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this company is a complete scam

This company is a complete scam!!! I requested a "risk free trial" sample for the shipping price of $6.95 for their teeth whitening system. By the time I received the product, I was receiving additional products that I had not requested nor had I gotten the chance to even try the trial sample. When I looked at my bank statement, I saw that they had already charged me for the whole package. When I sent the product back to Advanced Wellness, I called them to inform them that I wanted my money back. Their call center representative was very rude and stated that I would not get a refund. I have written several e-mails to this company and was told the same thing. So now these a--holes have their unopened product and my money. To date, my account has been charged $166.17! The call center representatives that I have spoken with barely spoke any English, they were all foreign which makes me think that they are all scamming us from another country. Anyway, I have read all of the complaints about this company and they all sound like my own story. Some attorney who has a set of ba--s needs to get wind of all of this and put these freaks out of business!!! Heaven knows the individual who took this case on would have plenty of screwed over Americans that would have his/her back. Before writing this complaint, I was asked if I could also recommend ways that they could improve to better serve the community.

cancelation problems

Canceled this product 3 times spoke to agent 5306 the first time, agent 0102 the second and agent 243 the...


Ladies/Gentlemen, I have just spoken to the "Dispute Department" of my bank in regard to the continou...

has anyone ever gotten their $ back?

Just wondering if anyone has had success if getting a refund for this bogus product? I have called and emailed this company several times and they refuse to give me the correct return address and an "RMA number" (whatever that is) since I canceled my account the minute I saw my bank statement so they could not make any more unauthorized charges. They said they would refund $40 out of a $78.93 and a $83.92 charge. $40 for charges of over $160?! They said I can keep the product as a "gift" - give me a break! I just wanted to correct address to return this garbage, so they couldn't use it against if they got returned to the wrong one. These charges directly interfered with me being able to fill my insulin prescription at the pharmacy when my card was declined because of them.
Has anyone had any success disputing the charges with their bank? ...since this company is no help, whatsoever. What legitimate business doesn't let you return an unused, unopened product for a refund? 110% SCAM!
Any help with these thieves would be much appreciated...

false advertising/ enrolled against my will

I saw an advertisement online, in an article on Barbara Walters, for two supposed wrinkle produsts that she...

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Scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam!!! 3 months of calling to cancel delivery I got 3 different...

bright teeth whiteni9ng kit

I, too, have been charged $78.93 for a tooth whitening kit which I understood to be a free sample. Then my credit card company notified me of the charge. I spoke with a man at the company who was not willing to take back the product and correct the mistake. He told me that his supervisor was in a meeting that would probably last five hours.


free trail scam

This is an update on my dealings with this company.

Just like many of you, I fell for the free trial offer. When I received the package, I tossed it on the dresser and forgot about it. Life got in the way and I did not cancel during the trial 14 day period. The next thing I know, I've got a charge of $79.56 to my checking account for a 30 day supply. Like most of you I got very upset and called their customer service number. By the way, their marketing and customer service is being handled my a company called 'Netalab', Miami, Fl. The customer service number you call is for Netalab, not Advanced Wellness Research, the actual company behind Max White Teeth. When I called I was connected with a person with an Indian accent. I'm not sure if his name was Roger or Rajah. I expressed my concern and how upset I was about this charge. I was told I needed to read the Terms and Conditions. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told one was not available and that a supervisor would tell me the same thing. The CS agent was rude to me and stood firm that he was not going to give my money back. He made it out that it was my fault for not canceling before the end of the trial period. I canceled my membership them and there and GOT A CANCELATION NUMBER from him. I called back and spoke to a second agent. This one was much nicer and offered me a partial refund. A partial refund was not enough. I did not have the money to spare. Again I was told a supervisor was not available. Oddly though, the longer I complained, the higher the partial refund got. Not willing to accept the partial, I ended the contact.

I went to my bank and canceled my debit card so more charges could not be made on it. I asked about disputing the charges like one can do with a credit card. The bank said they couldn't withhold payment because it came through as a 'point of sale' purchase, just like making a purchase at a retail store. But I was at least able to have the bank waive the overdraft charges.

I checked with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB of South East Florida is the office handling complaints for this company. You can see their failing rating and the other things they are being investigated for at

Since they were so adamant about following their Terms and Conditions, I decided to go back to them. I FOUND A PASSAGE ABOUT RETURNS AND REFUNDS. THIS SHOULD HELP ALL OF YOU. WHEN YOU CALL, QUOTE BACK TO THEM THEIR OWN TERMS AND CONDITIONS - READ IT TO THEM! Under REFUNDS it says: "If You are not satisfied with the Product for any reason, ...To return the Product purchased after your 14-day Free Trial Period, please call Us at [protected] within 30 days of the ship date of Your Product. Refunds will be given on unopened Products only. Returned merchandise requires a delivery confirmation from the shipping provider. Refunds will not be given on packages marked “Return To Sender”. I called and just told Jason that I wanted to return for a refund the item purchased after the trial period and asked him to verify the address I should return it to. Should I send it to their warehouse address noted in the Terms and Conditions. Once I read it to him from the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, he put me on hold and a few minutes later told me he was ISSUING ME A REFUND OF $70.00 AND I DID NOT NEED TO RETURN THE PRODUCT. It was not the full amount but it was close enough for me. I suppose the $10 this is costing me can be considered the actual price of the trial sample - so it was not really free - or I can look at it as the price of an education. How many of us will jump on a free trial offer every again. I still have to see if the refund actually comes trough or not. I will keep you updated.

I wonder if I can declare the $10 on my taxes as an educational expense.

  • Fr
    Frustratedandfrazzled May 28, 2009

    Also, If you do get a promise for a refund, don't forget to get the transaction (confirmation) number.

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  • Eb
    eb7540 May 29, 2009

    I purchased this bogus crap too, but I feel that the "celebrities" who endorse and push such products (Rachel Ray in my case) should also be held responsible for putting their names on such scams. I'm sure this company paid Rachel Ray for her endorsement out of the money they are scamming from the public!

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  • Fr
    Frustratedandfrazzled Jun 02, 2009

    An UPDATE: The promised refund of $70.00 was posted to my bank account by Max White Teeth on June 1, 2009. That's that for Max White Teeth, now if I can just get my refund from Ivory Brites. I was able to get the return authorization via an RMA number but the item to be returned has not yet arrived. I can't return it if I don't have it. I called Ivory Brites yesterday to see when they shipped it but the customer service rep I spoke with said he did not have that information. He could only tell me if they had been notified by the post office of a delivery confirmation, but not when their shipping dept had sent it out. The problem being the returned item must be postmarked by the 15th day after it was shipped. The charge for it was posted with my bank on 5-22, so it has been 11 days since then as of today. I hope they are not playing the game of not having items arrive to the customer until it is too late to qualify for a return/refund under the return policy. I'll keep you posted.

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  • Fr
    Frustratedandfrazzled Jun 13, 2009

    Another Update: Re: Ivory Brites. Well, they have promised me I can still return their product for a full refund. But I still have not received anything from them or from the Max White Teeth either. It has now been 23 days since I was charged for these and began my battle to get my money back and I have yet to receive anything that I was charged for. How can I return it if I don't have it to return? I'll keep you posted.

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  • Fr
    Frustratedandfrazzled Jun 18, 2009

    My refund from Ivory Brites was credited to my checking account on Monday (6-15). It was for the full amount. They told me they had reviewed my situation and determined I should be given the refund. I still have never received anything from Ivory Brites or Max White Teeth for which I had been charged other than the trial offer items. I am beginning to suspect they were never actually shipped in the first place and that is why they gave me the refunds. I had mentioned that if I had been charged for items not shipped and did not get a refund that it would constitute fraud and would need to be reported to the authorities. It was only a few days later I was getting my refunds. How about that! Well, I'm done with this now. I've gotten my money back and have nothing to return because I never received anything to return. My accounts are cancelled with these companies and I have closed the debit card they used. So I am done. I hope the rest of you dealing with these companies will head the things I have said in my posts on the board, in this complaint and on others, and that you have as much success getting your money back too.

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unauthorized used of debit card

Hi I am also a victim of this same company with multiple names as mention before Advanced Wellness Research, Whiteningnow, and Brightteeth. I sent for the free trail which was stated only charge would be shipping charge three days after I received the product my card was charged 78.93 without me knowing what happen I call and ask for my refund and I haven't yet received it. I didn't even get to use the product. And even if I did I wouldn't pay that much for it. When I could have went to my dentist for whiten. They don't give you time to read everything only that it's free. Free I want that not 78.93 worth. Please refund my money

&free sample&

SCAM adverstising! Having located a particular research paper I noticed a "banner blog" about teeth whitening...the blogger wrote about obtaining free samples from 2 companies for under $10 shipping fee. Visited one company and could not sign on for the free sample; visited the second company and was able to order my sample for the shipping fee of $6.99. What the company does not clearly tell you is that this is not a free sample - even though that is how they pull you in. Once on their site, the switch happens; I actually signed up for a "free trial" of their product. After 15 days they charged my credit card for close to $79 for product I could not test, because it is impossible to push out of the syringe they provide. When I contacted them via phone, I was kept on the line for over 15 minutes by a very condescending person, who advised me that he "understands my problem", but it is my fault - I did not read through the terms and conditions. Lesson learned!

fraud alert!!!

Ordered teeth whitening kit. Called and cancelled after I received second shipment. Like some other complaints mentioned, in that call they kept saying they couldn't hear me and to speak up. I was practically screaming in the phone so that they would hear me. Requested they cancel my membership. The next month I received another shipment and they charged my credit card. I called them and they said that the person I spoke to last month did not cancel the monthly shipment, however, he had record that I had called. After going back and forth with him about this unauthorized shipment and charge, he finally said he would credit me the charge and I won't receive any more shipments. He also said he would send me a confirming email. I haven't received an email nor have they refunded the charges to my credit card. I have contacted my credit card and asked them not to accept anymore charges from them as they are not authorized. What a scam this company is. There really needs to be a class action lawsuit against them.

  • Pr
    Priscilla May 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My sister ordered teeth whiten kit. Her OB told her not to use it yet because she is pregnant. She called to cancel the order. The customer service rep said he is having trouble hearing her so he asked her to call back. She received her Visa statement and there was a charge of $69.99 from Advnaced Wellness Research. She called customer service to cancel the order but he said wasn't able to pull up the order from her name, address, Visa number or phone number and he asked her to call back after she receives the order and provide him with the order number. While waiting to receive the product, she received her Visa statement and saw another charges from Advanced Wellness Research. She called to cancel the order and the customer rep said he'll take care of her request. A few days later, she received the second package and she called to get the RMA to return the product, the customer rep told her they can't issue her an RMA number to return the unopened product for full refund because the order has been shipped and received. She was told that if she returns it, she still won't get the credit for it, so just go ahead and use the product. This company is a big SCAM. BEWARE OF THE UNETHNICAL TACTICS AND PRACTICES!

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  • Ri
    Ripped Off May 19, 2009

    This is truly a scam! I also called to cancel after I was charged over $78.00 for something I did not order. I was to pay for shipping for a TRIAL OFFER then they had my credit card #. When I called to cancel they said they would send me an e-mail verify the order was cancelled(which I never placed to begin with) & I have never received that.

    Today I received another package from them so I refused that package & the mail man marked it refused!

    This is really a scam & we do need a class action law suit! Would love to see an attorney go after these people!

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  • Dm
    dmm Jun 03, 2016

    Even before my trial period for the colon cleanser and acai berry supplements was over this company sent out another shipment of each product. The company charged my credit account for the shipments. I called to ask about returning the unopened products and was told that all I could do was cancel future shipments. They told me that they don't accept returns and don't give refunds. Even if this is not illegal, it is unethical. BEWARE OF THIS AND ANY COMPANY THAT HAS SUCH UNETHICAL PRACTICES!!!

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  • Sl
    slvrwngs Jun 03, 2016

    My advice to everyone taken in by this scheme is to change your charge card number so these scam companies can't put more charges to your account. That's what I just did. I've been "round and round" with three companies today (which was surprising as I'd only purchased acai samples from two) and cancelled accounts I did NOT know I'd signed up for... and am getting refunds. The only ones they won't refund are the ones they charged right after I requested the "SAMPLE"...and that was the first billing for which I never received the product. From what I've read in this blog, that is typical of those companies... they charge your card that first month but don't send a product. That way they think you can't protest when they send the product and bill you the second month. They think. Two companies even told me the USPS verified that the first product had been delivered to my address. I never got it... only the one that was in my mailbox this morning. I contacted my credit card company and they're sending me a new card with a new number and paperwork for me to protest the original charges. I'm also filing a report with my local police department and with the better business bureau.

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internet fraud

Are you the victim of the internet scam which claims to give you 'no risk free trials' of tooth...

misrepresentation and deciept in an add and refusal to refund

I ordered a 14 day free trial for a tooth whitening product. I saw nothing stating you had 14 days from the...

teeth whitening

Advanced Wellness research (Teeth Whitening) is a SCAM. I ordered and have been charged 69.99 for something I didn't click on to order. After I read the agreement on how they were going to charge I clicked off the screen. But I guess they already had my information and I received a box in the mail. NOTHING in the box stated I had 30 days to cancel, so it sat and then I received another box in the mail. When I opened my credit card statement I had been charged $54.98. I immediately called to cancel and they did credit my account. But then I received another credit statement and saw they charged my the 69.99 for the 1st box. THIS IS A SCAM. DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM THE COMPANY. I offerd to return the unopened boxes and they don't want them, JUST YOUR MONEY.

  • Ro
    ron Apr 23, 2009

    Advanced Wellness Research tooth whitening is a complete scam. Buried in their website is something called a negative option. When you send the 6.99 shipping and handling fee you have 14 days including weekends to cancel. They will not send the introductory product during this time period. After 14 days they will bill your credit card for 85.23 and far they have not even sent me anything. You are always told to call a number where someone in India/Sri Lanka answers and tells you they are not authorized to refund anything. When you go on their website and enter the contact box whomever responds tells you to call the number that connects to the Indian call center. They never respond to any request for the refund. Google the Florida Attorney General and file a consumer fraud complaint. Its the only possible way to stop these con artists. ron

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  • Mi
    Michelle May 02, 2009

    I did the same as all of the other complainants! Yes, I read the pages, top to bottom. No, it didn't state that this was only a 14 day free trial. At no time was I made aware that this company would send future shipments...which have gone up to $85 dollars!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! I have emailed CNN with my story...if you all do the same maybe we can stop these thieves from stealing from anyone else. Class action lawsuit, anybody????

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  • Rs
    RStark Jul 11, 2009

    To Whom It Should Concern, But Now I Think Better (otherwise known as Advanced Wellness)

    Like screaming “how do I get off this merry-go-round, ” I was fooled by the fine print. I should have known better! This company’s protocol for cancellation is a clear pattern of the unethical and unscrupulous, and I should have known better.

    After receiving my trail packet, I realized I could not stay consistent with this procedure of teeth whitening. I thought that was it, tried it and can’t do it right now. But then I received another shipment and the charge to my visa, for which I immediately called to cancel my account. I was told it was cancelled and given a cancellation number. The following month, I was sent another shipment and charged again. I called the 1-888 number, spoke with another person saying his name was Mike Thomas, who rather than be helpful tried to circumvent my desires to cancel. Finally, after saying that he had no record of the 1st call last month, no record of a cancellation number given to me and that my account was still active, he relented in giving me another cancellation number.

    This one on the phone told me in no way would I get a refund for sending the unopened packages back to this company. Well, I have spoken to Visa and will let the Better Business Bureau and other legal entities pursue this on my behalf.

    The only thing you are “advanced” on, rather than wellness, is nothing more than deception. Others will hear about my experience!

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internet scam

Got SCAMMED from Advanced Wellness Research aka ‘Teeth Whitening Now’ I ordered a free trial...

do not stop billing

By my own mistake, I did not read the small gray print area. Free product was shipping only-$4.99. Next charge, because I did not cancel was $78.81. I called cancelled and asked for refund. Next charge-$83.80. I called to cancel and demanded refund. Told to go online to submit my credit card statements to verify that I was charged. Online I said to cancel and wanted refund. Emailed me back and said to call to cancel. I have called and cancelled, this time being told I never had cancelled. This is theft and fraud, as far as I am concerned. I have never used their product, but have now been charged for three deliveries and have only received two, both of which remain unopened. I have an email from this company listed an address in Florida, another address in Idaho, and still another in Illinois.

  • Do
    D of Raleigh Jun 15, 2009

    Cancel your credit card. I am awaiting a refund from my bank concerning theses theives at advanced wellness. They charged my account 3 days in a row at 84 a hit. WOW this is unbelievable.

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  • Me
    Melissa VanVleet Jun 03, 2016

    I have tried numerous times to get in contact with company and all I ever recieve is an answering machine. Sent emails and would get a response saying that my 30 day trial expired after it took over 2 weeks for the shipment to get to my house. Was told via email that I would not be billed but S&H and my credit card was charged that plus $78.81. Yet the product has never been used. I wanted to send unused product back and demanded a full refund and have heard nothing since. Not for sure what to do now

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  • Ma
    Marsha L. Rodriguez Jun 03, 2016

    If you paid with a credit card and have documented every phone call and or email file a dispute with your credit card company. I tried from 12/05/08 until just last week to deal with the company and all attemps led to the same old email saying I would get a full refund. however they cannot seem to find my account now! My credit card company has assured me that the charges will be reversed on or by 02/03/09.

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  • Pf
    P.F. Jun 03, 2016

    What a rip off! Do not do it.
    Company is a pain to work with and claim you must cancel or you are charged like it or not. Could not even return product, I tried. I am putting in a dispute with credit card company next.

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scam credit/debit card recurring charges

Ordered online with this company for a 14-day free trial, offer claims you will be charged $6.99 for...

credit card scam

Ordered trial product using credit card. First small payment was OK then they start running my cad for 2 lots of $80+ amounts - completly unathorized. They sent an email confirming the 'second order' - which they claim I made in the middle of the night! They refused to cancel this order and refused to tell me which credit card of mine they used - I had to do my own research to try to stop the payment. They would only tell me I had used a Mastercard - in fact it was a Visa!! 100% total scam artists. Beware!

  • Tm
    tmseal May 13, 2009

    This company is a TOTAL scam!! They say they are based out of Miami and Illinois but when my account was charged, I was also charged an international service fee along with original charge. They are Indians scamming hard-working Americans!!! Makes me sick to know that there are some people who havent gotten their money back. I did thank God but if i hadnt they would have hell to pay!

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free trial is a scam

Ordered a "free trial" for the cost of shipping. Received it over a week later.
Was charged for more product exactly 2 weeks after the order was placed (rather than after it arrived)
Had not even had time to try the product.
"Customer Service" is supposed to be "easy cancel".
When I called, I was told no one was authorized to cancel anything!
This "offshore" call center told me to call back when a manager was there - at about midnight my time!
I've little doubt there will not be a manager there when I call back!

  • Cm
    C.M. Andrews Apr 10, 2009

    ATTENTION: Acai Berry Pro is not worth the exorbitant price, the hassle of trying to cancel, and especially the UNDISCLOSED FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE!
    My first issue with the so-called 14-day trial is that it begins the day you place the order! How can you start trying something you haven't received yet? My shipment was delayed by the post office being closed for President's Day, so by the time I received the product, I had only 10 days to actually try it. My second issue, which came as an unwelcome surprise, was the foreign transaction fee that they charge you each time a payment is processed---even the initial S&H fee for the trial. I found out that even though Advanced Wellness Research lists an address in Wood Dale, IL, payments are processed in Cambridgeshire, England and the customer is charged for it. Anyway, I called on the 13th day to cancel, and spoke to an Indian guy who said his name was Roger. He kept trying to get me to continue using the Acai Berry Pro because it would take a few months to actually see results. I kept saying no until he finally agreed to cancel my trial, and was told that I didn't have to return the unused portion of the product--I could keep it as a thank you for trying Acai Berry Pro.
    Well, that wasn't the end of it. I received another shipment for which I was charged $83.80 plus $2.50 foreign transaction fee. I called and got another Indian guy who claimed that they had no record of my call to cancel. I asked if there was a guy named Roger working there and he said 'yes'. So I asked him how would I know Roger's name if I never called and spoke to him, but he didn't have an answer to that. He then claimed that he couldn't refund the full amount that I was charged, but he could refund $40. I was furious and told him I wanted the full amount; he then offered $65. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told he wasn't authorized to let me speak to a supervisor! I then threatened to call the Better Business Bureau and report this as a scam, so he finally agreed to refund the full amount. It turned out that I got back $78.80 and the $2.50 foreign transaction fee, but they kept the $4.99 S&H charge. I had fully intended to return the 2nd shipment, but once I saw that they didn't refund the S&H and it would cost me even more money to ship it back, I decided to keep it.

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fraud on teeth whitening now

I recently purchased the Teeth Whitening Now product on a $6.99 trial basis on 03/08/09, and there is nothing...

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