McDonald's / sausage mcmuffin bread molded😡

Humble, TX, United States

Store #29160
8425 FM 1960 WEST
Humble, Texas 77338
Time: 10:05 A.M.

I went to McDonald's & bought a medium orange juice & a sausage McMuffin. Just as I flip the bread over to put jelly on it, I discovered the bread was molded in the corner. I asked for a manager at the 1st drive through window & the cashier told me she was the manager. I showed her the sandwich & she called a worker to look at it & then she replied to me, " I will look at the rest of the bread, because if this one is molded then there are others. She asked me did I still want the orange & refunded me 1.07 with a dry nonchalant apology. I will NEVER eat there again. Food poisoning is real. 😡


Oct 18, 2018

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