McDonald'sslow, rude, food subpar

L Nov 22, 2017

We went to the McDonald's on Turner Hill in Lithonia/Stone Mountain. The woman on the register was professional, nice. We were ticket 322. The order was a steak egg bagel, sausage egg mcmuffin. It took about 17 minutes to get our full order. The woman fulfilling the orders was plain mean.

We asked for an upgrade to large on the orange juice. She made me feel like she was punishing me for not ordering at the beginning. "You are going to have to wait for that." She proceeded to get other orders ready. I didnt have a problem waiting, but her attitude was abrasive, cold, unfriendly. We waited again. We noticed we didn't have the jelly, or the peppermint mocha. We asked for that, no apologies, she just proceeded to make the mocha. She handed the peppermint mocha in silence. My husband asked for the orange juice. She finally prepares that. Hands it to him, again, silence. She was overwhelmed, but, a quick sorry for your wait, or a thank you would have gone a long way.

I understand being busy, but we waited a total of 30 minutes for a simple order. The staff was not accommodating. You could tell this was their normal way of handling the customers. It was backed up. Obvious there needs to be more staff.

We get to the car, I tasted the orange juice and could literally taste the tap water in that juice. The juice had no ice in it, but was completely watered down. My egg yoke was runny in the sausage mcmuffin. I have NEVER had McDonald's food taste this bad. I will never eat here again. Ever.

This McDonald's is not a good representation for your company. The habit of treating customers bad is not a good look.

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