McDonald's / bad service

Whiting, IN, United States

10/28/2018 restaurant number 4041

This is my local Mcdonald's and having been going there for as long as I can remember.

I'm very disappointed with my recent visit!!! I go thur the drive thur I place my order at 5:10 pm and get to the window and pay sit there another 10min as there are cars in front also waiting. Get to the next window and sit for another window waiting for my order. I see my drinks inside but nobody comes to the window so I flag a worker and he comes to the window and I ask whats going on with my order and he just said they are working on it. So now I'm very mad, he then tells me to pull in the waiting spot cause the car behind me his order is ready. REALLY!!!
'So I park and go inside and they are just getting my order ready mind you they didn't even give me my drinks when I Pulled to the pick up window. Time when I enter the building was 5:35. While I'm inside their is about 10 employees standing around as if there isn't 10 cars sitting in the drive thru!!!
I get my order and head home. I get home and open my bags and have burnt fries and the burgers buns are hard. worst service I've had here at my local Mcdonald's
Whiting IN. 1822 Indianapolis Blvd

I will not be returning to this establishment!
Thank you

Oct 28, 2018

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