Mr Price Group / MRP / mrp mobile after sale service

Durban, South Africa

I entered into a cellphone contract with mrp mobile. The device i received had problems the first week I used it. I phoned to have the device replaced but I was told that it can't be replaced without it being assessed. I accepted the explanation and requested a loan unit as I am unable to sustain my work ethic without a cellular device. I requested a senior member to contact me as soon as possible. No one phoned me back. I phoned again because a courier company contacted me to collect my telephone. Again I was told the same story. I am utterly disgusted with the way my situation was handled. Where are my rights as a consumer? The phone has serious software problems but I am being told to go without a device for three to four weeks. Why was all this not explained in the sales pitch. Where are the promises of excellent service your company will provide?

Jun 20, 2017

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