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On sunday 1/2/2015 I was at work and had my lunch break. I went to Macdonald Whitford store as I work at Whitford I placed my order for a Grill chicken wrap meal large my number was 122 and I waited for 30 minutes and I didn't have my order I asked them where it was and they then told me they had given it to someone else the manager then came forward and told me it was being made now, after waiting for a long time I got my order had my lunch and on returning from lunch my boss of big w was waiting outside the front of the store and ripped hell out of me because I was 10 minutes late back I explained to her the reason why and she said she didn't care. This has happened way too many times at this store and their store is very much a health hygiene risk and they don't clean it up at all leaving the floors at the front counter wet dirty and dangerous to customers, the staff are rude and abusive and I have complained many times to management yet nothing gets done to change anything in my complaint. Something needs to be done asap including the health department to go out.

Feb 01, 2015
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  • Ve
      Nov 04, 2007
    MacDonalds - Drivethrough service!
    New Zealand

    Every time I use the drivethrough at the Blenheim I get the wrong order I just don't see why they can't get it right, I've been there 3 times this month and they have gotten my order wrong everytime. From now on I will go in and make sure I get what I ordered which I shouldn't have to do.

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  • Ad
      May 06, 2008

    i go to macdonalds on south street o'connor western australia early morning (2.30am) the food is meant to be cooked fresh but every time i go there there is always something wrong i even ask for the food to be fresh i will wait. i do complain but it still happen please do something its the only thing open at that time and us night shift workers need to eat.

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  • Li
      Sep 21, 2008
    MacDonalds - messed up orders
    United States

    They never ever give me straws when i get drinks. There is always some item missing from my order they are rude and totally unproffesional it is sad

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  • Bi
      Sep 28, 2008

    What is sad is that you keep going back

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  • Bi
      Sep 28, 2008

    Only lazy people use the drive thru.

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  • Ja
      Apr 05, 2009
    MacDonalds - coffee price
    Tweed Heads
    New South Wales

    I would like to know why a takeaway flat white coffee is $3.15 at Tweed Heads and $2.80 at Runaway Bay Qld.

    Jan Carroll

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  • Fw
      Apr 13, 2009

    McDonald's restaurants are franchises. Because of this, prices may vary from store to store.

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  • Ch
      Jan 07, 2012
    MacDonalds - store decor
    United States

    the seat cushions in the rest are discussting they are all ripped with all the guts of the cushions sticking out it is inpossible to sit anywhere that does not have a rip in the seats they are really disccusting i worked in rest for 33 years and my cushions never looked that bad what is the problem in getting them fixed i am not sending a photo because as a company you should send a representitive out and see what the problem is

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  • Le
      Mar 09, 2012
    MacDonalds - service and not getting what I paid for
    England, West Sussex
    United Kingdom

    After waiting for ten minutes for my meal (because the staff seemed to have an aversion to moving any faster than a tortoise with a broken leg), my hash brown was missing and my breakfast wrap looked like it had been hit by a heavily laden double decker bus.

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