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Hello i am writing to complain about the quality of customer service concerning the lift at your Grafton store. My mum and i were passing through Grafton on the 20/9/2017 on our way to visit family and we stopped to get a coffee now as my mum is an amputee and had and artificial leg she is unable to walk the stairs so we used the lift to go up which was all fine going up but after receiving our coffee (which was luke warm i will add) we proceeded to use the lift to go down but on pressing the intercom to activate the button to go down nothing happened we did this 3 times before my mum walked into store and spoke a staff memeber stating the lift intercom button didnt seem to working they claimed they didnt here it so we pressed it a few more times with still nothing we waited again for staff member to see to us and still noone came to help us all this as they saw my mum and i standing outside the lift waiting i thought it was rude after telling them it wasnt working you really think someone would come out to see what the issue was and fix so my mum with her disability had to end up walking down your numerous amount of stairs which i find very disgraceful what is the sense having a lift if it is only going to work to go up and not down i am utterly appalled at the lack of consideration your staff gave to my mum especially after she went in and told them it wasnt working and yet still had to end up walking down those stairs and the numerous of rude people who just pushed passed my mother even though it was clear she had a walking stick but if your lift was functioning correctly that would never have been the issue and my mother would have never had to walk those stairs ...

Sep 20, 2017
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  • Nv
      Sep 20, 2017

    You seem like an angry person. Perhaps you mom is an amputee, and disabled because you beat her up so badly that they had to amputate her? Also if the elevators/lifts are down that is out of their control. Throwing a temper tantrum like some child is not going to solve anything.

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