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I placed an order on the 4th of December online for store collection.
I paid the express delivery fee to ensure the item would be received on the 7th of December as I needed it for the morning of the 8th.
When I phoned on Friday morning I was told that the item was shipped but not at the store and that I would get a call back. By midday I had heard nothing, I phoned again, I was met with the same response from Eugene who was the service agent assisting me. I phoned again at 4pm to inquire and was told that he is waiting for the store to get back to him and he will phone me before 5. 5 came and went, I went past the store as I was making my way back home to the Norther suburbs and didn't want to be home to be told to turn around and drive back to the southern suburbs. At the store I was met by the manager who told me they were looking for the parcel but they haven't been able to find it as over 100 parcels were delivered. I waited while they checked the store room. The manager came back and told me my parcel was not there and that I shouldnt have come in if they didn't tell me to. I was upset because I paid extra for express delivery to get it on the 7th and told him that, his response was that it is not their fault, it's the couriers and that his hands are tied and there is nothing he can do to help me. I phoned Eugene again, he told me the same thing, his hands were tied and there was nothing he could do to help, i must just wait for my parcel even though I was promised delivery on the 7th. He said it will probably be delivered on the 8th, which was a day later. The 8th came and went, so did the 9th and on the 10th I phoned to as where it was. I was informed that ther person will look into the matter and call me back, no-one did. At midday I phoned again, I was told by another consultant that my item was only shipped on the 7th and will probably be with me on the 13th. When I told her the order was supposed to be delivered on the 7th already she told me that Eugene has been assigned to the case and that he will phone me back. He phoned me just before three in the afternoon to tell me the items are at store for pick up. When i complained and said that I want a refund of my express delivery because it was supposed too arrive on the 7th Eugene told me that the shipment is actually only a day late according to them and that the refund will only be for about R10, do I want that? This is ridiculous, not once was I offered any help other than Eugene phoning the store, not once was I offered a solution to the problem or at the very least an apology for the inconvenience caused.
Eugene and the manager at Mr Price Blue Route offered me ZERO customer service. My online purchases will no longer be made through Mr Price! I am utterly disappointed in your disgusting customer service.

Dec 10, 2018

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