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I am so sick of having to deal with Mediacom. Everytime I call I get a different answer and a different price. Usually the person on the other end has no idea what they are talking about. I live in an apartment complex and Mediacom is the only cable/internet/phone provider we are able to have. I either use Mediacom or I don't get cable or internet at all. I have a friend who lives here and she basically called and called until she got the answer she wanted. She gets internet, and cable plus movie channels and pays $30 less than I do. I don't even get movie channels. Other people I have talked to here tell me they get movie channels and are paying less than I am.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Waterloo, IA I know Mediacom has different package deals at different times but it's not fair that some of us get completely screwed over. Another person I work with lives at this apartment complex and when she moved here Mediacom was telling her that they don't provide service to our apartment complex. She called back, talked to someone else, and got hooked up with Mediacom. After her Mediacom was installed she got a call back from the previous person confirming to her that Mediacom could not come to our apartment complex. If you even slightly disagree with what Mediacom says they snap at you and get very rude. I feel like I'm at a total loss. Mediacom can pretty much do whatever they want at this point.

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      Sep 09, 2008

    Package deal prices do change from month to month, and year to year. Sorry, that's just the way the business is, no matter what cable/internet provider you go with. You may pay more than your neighbor, simply because the company had a "special offer" going on, when he or she signed up, that is not available now, but may be available later--to new customers, usually. Them's the breaks, I'm afraid. You could just wait until a one of these deals comes along, or ask if they have any "special offers."

    As far as the customer service complaint, that is something you should take up, either with your state's public service commission, or your state's attorney general's office--or both, if you feel strongly enough about. Let's face it: the only way to solve your issues, is to start the ball rolling yourself...which you began with this website...up to you whether you want to follow through or not.

    Also, some phone companies offer internet service...and you are NOT forced to choose only one internet provider, in most cases, as long as you have a phone line. If Mediacom is telling you this, they MAY be lying, and IF they are, they are probably breaking a state or national law.

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