McDonald'sreally bad customer service.

S Nov 18, 2017

I went through the drive thru tonight and ordered 3 McDoubles plain. I went to the first window, paid, and proceeded to the second window. The lady at the second window started to hand me a coffee. I said it was not mine. She asked what I gad, when I told her she said I needed to order at the menu and slammed the window in my face. So somewhere between window 1 and 2 they lost my order. Free knocking on the window for a few minutes she opened it. I told her I already ordered and paid showed her my receipt. She shut the window walked the anothe lady. After about another 5 minuets she opens the window to tell me that I am backing up the drive thru and other people are waiting for their orders and that I needed to park as if this was all somehow my fault. Already annoyed and insulted at this point I refused to move until I got my food. She turns back to her manager and said "this stupid [censor] refused to park". Which the manager replies "what a [censor]". With the window wide open. I was very polite up until the squared scolding my like a child because their drive thru was backed up. Where did good customer service go???

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