McAfee / breaking a contract, unlawful usage of my bank details

12 calvay Pl, United Kingdom

Celestine Kendrick ... My last correspondence was hasty I admit, however… I have seriously thought over what has taken place since 7th August 2018. I have come to three conclusions.


"Don't pee down my leg and tell me it's raining". You, and McAfee have cost me grave concern, as to my security, plus apprehension, plus a great deal of time and money trying to have proper compensation for the unlawful travesty, caused by McAfee, and you, over this period.


Your company broke so many rules of security, details of accounts secure and protected and down right theft. If compensation has not been placed into my account by midnight 13th February, we will gather and collect our life savings… hire a lawyer, take to court, McAfee and YOU, for criminal misconduct. I have been informed it will be expensive, but I cannot accept you and McAfee's felonious conduct


If, as you say my payment for your companies illicit actions which is actually compensation for your theft, is not in my account, by midnight, 13th February, 2019... then a Valentine communication will be sent with, all your Emails, of your appalling smug behaviour, dishonesty and lies, delivered my email and letter, to every internet outlet, every available British newspaper, television, radio company, Amazon and all McAfee outlets.

This whole affair, and your behaviour has been appalling

Sadly Peter Howden

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    The misery of a lone bus traveller Celestine Kendrick

    You are peeing down my leg again Sir…you think I came down the Clyde in a banana boat, .

    Your company have had my details since the moment I purchased your wares. Since then your company broke the privacy laws, broke our contract, unlawfully used my bank details to snip money out of my account, fanatically denied any wrong doing until I presented the evidence four weeks later, then swift as lightning, replaced the stolen money, promised recompense, then stalled with utter lies, FOR THREE MONTHS with excuses of not knowing my account details.

    MAY I REMIND YOU…. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT… IS OF YOUR COMPANIES MAKING...NOT MINE... by constantly cheating, unceasingly deceitful, to elderly pensioners…disabled couple, my wife has chronic kidney disease, and I have Cerebral Palsy… The ball is in your court…until midnight 13TH February.

    You are a con man sir

    Mr Peter Howden

  • Updated by peter Howden, Feb 15, 2019

    My complaints are simple, McAfee, without my permission, unlawfully invaded my credit card particulars to defraud my account to withdraw a illicit sum of money.

    McAfee incorrectly, without warning or right, halted provided protection which led to my computer being infested with internet viruses…without explanation.

    McAfee made a small catalogue of errors unknown to me.

    Representing McAfee, your explication of supposed Emails sent with the wrong Email address, unknown to your company …was at best poppycock, because a ‘Delivery Status Notification' would be sent back almost immediately.

    Your company have caused undue hardship, and stress plus beyond even your imagination.

    All I wish for is my moneys returned…Plus a decent level of compensation for breaking the privacy laws and deliberately illegally steal moneys from my account.

    If your company ‘dilly/ dally' over their induced kerfuffle…I will take legal advice which will motion lawful actions which cannot, or will not… be halted

    Extremely Angry

    Peter Howden

Feb 14, 2019

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