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Scam 15 trial

All that I have read in the other complaints I too have experienced... I have written about 6 emails and they keep coming back...No doubt is it as bogus as the company... Give me my $141.00 you bloody crooks. How can they be getting away with this still.. Taking money and not delivering the product and Scaming their way into selling it in the first place... Can someone tell me how to get my hard earned cash back..????

unauthorized charge 139.96

On 7/11/2009 I fell for a Rachael Ray endorsed on line pitch to try a free two week supply or trial of Acai Berry capsules for the price of postage $4.95. I tried to call and cancel my order within the 2 week period and could not get through. Every time I called the 800 # I was put into a queue on hold until eventually I would receive a busy signal and disconnected. There was no email address of the company to reply to either. UPS attempted to deliver a package from them to my door I refused it and directed it to be sent back to the company on 8/3/2009. I was billed 139.97 by XM labs to my credit card on 7/21/2009 within the 2 week "free trial" period and have never received the product nor do I want it. Finally today after being on hold for 50 minutes I was able to get through to customer service and cancelled my account. The rep who's name was Robert was very unhelpfull and stated that the terms of use allowed them to charge accounts regardless of whether you used the product received the product or cancelled the product and to dispute the charges with your credit card company as they would not reverse charges or refund any charges. This is fraud and against the terms and conditions that the VISA users have to adhere to when they accept credit card payments.
WARNING DO NOT PAY BY Debit card you are not protected! Sincerely, pissed in Sacramento.

  • Ru
    RustyTinCan Aug 28, 2009





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Charged Fraud on my card for products I didn't recieve

If anyone knows of the phone numbers of these Companys if you could please E-mail me at [protected] My credit card was charged by these two Companys they say I recieved these products I did not. And they won't return my money because they say I have to return the product when I don't have anything to return. Thank you

Fraud - taking more money than stated

Can anyone please give me a valid email address of Trading Planet or VIV3 Labs? I ordered what I was a free...

Unauthorised money from Credit Card

I am a victim of Fruad with purchasing Acai Berry Detox, Focus Cleanse and Thermothin Plus with the companies that seem to be Trading under the name "Trading Planet" - viv3lab, HealthScience, there are probaly more. I have contacted my bank - Bank of Queensland and they have told me that they cannot cancel my credit card as I have signed a contract with the Merchant. I have been advised to contact the Dept of Fair Trading - Also ACCC - . I have been able to find an email address for the Termonthin Plus - support have sent an email to cancel future orders, I'm not sure if this is the same address for GHS Health, but will see how I go. Also and email address for viv3 lab : [protected]

I hope this information will be of help to everyone that has been victimised. Make sure you keep all your records of your purchases. If anyone has any other contact details please share them.

Very pissed off.

  • Li
    Lisa Cotton Aug 29, 2009

    They did right by me. I ordered it and had a friend order, too, because it was a good deal and I liked what I got. Both of us had good experiences and called to cancel and were treated professionally. This is the number I called +44 203 139 9104 but I also found this one which was a free number 080-823-89-830. Lots of grousers on this site...or maybe some of you guys are their competitors?? Who knows. Anyway, I can only speak from my experience which was positive.
    Lisa Cotton

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  • Pa
    paul Andre Gardner Sep 02, 2009

    Paul Gardner Berlin

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  • In
    Interpool Oct 05, 2009,, are scams to steal your credit card details and your money. The fake diet pills are only a font to this criminal operation.

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  • He
    Heidrun Oct 06, 2009

    I got the same bad experience... I ordered a free sample an now I recieve the whole stroy once a a month. And the money ist taken from my credit card.
    My credtig company told me that they could maybe undo the money taking, when I tried to get in contact with the companies and they didn't react... What they didn't.

    So has anyone an idea how to handle?
    Is it usefull to call one of the phonenumbers and auit the contact oral?
    Or is there any other advice?

    thanks for helping!

    Heidrun ([email protected]

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  • Pa
    PAULINE DENISON Oct 27, 2009





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  • Pa
    PAULINE DENISON Oct 27, 2009


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Took money from me

I ordered one little bottle that was over $3.00 suppose to be Free.. this should have been the first clue... then shipping was over $7.00... next thing you know I have over $130.00 charge on my VISA without me even knowing... You can not get a hold of the company at all thank god to this web site
It gave me step by steps what to do... still working on getting my $130.00 plus back... but I ended up cancelling my VISA just incase...
They are horrible people.

was supposed to be a free trial bottle for 3.95 shipping charge instead got my cc bil and it was $87.13!!!!!!!!

The web site states that it is a free trial offer bottle for only $3.95 shipping charge. Got my cc bill and discovered they had charged me $87.13!!!
Their address is:

Preciousmind Trading LTD
6 Ioanni Stylianou
2nd FloorOffice/Flat 202
1003 Nicosia, Cypres

  • Ne
    Neutral Guy Sep 19, 2009

    We are so confident that you will love AcaiDetox Xtreme that we are not only going to give you a *Risk-Free trial period for the full month supply, but also a *RISK-FREE 30-day Money back Guarantee. You will have 19 days from the date of your order to evaluate the product. If you decide you are unhappy with the product cancel at anytime. Our product will recur at a 21% savings of $19.95 off regular price, for low price of $86.42 with a fresh one-month supply of AcaiDetox Xtreme shipped every 30days from the initial order as part of our Auto Delivery program. There are no obligations, you can cancel anytime via our customer support line or online ticketing system.

    Looks like you didn't cancel your subscription. Has it been 19 days? If not, email and ask for a money back. If its past 19 days, it looks like your out of luck.

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Unauthorized Charges to my CC

I got the "free trial" for .99, never received the product. Product finally came and found out they charged the .99 and also charged $87.13 to my account. The order desk calls you to confirm your order. I would never answer yes to anything. I constantly told them I no to the auto ship and no to any further charges to my account. I only wanted the free trial to try it out.
When you call back to dispute the charges they insist you ordered the free trial and being that you did not call to cancel within 15 days they auto charge you. I told them I did not want auto ship or to be auto charged for the products initially on the confirmation of the order. This company is a rip off. Something needs to be done about them. I never authorized to be charged more than the .99 free trial.

false advertisment

spoke to Ryan Id # 101 so he says about receiving my refund from the false advertisment on the company spam email i asked to speak with someone in regards to this matter and he stated "he was the boss and he made the final say on what goes on" he stated that the office is located on 158 court st Auburn Maine when i asked to speak to someone above him he said that their is no one above him asked for coprate office he said i couldnt get the phone number to the office to file a complaint and hung up the phone on me

  • Ir
    Irritatedx2 Sep 08, 2009

    I ordered these on the 22nd called to cancel on the 24th they gave me a cancelation number. I get the product the 27th (according to them) but it's not in my mailbox til Sept 3, 2009. I call to find out how i can send it back they give me the info and then i see they charged my card $48.99. When i called to ask why she said i had passed the 15 day trial and that i couldn't get my money back because it's in the terms and conditions. I've read the terms and conditions and it doesn't say when the trial begins i.e. (when order is placed or when pills are recieved.) Awaiting a "supervisor courtesy call" to help so call correct this problem. Will keep you posted on how that goes.

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  • Ch
    Chris Wilson Sep 18, 2009

    You people are nuts! Cant you freakin read the terms and conditions?

    I got an advertisement offering a trial of Acai Berry Maximum for just the price of shipping and handling. I ordered and got my shipment within a few days.

    I tried it out and it worked great.. I called the customer service number and spoke with a very friendly rep about getting my next shipment sooner since i had gone through the whole bottle pretty fast.

    They moved my ship date sooner and were very friendly and courteous. I have been using this stuff for the past 3 months.

    I have nothing but great things to say about this product and company.

    Some people are so cheap and try to get everything for free. Get a Life and Get a Job.

    The product works and shame on you for trying to cheat and bad mouth the company who is offering a generous try before you buy promotion.

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  • Ma
    Mahatma Mahdi Oct 23, 2009

    Not everyone is the same. For me it was a trip to the doctor because of the Acai Berry Maximum. There was no warning that those with diverticulitis. The stuff chewed my guts up good. The guy in the first comment sounds like a company representative or a paid for shrill. It wasn't until I went to one of their other websites that I found the terms and conditions. Yeah, I'm out nearly $100 because of this, not including medical bills. I figured with a bottle of 60 pills it was at least a month or two supply, not a 14 day trial. The last four days of the trial I was in no shape to drive to the post office and send it back, hence the first charge. I didn't know it was a "club" and when the next bottle came, only three weeks after the first had arrived, I was shocked by the bill. Of course when the total bill comes it hits a nerve, what a shame and a waste. I called them and said what should I do with 111 of these pills? They told me to give them to someone else. What crap. I did get a partial refund from the second order, less than half. To send it back I could have gotten half, less shipping and handling, hence about the same as the refund. Augh! It makes feel so stupid to think I fell for such a scam. As far as weight loss, nothing. As far as bowel discomfort, yes! Any loss of appetite? No. Extra energy? Only when you got to run to the bathroom because of the pain. I hope my comment adds to those who might look into the stuff. Honestly, for some people it might work, I don't know. But living in America I can't take stuff I know that does work for me because it is considered illegal by the FDA. I ran across it in the military stationed over seas from some college students from Morocco studying in Germany. I know it had Ginseng and some other stuff mixed together. Darn stuff gave you stamina, made you more alert, concentration improved and it helped with weight. Wish I knew what they had in it. They had it shipped from Morocco in dairy cartons from their parents. They would make pills out of it or have it mixed with tea. The tea method was how they introduced it to me. But that is an other story.

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  • In
    informant911 Feb 26, 2010

    Upon ordering, you agree to pay $1 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for the trial kit as well as agree to enrollment in the Lifestyle Program. If you are enjoying the product do nothing and at the end of your trial date you will be charged the low rate of $48.99 for the product you received. Approximately 25 days from your trial purchase date and every 25 days thereafter you will be sent another fresh 1 month supply of ACAI BERRY MAXIMUM (1 bottle) and your credit card on file will be billed the Lifestyle Program Member's Discount rate price of just $49.99 per bottle plus $5.95 shipping and handling for a total of $55.94. That is a savings of over 50% the regular price of a 1 month supply of ACAI BERRY MAXIMUM.

    You can't read?

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  • Jo
    JoSmith Apr 09, 2010

    I also wanted to try this product, so I had them send me the 14 day trial bottle. A week into the trial I found that my stomache would not tolerate the pills. I called them to cancel the trial and returned the remainder of the bottle to them. This was back in August of 2009 and I never received anything else from them. Assuming that they received the returned product and had canceled my program I distroid all imformation. I am now being taken to collections for $139.00 and I am unable to contact them personally to argue on my behalf. Does anyone out there have a phone number to reach them directly, if so I would really appreciate it. As for the product and the company, I would not recommend dealing with them at all.

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  • So
    sorryitriedacai Apr 28, 2010

    I'm with you there! I ordered my product back in June of 2009, I did use the product, but called to cancel my "membership" I couldn't get through to anyone that could help me the first time I called, they said that the person I needed to speak to was out to lunch and that they could call me back. That didn't happen, so I called again, and tried to cancel, the lady that I spoke to said she would cancel for me and that she would call back with a confirmation number. She never did, and my own stupid fault, I didn't follow up, so when I didn't receive anything else from them, I assumed everything was taken care of. Now about 2 weeks ago I get a letter from another agency saying that it will go to collections if I do not pay the $139.99. I called that company and explained the situation, said that I'd like to know how they justified this charge when
    #1 I never received product from the company other than the trial bottle
    #2 The company never sent me any sort of billing invoice allowing me to dispute the matter
    #3 Now darn near a year later they pull this bill out of their butt and say that I am responsible to pay it

    This other company said that they had no means of contacting the original company (the rep told me she didn't even have a computer !) Her supervisor offered to reduce the cost to $90.00, I said they can do what they have to, I'm not paying for something that I never received. As in the previous comment, I too, destroyed all the info regarding my order, When you don't hear from a company for months on end, you generally figure that it is safe to do so. WARNING TO ALL, IF YOU USE THIS COMPANY, KEEP EVERY RECEIPT, TRACK EVERY PHONE CALL, AND STILL EXPECT THEM TO TRY TO SCAM YOU!

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Billed for products that were not ordered

I should have known this was a scam. I was on and seen these products, though I could trust for good information. I ordered a trial product of both Acai Berry Detox and Colon Cleanse. Both were to cost .99 for the trials. I ordered them on August 6th, billed on Aug 10th and 12th, one date for each product. I received the Colon Cleanse on the 19th; I have not received the Acai Berry product.

When I ordered the products there was a check box that I opted out for the continuing of the product. On Aug 19th I noticed pending charges on my account, I called the bank and they gave me the names of the companies for the charges and their phone numbers. I called the company on Aug 20th to stop these charges. I talked to an operator (Jennifer A-179) and was given a cancellation number for each product and was told that the pending charges were stopped.

I also received a call on Aug 20th from my banks automated system asking if these were fraudulent changes. I filed them as fraud. I called my bank and they canceled my card. I thought at this point I was done.

Well to my surprise on August 24th my account had a charge for one product and on Aug 25th another charge came through, both charges were for 87.13 each plus 1.74 each for a processing fees. I called back to the company [protected] and talked to an operator (Sara A-131) she told me they could only now process a refund and that I would have to wait another 3 days or so. If the money was not refunded I could call back and go thought their (wonderful - lol) call queue again to find out the status.

Before hanging up I talked to a supervisor (Nathan S-36). He gave me the same song and dance, there is nothing else I can do but wait. I explained that I was going to continue filing the fraudulent charges through my bank, file a complaint through the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General.

Each of the phone calls took about 30 minutes, (10 to 15 minutes waiting in the queue) each to find out there is not much I can do. I am now going to have an issue with the bank because I used an account just in case these things happen (I don't keep a lot of money in it) has two overdraft fees $29 dollars each and the company said they do not reverse overdraft fees and I am sure my bank is not going to waive them (I hope they do) so i will end up paying 58 dollars for these fees.

Buyers beware of the scams that are happening everyday - If it sounds to good to be true - IT IS!!!

Company names where the charges came from:
Acai Berry Detox - UTHI Health Product
Colon Cleanse - Cleanse Gold

In case anybody wants the company information:
Barry Folgers Inc.
314 Dania Beach Blvd
Dania, FL 33004

  • Jk
    jkj Nov 10, 2009

    I had the exact same problem & am still fighting the charges. My bank is filing fraud charges tomorrow against this company. They have been trying to charge me for the last three months. I called their supposed customer service & never got through, always put on hold & hung up on.

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money taken from my bank account

was not aware of any other charges to be made to my account when ordering their product was only supposed to...

Probiotic Clense / Acai Berry Detox

Need company, Berry Folgers, dba UthiHealth/Detoxidant, to return my money to my bank account. This company is debiting my account for product that was sent as a free sample. I did not order additional product. I signed up for a free trial of a Colon Cleanse and Acai Berry Detox. I am agreed to be charged $.99 and $1.95 for shipping and handling. On 8/7/09 I have a been debited for $86.42 and $87.13 and other charges pending my bank account in the amount of $83.13. and $86.42 as of 8/24/09.
Numerous calls to the phone number provided to me by my bank for customer service are ended abruptly as soon as I question the charges. On 8/24/09 at 3:00p.m. PT I again called [protected], and spoke with Robin (114), she and answered a few questions but hung up on me. Robin said her company Name Berry Folger, based in Florida.
I have filed a claim with my bank as of 8/24/09.

stop automatic shipping and close any account you think I have there.

Fine print scam. Immediately stop any shipping to gary swanson, eagan, Mn 55123 and remove me from any accounts you think I have there.8229. 3:53pm.

  • Nc
    ncl Sep 04, 2009

    Every time I see a "free trial offer" I check the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page.
    Nine times out of ten, there is an auto shipping requirement, that you can cancel within 14 days if you don't like the product.
    That is when I click away. If the company really wants to offer a free trial, then do so, but all those conditions, really turn me off.
    If I try a product, during a free trial and really like it, I will re-order. I don't like the idea of money being charged to my account, then I have to remember to cancel it, if I don't want it.

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I order the Acai Berry and paid the amount and received a phone called and was asked if I would like to purchase the Healthy Kit? I told the caller no Thank You. The same day $87.13 was taking away from my bank account for the Healthy Kit. What can I and the rest of us do about this scam?
Mrs. Simmons

  • He
    Hellen Jowiak Aug 22, 2009

    Well, I agree, te Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse 3000, have ripped off a lot of people, including me. The Acai Berry Breeze for $83.95 and I' m sure the Colon Cleanse 3000 is fixing to take their part out too. I did not AURTHURIZE either one of these products to send me more, only the trail size of each one. They sure know
    how to rip and tick people off. I think it's a same that companies like those and others, can't be open and
    honest with clients or poteintal clients. It should be our decision if we want to stay with a program, and if
    we do, it should be up to us, if we want to order more of the products, not up to the companies to make that
    decision for you. I will NEVER TRUST and online FREE-TRIAL anything, ever again. I hope that this hurts
    their companies, for ripping people off the way they do. I don't need them to make decisions for me, I am
    capable of doing it myself, when I want too. Maybe we should gang up on them, and make them pay, us back
    for ripping us off.

    Truly Mad, Hellen Jozwiak Sinton, Texas

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  • Kj
    K J Heaton Aug 22, 2009

    I also agree. This company with as far as to us Racheal Ray the Food Network cook to advertised their product.

    This should be reported to the BBB because this is a lot of money they are collecting from people with no results.

    Tried calling the 866 number, but on our bank statement the number is incomplete.
    I read were one guy cancel his credit card to stop the automatic withdrawal from his account.

    I guess I will have to do the same thing. According to our bank statement we were charge twice for $87.13 in one month. This will come to an end.

    I am glad that I am not the only one who was fooled.

    Comments from an angry black woman in Inglewood, California K. Heaton

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Misleading, Ripoff!

My husband order a 14 day free trial of this Acaiberry Detox Lp online and agreed to a $.99 shipping charge which he gave a credit card for. 2 day later a representative of the company calls him and explains that a 30 day subscription is $87 a month and he cancels the order. 20 days later the "14 day" trial shows up at our house, and when I check our statement, so has the $87.13 charge! I spent over two hours with a "live chat representative" (because you can NOT get anyone on the phone), and finally got them to agree to give us our money back as long as we shipped the unopened bottle back to them. These people are unethical, and will take full advantage of anyone who dares to "try" their product.

  • don t use detox it is all bull ssh it truly, even herbal medicine you can t trust end of the day it is all about sales and money lost for no use at all.
    faith is must plus look for an honest doctor if you can find you will get better

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Received a email about acai detox/bromo cleanse and wanted to try it. it was suppose to be a sample bottle for .99 free shipping. They charged me for the bottle 87.13. Now i never received the bromcleanse and they charge me 79.00 for that. This is diffently a scam.

  • Jf
    J Frederick Aug 21, 2009

    I recieved the product but did not ask for it and they chged my credit card almost 300.00 dollars and won't ans. the phone what do I do????

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  • Rr
    R. Roberson Aug 22, 2009

    I also received an e-mail for ACAIA Berry. The e-mail said, " Try ACAIA Berry free, just pay $3.95 for shipping and get your free trial." The Advanced ACAIA Berry company sent me the free bottle in April 2009. I called them back and canceled future shipments but they charged my credit card for $79.95 and didn't send anything else. So I paid for something I didn't receive. I have disputed the 2nd charge but the charged has now been added back to my credit card again for August 2009. Don't order this stuff from these people. It has chromium in it and caffeine. You can buy it in Walmart for $19.95, if you want to try it without the scamming deal. It doesn't work anyway.


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  • Do
    Donibeau Oct 06, 2009

    I ordered the free ACAIA Berry and Bromacleanse (trail offer) with this I had no problems, but when I checked my bank sta tement I found charges I did not authorize. One came up as 1004 Keydiscount for $19.82 and another 1004 Dinnersave $19.82 and a third 0930 My Trainer $29.95. These were apparently imbedded in the original offer but I never saw them or order them. One of their customer service agents was very gracious and canceled/refunded the one charge, but I ran into a problem with the My Trainer as their customer service agents advised that was an "online" service and would not be refunded. I feel they are perpetrating a fraudulent business practice.

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  • On
    Online Customer Service Oct 19, 2009


    Our company represents some of the Fit Factory programs which may show on a billing statement as My Trainer. Fit Factory is a companion program that comes with various online health food or dietary supplements and I apologize for any misunderstanding that might have occurred when you purchased your product(s) online.

    Your post mentioned that you have already contacted Customer service. Our company strives to give the highest standard of quality customer service, and if you feel you were not treated fairly, or would like to discuss additional issues, please contact me directly at 435-773-1795, or you may email me at [email protected], and I will be happy to assist you with your concerns.

    If you are another customer reading this and you have tried customer service and feel that we have failed you, or you feel you were mistreated in any way, please call me directly and the number above, or the customer service email, and I will be happy to address your concerns ASAP.

    Online Customer Support

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Charges on my bank statement

I ordered the product on 8/2/09 and cancel the product on 8/11/09. In my Terms and conditions it stated that all I had to do was cancel and that would be the end of it. Then I checked my bank statement on 8/18/09 and there was a charge of $88.67. I called the company and they stated they changed there terms and condition policy to state that the empty bottle must be returned. I feel that I should not be charged after the fact. I followed the terms and conditions that I had because the company changed it afterwards I should not be penalized. I followed my directions as stated. I was not sent a new terms and conditions to sign off on or I would have saved the empty bottle to return it.

  • Do
    dorthy sumlin Sep 11, 2009

    i did not order the acaiberrytropic

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  • An
    Andrea0326 Sep 11, 2009

    Buyer beware when you get the “FREE” trial. The free trial is NOT FREE. If you don’t cancel within 14 days of the order you will be charged for the full amount of the so called free bottle you received. I actually received my bottle 2 days before the 14 day trial period was over so I had no opportunity to try the product before I was charged $88.64 for my first month membership. So buyer beware.

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  • An
    Anne Markham Oct 01, 2009

    don't ever buy product over the internet from this company..It's a total scam. They get your billing information charge you for free trial and bill your acct. for lproduct they don't ship. No ways to escalate problems. don't respond to emails or customer service calls!!Beware beware beware!!!

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  • Je
    Jennifer Stippich Nov 03, 2009

    dear berry topic,
    I called in to cancel my order before they took money out of my checking account. I asked the lady to cancel my order and asked if I made the trial date period. She informed me that the account was stopped and no money would be taken out. I have recieved my statement and the money was otto taken out of my checking. I would like to have you credit back my account. I was told no more money out and they still took money out. If and only if this is not credit back to my account I will have to talk to someone about this elligal action on my account. When you are told that this was stopped and still the company takes out the money. thank you account #5645545

    thank you for listening to my concern & hope that a full credit will be done. Jennifer Stippich

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  • Ke
    kerrymike Nov 05, 2009

    I thought I was only asking for the 30 day free trial. Alas, my charge card continues to be charged. I want it stopped and can't get a response from this company. Help.

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15 Day Free Trial Products

Free trials ordered. Did not even receive them during the 15 day trail time period. I thought the order had not processed at since so much time had gone by and nothing received. Free trial products finally arrived after 16 days (shipment was to have taken place in 3 - 5 days per their Terms & Conditions!) and I immediately called the customer service number to cancel any further shipments besides the free trial. I was given cancellations numbers and assured that nothing further had been or would be shipped. Nothing further has been received but my credit card has been billed for two products at over $80 each along w/Foreign Transaction fees. I am disputing in writing w/my credit card company and will pursue whatever is necessary to help stop this company and these apparently fraudulent business practices from continuing!

Bettye Bell-Daniel

I ordered what they indicated as a free trial bottle of Acai Berry Supreme for only the $5.95 cost of the...

didn't receive product

I ordered Oxi-Berry's free trial on 8/7/2009. They charged my Visa card on 8/8/2009. Today is
8/20/2009 and I haven't received the product yet. I have a 14 day free trial and after that they will start billing me $89.90 a month for future supplies. I DO NOT want this product to be sent to me now, I don't have enough time to try it an my free time will be over.

Thank you for your time.
Maryrose Bernier
1001 Old colony road, Unit 3-4
Meriden, CT 06451

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