Mr Priceshopping online

I purchased a few items online a few days ago. I got my items delivered and 1 item was short. There was nothing about the missing item, no notification, no nothing. I enquired about it. and then they forwarded me a gift voucher for the 1 item. Now i tried purchasing something else online with my voucher. I am AGAIN expected to pay another delivery!!! WHO'S FAULT IS IT THAT THE ITEM THAT I PAID FOR INITIALLY WAS NOT INCLUDED IN MY DELIVERY??????? I PAID FOR DELIVERY NOW I HAVE TO PAY AGAIN???? FOR YOUR INCOMPETENCE??????// WHO'S FAULT IS IT THAT YOU CAN'T GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME??????????????? SHOULD I NOW PAY DELIVERY TWICE??????? I AM NOT GOING TO SPEND MY PETROL TO GO TO MR PRICE TO USE THE VOUCHER!!! I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU SORT THIS OUT. THIS DELIVERY SHOULD BE ON MR PRICE SINCE IT'S THEIR FAULT!!!

Dec 26, 2014

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