McDonald'sdrive thru

D Nov 23, 2017

I ordered 2 double cheese burgers value fries and a chicken sandwich I asked extra pickle I stated o would pay extra because when I ask for extra they only give you one pickle extra and then I I ordered a caramel mocha iced small $2 iced coffee the employee he's not know what I was talking about tried to charge me over $3 and then I asked for extra caramel for tell me to be over $4 but he had no knowledge it all really when I talk to the manager he can just remember $2 one and he did get it for me but what if I return them the girl the girl Hello very rudely the spectacular Dallas particular I don't have to go to I go to the other one on the other side of my town because the customer service at night is terrible not friendly don't smell never want to go out of their way besides the fact 8:30 I go there for ice cream and the machine is down for the night they do that quite a bit because they want to close and get out of there but if you're open till 11 she serve everything till 11 but they don't seem to be a very big problem there

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