Naturcleanse/Acai Berry DetoxUnauthorized Charges to Account

I ordered from an ad while playing games on the Publishers Clearing House games. It had Oprah, Rachel Ray and Dr Oz saying how great and fast you could lose weight. I signed up for a free sample that I needed to pay $1.95 for shipping. I did on July 10, 2009. On July 20 they shipped the free sample. I received it on July 23rd and on July 27th (14 days after I ordered, there was a weekend in there)they made an unauthorized charge to my account for $87.13. When I called I told them I had just received the free sample on the 23rd - they hadn't given me my 14 days to cancel if I wanted to or even a chance to see if I wanted to try this product. Why had they sent the automatic shipment before I knew what I wanted to do?They said I should have called to let them know 3 days after I ordered to tell them I hadn't received anything. The first person I talked to canceled my account and gave me a cancelation number and a number to return the bottle. So I waited to get the automatic shipment that they had referred to that would be shipped if I hadn't canceled in the 14 day period.

Well, what that turns out to be is the "free sample" that was shipped on the 20th is the bottle that you have to return. There is no automatic bottle that shipped if not canceled in 14 days. It is the bottle you thought was the free sample! What it all comes down to is you don't get a free sample. What they send you is the bottle that costs $87.13 (probably different amounts depending where you live). There is no chance at trying the product for 14 days to determine if it works because you get it 1 day before your 14 days is up and they put through an unauthorized charge to your card the next day. I have returned by "free sample" and am waiting to see if I get my refund.

Beware - it may be a reputable site you are on but I guess that doesn't mean what is advertised there is reputable.

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