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Mcdonalds Restaurant / terrible experience

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:
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I received an order from the drivethru at Mcdonald's and proceeded to pull into a stall on their property. An employee was picking up garbage just seconds prior in that same particular stall I had just pulled into when I heard a loud, crunching noise under my tires. I had said to myself "That didn't sound good!" Then I turned off the engine and as I went to step out of the car I slipped on some glass from a bottle and lost my balance and slammed my shoulder into the car and injuring myself. I approached the employee cleaning the grounds and asked her why she had not cleaned it up or at least put something there to warn others. She claimed she wasn't aware of it yet she had just stood in that stall moments ago... only seconds prior!! Then I went to assess the damage and sure enough, there was a thick piece of green glass embedded in my tire. I pulled it out and proceeded to walk into the restaurant and asked for the manager and a young girl from behind counter replied "I'm the manager" I asked her if they have someone responsible for maintaining their property, she said yes and I had asked her when was the last time someone did their job because I just ran over some glass (evidence in hand) and now I may have a flat by tomorrow and I want to know if someone can clean it up because I have to back out and I prefer not to run over it again. There was large pieces and small crushed pieces under my tires which I tried to brush away with my feet. No one came out for a solid 7 mins when I walked back in and asked the manager "what's going on?" she said she wasn't going to pick glass out of my tires... 2 other employees behind her with their backs turned to me were laughing and whispering. I was angry and humiliated at this point when I said "Are you kidding me...do you think this is a joke? I directed this to the 2 employees and the manager then I told them they have wasted enough of my time and patience and I would appreciate someone cleaning up the glass. As I stood at the door that lead to behind the counter, thinking someone was coming out... the first employee I had an encounter with, approached the door and told me to leave and I told her I would file a complaint with their corporate head office if this situation wasn't rectified. She said she would tell them I was drunk... meanwhile I have a coffee order in the car getting cold as this drama unfolds. I can honestly say I was not drinking and I didn't appreciate this comment or behavior... I work with the public in a professional manner and I so choose the same respect from other people. I then left after brushing away the glass with a paper bag. The service I received was unacceptable and disrespectful.


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  30th of Jun, 2011
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This morning June 29, 2011 I entered the local Mcdonalds in The Pas placed an order to be consumed in the restraunt and when I received it I had to point out mistakes in the order to the employee and then it was still wrong and also it was packed as a takeout order. Next My wife had to ask if a table could be cleaned and returned to the counter a few mins later to ask for a cloth to do the job her self. Also while the employees were friendly enough they seem not to know what they were doing as they went from one side of the work area to the other their movements were very slow as if they did not know what they were to do next. I also witnessed an employee sweeping the floor and appeared not to know how to hold the broom to do the job efficently again apparently not knowing how to do her job. to sum up with the recent changes to the reseraunt and the experience I had today I am not sure I will return to this business again. If these employees were working for me they would no longer have a job.
  11th of May, 2013
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I find it inappropriate to a McDonald's employee wearing an obvious hijab. It is offensive and makes the customer feel that McDonald's is shoving Islam down our throats especially in the atmosphere of the global world where Islam is oppressing women and people of other religions, while killing those who won't "submit" to their religion. We are deeply offended. I don't think you would allow an employee to wear a big glossy cross around their neck. Have her obey the same rules as everyone else or get a job elsewhere. We are tired of the global propaganda of islamaphobia while muslims allow nothing for non-muslims.
  5th of Sep, 2013
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Faye Hodge
It is her religion and her job. So grow up its not like she is forcing you to wear one. And I wore a big glossy cross at the McDonald's where I had worked. If you feel that it is inappropriate and offensived then don't go to the mcdonalds. Have a great day

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