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South Australia, AU Review updated:

Hi, I frequently visit the drive through at McDonalds at Happy Valley in South Australia and every time there is either a product not available because the machine is broken, or we dont receive the food we ordered. Sometimes the burgers look like they have been thrown into the box and one visit the burger we ordered only had half a bun on the top! I would think any person making this burger would realise that half a roll just does not make a burger. We can never get the full menu we order because either the soft serve machine is broken or the freezee maching is in defrost, it is always something not working. This is not just a one off problem as I said I would visit this restaurant at least twice a week on the way home from sport, etc usually on a Thursday night which is when most of the problems have been occurring. Just today for example I went through the drive through and wanted sundaes and soft serves, the machine was not operating, I got home and my seared sweet chilli wrap was a crispy ceasar wrap. The chicken was dry and cold and I was extemely annoyed, again! Please can you do something about the quality of food coming from this restaurant and ask why these machines are continually breaking down.

Thanking you,

A Reynolds

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  • Pu
      Sep 07, 2009

    If you want good service and good quality, go to a quality restaurant. What were you expecting from McDonalds? Also, I find myself struggling to understand why you continually go to a restaurant where machines are constantly broken, they're mixing up your orders or giving you bad quality food. Surely there's some other fast food resturants in your area that would get you fat just as quickly?

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  • Fr
      Sep 07, 2009

    McDonalds here in Canada just as bad they never get orders right and the food such as the hamburg patties look like they already been eaten and thrown up. I GOTTEN REALLY SICK ONE TIME FROM EATING THERE AND NO LONGER GO TO ANY MCDONADS CRAP FOOD RESTAURANT ANYMORE!!

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  • An
      Sep 07, 2009

    you could try presenting the specific mcdonalds with a copy of this letter and say hey...what are you going to do about it? with an owner or manager

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  •   Nov 19, 2010

    I Really think that Mcdonald's Is Really Going to Waist .Everytime i gO tO M.donalds There either Ghetto Or Talking to each other while i wait . Mc.donalds Isnt' Really A fast Food Resturant To Me ! If You Wait Thay Can At Least Give You A Nother Food Product For Waiting So Long . Mc.donalds On Larimie And Chicago Avenue Is Trashy Careless And A Hot Mess . They Work On The Drive Through More Than The Inside Counter . Evertime I Go To This Same Mc.donalds Im Late For School Thats Really bad Service .The Goverment needs To Get New Workers At Mc.donalds And Stop All The Bad Service Before Mc.donalds Get's No Service At All .Im Begging Plese Do Something About This Bad Service .

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