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ClearWire Customer Service



Dept. CH 14365
United States - 60055-4365

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Telecommunications operator of mobile and fixed wireless broadband communications services.

ClearWire Complaints & Reviews

Clearwire / Phone & Internet service

mela540 on Jul 9, 2012

I got Clear about a year and a half ago. At first everythoing worked OK. Then about 2 months later we started having issues. If we were not in thoe same room with the modem we would have spotty Internet connection at best. 4 months later we moved 2 miles away, and our Internet service ha...

Clearwire / Really bad service

Darleny on Feb 1, 2012

This is just so frustrating. I get home everyday at 7pm and my download speed is between 0.01Mb/s - 0.20Mb/s. Anybody who know about internet know that with that kind of speed it takes you about 5 minutes just to open a single page. I've called them so many times asking them why if...

Clearwire / Fraud

pissedoff1234 on Dec 20, 2011

I called Clear on 12/19/11 to inquire about internet offer that was advertised online. I explained to the sales rep i was interested in the $35.00 offer. He explained the monthly fee and there were no hidden fees or costs he just needs my credit card info to get started. I then proceeded...

Clearwire / Clear / Broken Modem- they don't care

DWhirls on May 29, 2011

Whatever you do don't get Clearwire as you Internet Service Provider. Not only have I had poor signal forever but my modem broke on Thursday. I called customer service 4 times explaining the issue over politely trying to get them to switch out my modem. There are 2 Clear stores in my...

Clearwire / por service/cancellation tactics


Buyer Beware. Once you enter into a Clear Channel TOS agreement, you will not be let out without cancellation fees no matter how bad your service is or how many times you call them. They will offer up a million excuses and blame the problem on YOU even though the problem is "clearly"...

Clearwire / refund of activation fee


I agreed to sign up for their wireless broadband service on the condition that the $35 activation fee be waived. After checking with his supervisor the salesperson said I would be billed for the activation but then have it refunded to me in the form of a gift card. Two months have passed...

Clearwire Internet / Authorized charges to a card not on file and refuses to refund me after I cancelled and sent equipment back

Clearwire scammed me and my personal injury is financial and distressed. I cancelled services with Clearwire on Sept 4, 2009. they charged me $205 to cancel early. Reason for cancelling, I was lied to and charged a different amount. My regular service fee is $35 a month. The credit card...

Clearwire Communications / overcharging and harassment

I didn't realize I was signing up for 2 years. Then, if you miss a payment, they call you and speak to you 3 and 4 times a day. This is harassment and illegal as far as I know.

Clearwire / Won't cancel service and submits us to debt collector

Please pass this on. Clearwire must suffer the consequences of their nasty, dirty and disgusting actions. Please pass this on to as many people as you can - don't let anyone ever fall into their trap again! We were Clearwire customers for 4-5 months when suddenly due to my...

Clearwire / cancellation problems

In August of 2008 I had enough of paying clearwire for "High-Speed" internet that was not high-speed, so I started using anopther better provider for a lower cost. I called clearwire and asked them to cancel my service. They indicated they would, no problem, (I had been a customer for over...

Clearwire / Scam, Fraud


I moved 10 miles and cannot get clearwire service. I was told verbally my entire valley was covered. Now they want me to pay early cancellation fee or $165. This is a complete scam. I was lied to. I talked to their account services dept who told me to run an ad in Craigslist to find...

Clearwire / Horrible, horrible service and they don't care


A year and a half of Hell. We wanted out of our contract early on because our service was inconsistent. Then we swtiched our phone service to Vonage not realizing that inconsistant internet service would mean horrible phone service. Our fax machine would not work. Vonage did us right. Good...

Clearwire / PC Card / Hidden charges

Please be aware of hidden charges! I cancelled my service due to inability to use a wireless PC Card outside the city (they do not offer coverage in majority of Texas), and agreed to the early cancelation fee ($200). I cancelled the service on August 6th, and I was charged for another...

Clearwire / Refused to Cancel Service

I had clearwire for 2 years, thats the contracted time. Service was marginal at best as I was on the fringes of their tower area. A month after the contract was up, I took the box back to the place where I originally signed up. They informed me that they no longer did business with...

Clearwire / Clearwire Deceptive Practice

I subscribed to Clearwire Wireless Internet service in February 2008. There was trouble from the getgo. First, I could not receive a strong enough signal to access the internet. I had bundled the account with a Wireless PC Card to use with my laptop for onthego computing. The two year...

Clearwire Wireless Broadband Internet / Deceptive business practices!


Clearwire - After 16 months with Clearwire I tried to cancel my service they told me I had to pay for early cancellation fees. I informed them I had already kept it for a year like I had signed up for, they told me that since I had not cancelled on my anniversary date they...

Clearwire / Lease is completed - won't cancel!

I completed my lease, per terms of service in spite of speed below dial up during 1/2 of one-year contract, multiple service interruptions (that were not documented in spite of my reports), difficulty in getting a truck roll, rude and condescending customer service representative...

Clearwire / Clearwire believes World Of Warcraft is abuse of their system!

I signed up for Clearwire 6 months ago. A month ago my friend invited me to play WOW. I purchased the game and began playing. The game bogged down and the connection speed was worse than dial up service. I called to speak with Clearwire and was informed that they don't support...

Clearwire / Worst experience ever!

I have read several of the complaints here and else where on the net. It appears as if I am not the only one having issues with Clearwire. I saw one post discussing lies to investors, I have no doubt that is true. I do not invest but if I did it sure would not be in Clearwire. I wish I...

Clearwire / Unfair billing practices

I have been a Clearwire customer for almost a year now and I have been happy with the service. Recently, my apartment was burglarized and in addition to having my personal things taken, my Clearwire modem was also stolen. I called the company and asked them what I should do. The first...