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This is an email I sent to McDonalds a few days ago...after reading the wonderful experiences everyone else has been having at McDonalds I guess I won't be getting a refund. At least I am not alone and its not in any one part of the country.

I stopped at the location on the way to work as they are usually very fast and I thought I could get a good meal to eat on the way to work. When I got to the 2nd window the cashier asked me if I would pull forward as my order was not ready. I attempted to explain to her that I could not as I was on my way to work and I had to go. (Pulling forward and waiting is normally fine, but I would've been late to work if I had done so in this case.)
I asked for a refund to which she replied someone was making the sandwich I ordered.
How can you ask me to pull forward and then say the sandwich is being made?

Why could I not just get a refund? I work in food also and understand that things happen at times, but I also understand when a customer asks for a refund you give the customer a refund.

I did keep the tea that was supposed to come with the Mushroom Swiss Burger combo which I did not get...but I don't think your tea is worth the $6.15 I paid for some fries and a burger I did not get.

Why could I just not get a refund?
You don't have an all sales final sign up.
I did not even get a receipt so you will probably ignore this email anyways...I just wanted to let someone know about my experience and at least make an attempt to get a refund.

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  • El
      Jan 06, 2010

    Did you know that all you have to do is call the 1-800 number on the cup and file a complaint. All you have to do is tell them that they did not provide you with a receipt. And they will contact the owner or the G.M. And that's all you have to do. I have done that plenty of times.

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