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Credit card charged with out my permission

I paid 3.95 for a trial bottle of acai berry and was billed 2 additional charges of 87.13 without my consent. I received a trial bottle and an additional bottle that I have since mailed back to the company at the address on the packaged label. I researched the address and found that there is no such address as 3007 Greene Street, Hollywod, FL. Therefore, I will probably be getting the product back and have to return it to another address. I have called this company everyday since 02/08/09. I ask to speak with a supervisor and each time I am placed on hold for long periods of time without a supervisor ever coming to the phone. I was told by representative Terri that I will get an e-mail from the refund department concerning my refund. I have not received an e-mail and have not received a return call from a supervisor. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company who will try to get the company to refund the money to my card.

  • Ja
    Jay Z Slim Feb 11, 2009

    I recommend closing your account at your bank or this freakish company will continue charging you. It's a bad experience and I've been there. Good luck. I had to close my account.

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  • Je
    jeff Feb 20, 2009

    Same thing happened to me...still at odds with them. Had to close my CC account too.

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  • Em
    Emily Whitledge Feb 26, 2009

    The same thing happened to me, same company, same exact story. They only charged my account once, but they told me it was refunded on 01/29/09, but of course no such credit has been made to my account. Everytime I call they tell me the same story about having to email the refund department and I always ask for a supervisor. They always put me on hold and the last time I was on hold for 50 minutes and finally gave up. I have spoken to a "supervisor" once or twice, but they always tell me the same thing about emailing the refund department. I haven't cancelled my account--it's a checking account, I used my debit card--do you think I should??

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  • Us
    User in Texas Mar 27, 2009

    This product is an absolute rip off. It is worthless. I called within the time and still could not get a refund from the Acai Berry, FWM Laboratories. They advertise a 30 day free trial everywhere, but come to find out it is only a 12 day free trial. This is the 12th day and they charged my debit card $87.13 today. I talked to a supervisor "Jeff" ID #3244169, obviously an Indian telemarketer. He basically said kiss my you-know-what. He said everybody is cancelling. The Bromalite people were very nice and reimbursed my debit card today in the amount of $69.95. WORTHLESS, WORTHLESS PRODUCT.

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UnAuthorized Charges

I've had my bank account tapped for nearly $100.00 at least once (that I know of) which caused my account to overdraw and then charged me several insufficient funds charges from my bank (Wells Fargo) - when I called the bank they took down my information and canceled my bank card.

I investigated myself calling the number (866.225.2886) that was listed on the charge in my account. A woman answered identifying herself only as a customer service representative (give them a call, it's a freaking joke) and wanting me to provide personal information (banking info, etc.) so that she could "look up my account" - here is the kicker, she refused REFUSED to identify the company IN ANY WAY saying that they were obligated to respect the company's privacy and NOT divulge that information.

Not divulge the NAME of the company. Seriously?!?!?

So, I refused to give my information and requested a supervisor, mysteriously (and conveniently, I might add) all the supervisors were called to an emergency meeting.

Then she hung up on me.

I called Wells Fargo back and spoke with a Lisa in the Fraud Investigation Department. Lisa was rude, unprofessional and basically told me there was nothing they could do because whether I liked it or not, I had an account with the mystery company and the charges were MY problem because I had agreed to auto ship delivery.

How she knew that when neither of us knew who the company actually was, is beyond me. Until I spoke with her supervisor, Dominic who informed me that they have NUMEROUS (as in DOZENS, he said) of calls based on this AcaiBerry scam.

I explained to him that I have been making purchases on line for YEARS and have never had this problem. I invited him to look through my account and note that not only had I never (Before this) purchased a sample of anything, but that I had also never had this issue before. I believe might have gained a bit of credibility from him when I told him I do have items on auto ship from a company out of Boston, MA - so I am fully aware of how auto ship works and what a typical auto ship agreement looks like. I'm well-versed in reading the terms and conditions on websites BUT!!! (big but) I purchased this from a pop-up window that had no links on it, I received no receipt, there was no Terms and Conditions box just some small, fine print at the bottom of the window that did NOT indicate membership, phone number, or any information regarding an auto ship agreement. Maybe other sites have this - but I KNOW this one DID NOT.

With that he agreed to reverse my charges and submit my claim to Visa, however, he indicated that if the merchant company responded to the complaint from Visa within a 45 day window that I would be stuck with the charges at that point.

I can't believe for a second that this company is not doing something illegal somewhere. I received NO RECEIPT and NO INVOICE / RECEIPT with my sample.

Not to mention they acted in a shady manner on the phone.

Fraudulent Company

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Unable to cancel order

Unable to get anyone on phone, or response via email. Order #1123482 Was not informed at order time that I...

Withholding Refund

Ok here is my story, in December I ordered the free trial of the Acaiberry product and only paid the $5.95...

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Unauthorized billing

This company offering Free Trial has billed my card several times with no authorization ... calling...

Unauthorized charge to my account

I ordered a free trial of Acai Berry which said I would have a 30 day trial and that i could return the item...

can't cancel and they have my credit card #

I tried to cancel my membership and the phone # that was givin to is false, Thet have my credit card # I...




  • Concerned Citizen Feb 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ok here is my story, in December I ordered the free trial of the Acaiberry product and only paid the $5.95 shipping and handling, that was all I was asked to pay (because well, it's a free trial product, duh). I got my bank statement for January and they had charged $87.13 to my account without my knowledge because supposedly I signed up for a membership when I ordered the free trial product, that makes no sense to me, the purpose of the free trial product was to test out the product and see if I liked it, that makes sense, right?

    So anyway, I called the Acaiberry company/FWM laboratories (866-949-0138) to tell them I did not not want to receive the product any more, so they canceled my membership which I was unaware of having, and did not agree to sign up for and told me they would refund me for the that charge of $87.13, I also sent back the free bottle I received and never received any product from them again. It is now the middle of February and I still haven't received my money back for that product they charged me for that I did not receive.

    When they charged me the $87.13 it caused my bank account to go negative because I was unaware that they would be charging me monthly and I was not prepared for it and if I had known they were going to do that I would have never even tried the free trial.

    I also ordered the free trial of the herbal pills that came with it from another company all I paid was the $3.95 shipping and handling that was asked, they granted me my refund of $99.86 that was charged to my bank account the same way Acaiberry charged me, but how come the Acaiberry company won't refund my money? I have called the FMW laboratories several times and they said the refund was given back to me on the 29th of January and that it is my bank that is holding on to the refund, it is now February 11th and my bank has NEVER taken this long to process a refund. I also asked the FWM laboratories the last time I called about this (which was less than an hour ago) if they could send me a hard copy letter stating that they have processed my refund on their part but this is what I was told by the FMW/Acaiberry representative named Alex "It is not in my interest to so, I can not do that for you, but I assure your refunded has been processed on our part."

    So, from what I am hearing, I'm getting a told a big fat lie by this company and I'm really pissed. If they issued the refund then they should have no problem sending me a letter stating they did so, and proving to me that they did give me my refund.

    If anyone else is having this problem or any trouble related this this company

    please email me at: [email protected]

    I am pretty positive that I am not the only person who is going through this with this company.

    I would really like to talk and I need to find out how to go about this situation, because I'm about ready to file a lawsuit on this company. Also, I can never find anyone in that company that speaks good English, it's very frustrating, no offense to people with poor English language, but as far as this company goes, it seems like they do it on purpose so they can turn my words around on me. They are keeping my money illegally, and I want my money back now, they don't deserve to keep my money and I'm am NOT going to pay for anything I didn't receive.

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  • Su
    Susan Checklick Feb 27, 2009

    I am having the same problem with AciBerryPow, my credit card is continually being charged after I continue to call and cancel my 'membership' on a monthly basis. It has been an extremely frustrating process. I will share my story soon. I'm not sure where to proceed from here.


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scam hidden charges free shipping bogus

I ordered a free trial of ACAI Berry for the price of shipping, and without being warned they billed my bank...

Debit from my checking account

Icalled and ordered a small bottle of your trial acaiberry sixty capsules, $91. 28 was debited from my...

Internet Fraud

You may see a website that show's Kelsey's Weight Loss program that has a nice story about a local resident that loses weight from some AMAZING products such as Acai Berry and Cologenix. There is a 14-day trial offer imbedded in the story for both Acai Berry Detox and Cologenix. If you didn't dig into the website to read the crazy and unethical terms and conditions, you might have thought that you were getting an opportunity to trial the product for 14 days RISK FREE with an easy way to cancel your order from the AUTO-BILLING to your credit card for $87.13 a pop.

The deception exists in the fact that your bank card woes begin from the time you submit your order and then escalates 14 CALENDAR days after your order confirmation. If you are lucky enough to have printed your order when you placed your order then you have a record of your date and time and the order number. If not, you will not receive an e-mail confirmation of ANYTHING. My card was charged for shipping and handling but I never received ANY product. 14 days later I found two charges for $87.13 pending on my debit card. I immediately tried calling the number on my bank statement for the two charges and the numbers were disconnected. I then found [protected] but that number rang and rang and then I was in a never ending telephony loop where no one ever picked up (I am convinced no one was even logged into the phone system). I began researching complaints and found this site, the Complaint Board. After reading a few posts, I called my bank and CANCELLED my bank card. I then found a number on this site that allowed me to get to a live person supposedly in their billing department [protected] who could actually find my order and who I was able to coerce into giving me a cancellation number for my order. I did this even though I cancelled my bank card just in case they tried to continue sending me product in the mail and billing me via mail. By the way, I still have NEVER received any product.

The key that worked for me to at least get a cancellation number is to inform the agent that you are filing a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's Office, the Better Business Bureau and the FBI Investigative Unit. This quickly changed the tone of the conversation. Also, the phone reps are in an offshore facility somewhere in the next timezone east of EST in the USA. I've learned a few things from this experience: 1) Only do business over the internet with companies YOU KNOW (i.e. Sears, Amazon, Best Buy, etc..); 2) Make sure that there are positive ratings from consumers who have used the company previously; 3) Look for endorsement by the BBB. I feel for everyone who has had a bad experience with this company. I was very upset, lost a good night's sleep, and have to deal with the hassle of cancelling my bank card and setting up a new one. Good luck and happy shopping!

  • Ka
    Karla May 03, 2009

    I also have been scammed by these crooks. They have 4 different addresses listed on Florida's Better Business Bureau web site. They go by many names, also. You may have seen on your bank statements: COLOGENIX, FWM*LABORATORIES, and don't forget the MC CROSS BORDER FEE. They've stolen about $350 from me. Today I went to the bank and closed my account. I'd already closed my debit card and somehow they still got it out of my checking!

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Did'nt future orders - - took $79. 22 out of my account

This e - mail concerns my utmost desire to collect the money that was taken out of my account after ordering...

Total ripoff - trial not free

I order the free trial for $5.95 shipping & handling. If you do not cancel within 15 days of their shipping, you get charged and addition $88.62 which is non-refundable. Then they start charging you $94.57 a month for this product. The same bottle in a health food store is $9.99. Same ingredients, same everything. even the same bottle. I tried the website to get a refund and at the same time, dialed the phone number associated with the charge to my account of [protected] and they refuse to give me a refund. I had to pay for the initial free trial bottle because I did not cancel within the 15 days. I have lost my job and money is really tight. This put my checking account into overdraft and they still would not work with me. Said it was on page 2 of the terms and conditions.

unwated membership

I went on line to the web sight stating free acai berry trial fot $4.99. one time charge. I received the product and curiosty told me to do more research before I use this product. Going under the acai berry scam web i noticed complaints about unfair billing on credit accounts. I called the co. and asked if I was inrolled in a program the operator stated yes I was enrolled, and I will be billed for $35.00 a month! I told him when I went on the site it did not state you will be automactly enrolled in a program, so I would like to cancle membership because web did not state this inf. if it would have state this I would have not ordered this " free product". This is a scam please be carefull before you order online produts. Im told if I return product inwhich i will do, my acct. will not be billed. first thing to more i will be calling my bank to make sure i dont have unwanted charges against me.

No way to cancell

The AcayBerry was suppose to be a free trial formula under nu obligation to purchase if you canncelled within 15 days.
Otherwise the company charges you on a monthly bases $94.57 for each month supply .
The problem is that you can not cancell whatever you do .
The phone number doesn't answer, the net site doesn't have any cancellation window and they will continue to charge as long as they want .
How can I stop the future charges ?.
Elena Florea .
63-60 102 St Apt D2
Rego Park NY 11374
email [protected]

  • Li
    Linda Jan 07, 2009

    I did order a 30 day free trail, just received the product and I've already been charged $39.95. The trail offer was for shipping and handling of $4.95.

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doesn't work

You din't any way to get in touch with the company for those of us who decide to cancel after the trial order. You give no clear directions on how to dake the vitimans either. I have been taking the acai berry pill with no results either.

Fraudulent Charges and Undigestible ingredients

This company fraudulently charges your credit card. I signed up on the 27th of January. I received the Pure Acai Berry (have not received total cleanse yet) and I called to cancel my account. The first person I spoke to said I could not cancel until the 10th of Feb.?? By then the trial period would be over. While I was on the phone with them they pinged my Credit card account with TWO $1.00 charges. I used a credit card that did not have much money on it..or I'd probably be complaining about the 80 dollar charges as other are.
I called back again to ask why they pinged my account and that I wanted to CANCEL. They gave me some BS confirmation number. It is my order number with an RM in front of it...and said I have to mail the product back. I just opened it and what about the 14 day trial?? So I pay money and can't use it and have to pay to ship it back? I don't think so. Then they send you a 30 day supply instead of the 14 day supply because they try to HOOK you in. You can only take 14 days worth and if you don't want it you have to PAY to send the remainder back! When I was on the phone he was trying to get me to commit to only having to pay 20 dollars a bottle! This is what my charge card statement looks like as of yesterday.

Ok, I just pulled my online Credit card account again. The pending I had earlier was for ONE acai charge and ONE total cleanse charge and the TWO one dollar pings. They doubled it. I will copy and paste. 01/27/2009 pending EASYBODYDETOXONLINE $5.95
01/27/2009 pending MY ACAI OFFER $4.99
01/27/2009 pending EASYBODYDETOXONLINE $5.95
01/27/2009 pending MY ACAI OFFER $4.99
01/30/2009 pending UMG*SERVICES $1.00
01/30/2009 pending UMG*SERVICES $1.00

Down below I did more research on the ingredients. Not only are they stealing our money we are not even getting a PURE product as the label states!

WHAT about AOL, MYSPACE etc..that has their advertisements all over the place. They need to PULL these advertisements out. THESE testimonials are FAKE!! Look at HELEN MILLER in bradenton..a blonde mom..take off the end url and it is another HELEN MILLER dark hair boasting about the white tea.. This company is going under several names and uses the same order number to pull money out of your account!! WE NEED TO PULL TOGETHER and STOP THIS!!

************ PLEASE READ THIS ********************** I just looked up the ingredients in my bottle of PURE Acai Berry.. An Advanced Wellness Research Product. Here are the ingredients.

* Daily value not established.

Here are the OTHER ingredients: Gelatin, cellulose, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

CELLULOSE is NOT digestible by humans!!!

Here are some definitions and links to the sites where it comes from. Do your own google search too!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Cellulose, a linear polymer of D-glucose units (two are shown) linked by β(1→4)-glycosidic bonds.
Three-dimensional structure of cellulose, with four glucose units visible. (Black=carbon; red=oxygen; white=hydrogen.)
Space-filling model of cellulose, with four glucose units visible.

Cellulose is an organic compound with the formula (C6H12O6)n, a polysaccharide consisting of a linear chain of several hundred to over ten thousand β(1→4) linked D-glucose units.[1][2]

Cellulose is the structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants, many forms of algae and the oomycetes. Some species of bacteria secrete it to form biofilms. Cellulose is the most common organic compound on Earth. About 33 percent of all plant matter is cellulose (the cellulose content of cotton is 90 percent and that of wood is 50 percent).[3]

For industrial use, cellulose is mainly obtained from wood pulp and cotton. It is mainly used to produce cardboard and paper; to a smaller extent it is converted into a wide variety of derivative products such as cellophane and rayon. Converting cellulose from energy crops into biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol is under investigation as an alternative fuel source.

Some animals, particularly ruminants and termites, can digest cellulose with the help of symbiotic micro-organisms that live in their guts. Cellulose is not digestible by humans and is often referred to as 'dietary fiber' or 'roughage', acting as a hydrophilic bulking agent for feces.

Magnesium stearate:

Magnesium stearate, also called octadecanoic acid, magnesium salt, is a white substance which is solid at room temperature. It has the chemical formula Mg(C18H35O2)2. It is a salt containing two equivalents of stearate (the anion of stearic acid) and one magnesium cation (Mg2+). Magnesium stearate melts at about 88 °C, is not soluble in water, and is generally considered safe for human consumption. Because it is widely regarded as harmless, it is often used as a filling agent in the manufacture of medical tablets and capsules. In this regard, the substance is also useful because it has lubricating properties, preventing ingredients from sticking to manufacturing equipment during the compression of chemical powders into solid tablets. It is used to bind sugar in hard candies. It is also a common ingredient in baby formulas. In pure powder form, the substance can be a dust explosion hazard, although this issue is effectively insignificant beyond the manufacturing plants using it.

When used as a filling agent in the manufacture of capsules and tablets, such as vitamins, the source of this ingredient is typically bovine. However, there is an increasing number of vegetarian options in which the product specifically indicates it contains magnesium stearate from vegetable sources.

Magnesium stearate is a major component of "bathtub rings". When produced by soap and hard water, magnesium stearate and calcium stearate both form a white solid insoluble in water, and are collectively known as "soap ###".

Silicon dioxide:

The chemical compound silicon dioxide, also known as silica (from the Latin silex), is an oxide of silicon with a chemical formula of SiO2 and has been known for its hardness since antiquity.[1] Silica is most commonly found in nature as sand or quartz, as well as in the cell walls of diatoms. It is a principal component of most types of glass and substances such as concrete. Silica is the most abundant mineral in the earth's crust.

I took it twice and each time i felt sick to my stomach!

Please pass this information along... I know better I should of educated myself before I made this STUPID purchase! I was looking and thinking acai berry..not a bunch of crap that is not digestible and a BIG MONEY STEALING company stealing funds out of my credit card account! These people should HANG for this!!! SHAME ON THEM!! The state needs to step in and the internet and shut these people down. OPRAH, RACHAEL RAY and CNN need to put disclaimers on their sites that they do not endorse this type of activity! This is WRONG!

  • Yo
    Yolaje Feb 26, 2009

    Thank you so much for your testimony.I was interested in the product ( aquick fix is always appelling).When it came time to give my cc information I chicken out.I'm glad I did & my suspicions were confirm by your complaint.
    Thanks again.

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  • Br
    Brian Newman Jul 23, 2009

    What's interesting the location of Helen Miller is determined by the URL of your computer. Reading from Bradenton, Florida – voila! – the testimonial is from Helen of Bradenton. Check out the testimonial from your computer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Helen is from Grand Rapids! Wow! There are sure a lot of Helen Millers!

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  • Ro
    RobynM Aug 15, 2009

    OMG!!! ok I ordered the stuff! will they take money from my account?

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  • Jo
    JOMI1 Feb 24, 2010


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I have never ordered any product from them, but they keep sending me the products although I called them and cancelled the order. The operator tald me that the order was made 1/8/2009 using yahoo email address. I have never had yahoo email account. So, I knew this whole thing was fake. Also, my home phone number was totally wrong. (not even close)

illegal charging

I order this product through the website to try acai berry cleansing pills. It states they will charge $3 for S&H try for 14 days. I get charged the $3 and did not receive trial bottle. a week later there is a charge for $89.31 so I call to let them know they didn't send me the trial and I hadn't received the full bottle they were charging me for. So they cancel the account and tell that the trial was coming with the full bottle of pills. WHAT! I told them no I didn't want anything anymore because that is not the way they should be doing business. The man tells just return the package back and we will do a refund. So a few days later I receive the package I keep the trial (as I was charged for it) tryied it did not work. I return the pills, didn't open the package just put return on the USPS bag and drop in mail box. Now its been almost 60 days and no refund. I called and talked to two idiots at the customer service who tell me without the tracking number they can't issue the refund because the free trial was expired. Now explained everything the way I just wrote it. I didn't get a trial to try in the first place and my card was charged without me haviang a chance to try the product and agree or not to the terms and conditions! Now tell me if this isn't stealing, they should extended my trial period at least but no they didn't and now they wont refund my card. Oh and when I asked in both occasions to talk to a supervisor suprisingly he was in a meeting and then they hung up on me!! The NERVE of these company but foolish me for not returning it via UPS!

  • Q4
    Q4DM Nov 05, 2015

    Yes you've been scammed. I have gotten 20+ calls about this because my company in Portland Maine has a similar name and Directory assistance is giving out my company' phone number when asked for Direct MRKT!

    The address is a PO box in a shopping mall in Portland - no store - no office.
    I called local police and the Attorney General's office in Maine to make them aware. Local police said they've gotten reports about this PO
    Box before and unfortunately they cannot do anything about it because the orders are coming in from out of state so your local police would have to open an investigation based on your complaint to them. I keep telling the people who call to check the website to learn about this scam and to not order if no phone number or website is listed. I am sorry . ~ Leslie @ Q4 Direct Marketing Portland Maine

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