stop taking the supplements. My skin now is very rough and brittle where i developed the rash. The worse part besides the itiching and sleeple...

Metabolic Research Center / Very disappointed with HCG and center

timetogetsmart on Feb 5, 2011
Very disappointed in the center and the diet. I wish I had read the complaints before joining. I too was charged like $299.00 to join and left without one thing except what to eat for 3-4 days. During those days the diet wasn't that bad. But when you return, you have to buy all these...

Metabolic Research Center / Terrible experience

My friend and I joined Metabolic Research Center in September. We did lose weight but of course we spent hundreds of dollars each month buying all the MRC pills, flaxseed oil capsules, protein drinks, etc. Then the week before Thanksgiving I got a call saying that the people from the center...

Metabolic Research Center / No customer service

I went in for an initial consultation at Metabolic Research Center in Bentonville, Arkansas. I should have known not to sign up, because the ladies in there were like 'high pressure used cars sales people'. I did sign up because I truly wanted to lose weight. They signed me up...

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