Mr Price / MRP / lack of service and refunding at mr price home - kolenade retail park

Pretoria, ZA
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I returned some double gifts I received for my kitchen tea from a registry for which they gave me the amount value on a gift card in the beginning of October. Since then I haven't been to a Mr Price store and the gift card was locked away.

Today [protected]) when I went to the same store I received unacceptable service as the store claimed that the money on the gift card had already been used. I explained everything to them and the manager phoned head office to track the gift card number. Head office claimed that the gift card was used in Vredenburg. I have never been to Vredenburg in my entire life. How could I have used the gift card there?

The manager of the store said that they would look into the matter and give me feedback later today, as there is a possibility that the card may have been cloned. I did receive a call from Mr Price Home which asked whether I knew somebody with the surname Swart (that I presume used the gift card), but I don't. Since then I still haven't received any feedback. The manager of the store kept my details with the gift card, thus I can not provide its details.

I am extremely upset as I wanted to use the gift card today, but had to pay in the amount. The store is basically stealing R349.95 from me which I am expecting to get back. I do not want it in a gift card form as I do not want to buy anything from your store ever again and I did spend the amount today.

Please be so kind as to tell me what steps to take next.

Shani Jordaan

Dec 06, 2016

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