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Maytag / French Door Refrigerator / problems with the ice maker!

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I bought my maytag ice2o French door refrigerator from home depot 8 mos ago. Loved it when I got it, but soon after had problems with the ice maker. They replaced the ice maker. Now the ice maker is still having problems. Its not strong enough to break up all the ice. The ice cubes freeze in big blocks causing the system to clog. Last night the thing took on a mind of its own. All the lights are flashing on the control panel, the ice and water maker don't work at all. The flap is constantly opening and closing all on its own, constantly making a clicking noise all night long. Finally we had to unplug it so we could get 4 hours sleep. Plug it in this morning and its still doing it. My biggest concern is what happens after the warranty runs out. I already know this thing has mechanical problems. Did I get a lemon or is it junk?? Either way I'm stuck with a $2,800 refrigerator that seems like it has bad engineering.

  • Maytag Customer Care's Response, Mar 31, 2017

    Dear Valerie: We are sorry to hear of the issue that you are experiencing with your Refrigerator.
    We would be happy to look into this matter. If you could email us at with your name, phone number, and address along with the model and serial number of the Refrigerator.

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  • Kr
      9th of Apr, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I'm the newest member of your club! Wish I weren't. My lovely Ice20 is out of service with the exact same problem as stated above!!!! I've been without any fridge at all for over a week now. I have 5 kids and no food. Sears wouldn't hurry shipping up because they said "it wasn't a matter of life or death", as put by Dave in Arizona.

    I paid $3200 for mine with the extended warranty. OUCH!!!

    I hope this doesn't happen again.

  • Da
      7th of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes

    We are having similar problems with the icemaker. We had a new one put in only two months after we installed ours. Now we've had ours 13 months and are now having the problem with the circuit board and the lights are flashing and the flap is opening and closing all the time. We have a repair man coming over tomorrow morning and now I'm dreading what they will say. I just want this fixed right away and now I'm not sure that will happen. I'm beginning to think that Maytag has put out a bad product and we may always have trouble with it.

  • Jl
      24th of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes

    We are having the very same problem with our ice20 Maytage refrigerator. All the lights are blinking ice door flap popping , no ice making, not water dispensing and the temp in the fridge and the freezer is off. We purchased in 2006. It is a few months out of warranty. I haven't contacted my dealer with problem since this happened on Saturday evening (dealer closed). I will contact on Monday . I will post what happens. I am interested in what the fix is!

  • Ka
      28th of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Wish I had known some of this info before I purchased my Ice2O Maytag 8 months ago. Thankfully we haven't experienced all the flashing lights that some of you talk about, but I consider all your comments a real heads up!! We have a slightly different problem, actually two. Our ice dispenser throws ice cubes everywhere except in the glass and they come out in "herds" all over the floor! Additionally, we cannot keep anything on the upper shelf next to the icemaker unit unless we want it FROZEN. It freezes, tea, juice, yogurt, EVERYTHING. Two service calls have not fixed the problem. Today the Maytag phone rep asked if I had thought about not keeping anything near the little vent on the icemaker. Well DUH!!! I'm sure glad I called her! I feel so ripped off! For $2400 I should be able to store food ANYWHERE in fridge without it freezing, and I don't think we should have to pick up ice cubes off the floor!!! It doesn't make enough as it is, without half of them be wasted. Wonder what the NEXT repair person will say on July 3!!!

  • Ju
      3rd of Jul, 2007
    +1 Votes

    For almost 2 weeks all we've heard is that stupid flapping noise and clicking. When I bought this H2 dud it was for the kitchen of my dreams. Man what a nightmare!!! I also purchased an extended warranty from Sears. May be they will get it fixed by July 2009 when the service contract runs out. It has already taken 2 weeks to get a service man out here. Guess it will be another month or more waiting for a part. If I had this to do over I certainly WOULD NOT buy anything Maytag. I'm all for a class action suit.

  • Pa
      8th of Jul, 2007
    +1 Votes

    The front panel on our 15-month-old Maytag Ice20 just started blinking and the ice chute cover flapping this evening - how annoying. We had problems with the ice maker shortly after we purchased the unit and that was taken care of fairly promptly.

    However, after reading through all of these posts, I don't think this problem will be taken care of as quickly. Unfortunately my husband or I are not electronically-inclined to be able to attempt to fix it ourselves, so we're at the mercy of the repair people.

    I'll never buy another Maytag product either - at least not a refrigerator! Plus in the store it looked like it was going to have all sorts of room in it - not so in real life. We're very unhappy with the blinking, flapping unit!

  • Lo
      10th of Aug, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Same problems as everyone else! Fridge is 13 mos. old. While under warranty, had the icemaker replaced THREE times. The amount of ice it makes is pitiful. At 4:00 this morning clacker flapping and lights flashing! Repairman is supposed to come this afternoon, has the part in stock, seemed very familiar with the problem! This will cost almost $400. Besides all the major problems, this fridge is designed very poorly. Water dribbles down door everytime dispenser is used, whatever is on the shelf next to icemaker freezes, food on shelves is hard to locate. And how about the design of those doors! If you just want to open the left door you run the risk of not having it close properly. If it's only slightly ajar, the door alarm won't sense it. And doesn't it seem strange that a door alarm is even needed? This refrigerator is truly a piece of expensive junk; shame on Maytag for continuing to sell them and for not taking care of their customers. We will not buy Maytag again.

  • St
      12th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Just fixed mine using this web site.

    Very easy to do with no skills at all. Cost me about $22.00

  • Fr
      17th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    History of Icemaker problems on our Maytag French Door refrigerator, MFX2571 XEM1.
    Purchased on January 2011 at Home Depot, with extended warranty.
    Installed by a Professional Licensed Contractor.
    During the first year of purchase, under Manufacturer warranty, we started to have problems with the ice maker. When selecting crushed ice, only cubes came out. Called the warranty number and made an appointment for a check of the ice maker.
    On October 2011, the service technician showed up and did the following:
    Showed me why only ice cubes and not crushed ice was being dispensed.
    Why the buildup in ice had caused the rod to the auger to jam up.
    He hinted that this was an ongoing problem with the icemaker.
    He suggested that I check the icemaker tray weekly to make sure that the ice would not build up in the tray.
    Easier said than done. I lived with the problem until I called the extended warranty for the continual problems with the icemaker of ice still building up in the tray.
    On September 20, 2012 the technician showed up and basically said the same thing as the previous tech. I showed him in the manual where it said that icemaker had an automatic shutoff that would prevent the buildup of ice on the ice tray. I can understand his lack of response since that was not his problem but Maytag’s problem since the automatic shutoff was not functioning. On the following month we had another problem not related to the icemaker that needed servicing. Ice was building up under the lower freezer drawer. He showed me why the problem existed and how to correct it. At the same time I renewed the conversation about the icemaker problems. He was sympathetic but said he could not do anything about it.

    So I googled the internet for Information on the Maytag Refrigerator’s icemaker problems.
    Lots of problems with the ice2o model. Glad I have not experienced any of the noted problems.
    So what to do next? I called the manufacturer 800 number to discuss the problem and what were they doing about it. The 800 number is a Whirlpool number (800-253 1301) and selected the service choice. I explained to the Gentleman of my problems with the icemaker
    Specifically I detailed the following to him:
    Before proceeding, if anyone purchased a Whirlpool product and registered it with them, they would call up you history from your phone number indicated on the registration of your product (800 numbers will display the caller number).
    Date of purchase
    History of service calls
    Problems with icemaker
    Quoted from Maytag manual the item on automatic shutoff of ice maker on ice
    buildups. I indicated that when the technician showed me the where the physical portion of the sensor was, I concluded that it was not designed properly to be effective.
    When I asked him what the procedure was to document my noted problems and what could be done to fix the problems. He said he would create a file with an ID and forward it to the Review Board. When enough complains were received on the subject, they would review it and take action. Not to my liking, so I am requesting anyone with a similar problem contact the 800 number and get a file number of incident so hopefully enough complaints are registered to correct the noted icemaker problems.
    If not, other options can and will be pursued.
    Fred from HB

  • Ga
      10th of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Wow, looks like I am not the only one with this problem, found my MFI2568AES Maytag refrigerator doing this when I got home from work last night, lights blinking on the front panel and the ice chute opening and closing continuously. Tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and the problem was still there. With all these complaints on the same problem with these model refrigerators you would think a recall or fix would have been sent out from Maytag. This is my second Maytag french door refrigerator (the first one quit working all together) and I don't think my next one will be a Maytag product because of the consistent problems I keep reading about on this board.

  • Su
      26th of Jul, 2007
    +1 Votes
    Maytag / French Door Refrigerator - Extended warranty!
    United States

    I have read the horror stories and am now very concerned and want to get an extended warranty. Many have referenced the ice maker in the door. My refrigerator (MAYTAG 25 CU FT MODEL MFD2561HES) has the water INSIDE the left door and the ice in the bottom drawer freezer. Is my machine a totally different model than the "problem child" many of you are talking about?

    I haven't had any problems yet except it is sometimes noisy.

    Can anyone recommend a good extended warranty service? I have GE PROFILE for the other appliances. I got a web quote on the web for the GE Extended warranty for a "side-by-side" refrigerator for 4 years is $496.62. Doesn't that seem high??

  • Ye
      3rd of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Looks like Maytag knew about this board problem. We all need to write to the Attorney General. Maytag refused to fix mine for free. They have lost me as a customer.

  • Di
      25th of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Ok--adding to the list of other complaints. Purchased Maytag MFI2568AEB October 2007. Ice dispenser has always been a problem as you could never get the ice in your glass. At least one cube would always fall on the floor. Anyway, have lived with that for over 6 years now by trying to just use wide mouth glasses but still have the same problem. Lights started flashing a little over a month ago. About two weeks ago, the lights would flash and door flap would open & close. We would shut the breaker off for ten minutes or so and then turn back on. It would sometimes work and other times not. Placed a call into Maytag and were told that someone would call us back in a week. That was on a Friday. By Monday, the problem had worsened so called back. We were told that our case was being reviewed by a review board for an exchange program and someone would call us back by week's end. Problem just continued to get worse and read from other members that they disconnected the ice/water dispenser on the top left of the fridge. We did that and now there is a ticking sound and humming which is better than lights flashing and door flapping. Placed another call on Thursday as we still had not heard anything. Were told we were still in line to receive a call within the next 24-48 hours. Guess what, it's Memorial Day long weekend and we did not hear back on Friday which means now the earliest we will hear anything is next Tuesday. And to add to all of this, our fridge now completely died. Thank God we still had our old GE Fridge which is 25 years old in the basement. Not easy bringing it up the stairs but at least we have a back up. Tried to call them on Saturday but of course they only operate Monday thru Friday. Will definitely be calling them on Tuesday morning. It sounded like they may prorate the value of our fridge to put towards another one but I am sure that will be towards a Maytag which I am a little leary about. Anyway, we will have to wait to see what they offer us. I cannot believe the amount of complaints about this problem on this Maytag model. And it's not a recall? Really?

  • Cr
      31st of May, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I just wished I researched before purchasing my Maytag; this is the worst refrigerator I have ever had. Always had problems with the door closing, a piece of junk, now it seems its not getting cold, everything is defrosting, not sure what to do, so not happy with his piece of crap.

  • Fa
      17th of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Here it is some 8 years after this door-flapping lights-flashing problem was first documented, and Maytag is still not dealing with it. I called the 800-688-9900 Maytag number and spoke with a woman who sounded very sympathetic as she asked me to hold while she researched the issue. When she came back and said that there was no record of any such problem in their files I knew that I was not dealing with an honest company, and that it would take many days and threats of lawsuits to get them to comply. I went ahead and bought the two capacitors for $3.00, and thirty minutes later had a working refrigerator again. Incidentally when I spoke with my local repair shop, the owner told me that the refrigerator was probably not wort the $350 he would have to charge me get a board and install it. He said these refrigerators are junk, and are not designed to last more than 10 years. Mine is not close to that old, and you can be sure its replacement will NOT be a Maytag or other Whirlpool product.

  • Cc
      6th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    RE: Blinking lights, flapping ice dispenser on Maytage Ice2O model MFI2568AEB. Just to let all know, this problem started on my fridge Saturday, July 4, 2015. Today, Monday, July 6, I called Maytage customer service, not once, but 3 times. First I was told no record of this problem and they would connect me with parts department so I could order part - I hung up. Called dealer I purchased unit from in 2006 - $315 for part and labor and could repair tomorrow. Told them I would call them back. Second call to customer service - told same thing - no problems on record but I could purchase HVboard and 1 year warranty. Asked to speak with super, but on hold for over 20 mins. Called 3rd time. Third time being the charm! Took 1 hr and 50 mins but they have scheduled "goodwill service" and unit will be repaired tomorrow at no cost to me :).

  • De
      18th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    My Maytag Model # MFI2568AES just begin to make the same flapping noise flashing electronic panel yesterday which is 11 month after the purchase. I wish that I had read the comments from others before making my purchase. What is not clear is the causes and the fixes. There is no water flow or ice making even though there is water coming from outside through the tube. Did anyone ask the serviceman how it is fixed? It looks like this issue is wide spread and I wonder why it is not in Maytag troubleshooting web page. This issue deserves a class action.

  • Oj
      14th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had the control panel problem last year. They fixed it free. Now my ice maker doesn't work.

  • Ga
      3rd of Apr, 2007
    -1 Votes

    Add me to your club. My Ice2O (nicknamed Ice2NO) fridge started flapping and flashing today. Although another symptom that we had was the ice fan was not running so the fridge was not cooling. No sooner after I crammed a wooden spoon into the ice chute to silence it, it started to scream like a banshee, beeping every few seconds. A while after that the compressor quit running, so I emptied it and unplugged it. I'll see if a new control board fixes my problem.

    BTW, I'm about 15 days out of warranty.

  • We
      22nd of Nov, 2007
    -1 Votes

    At 7:00 pm, Thanksgiving Day, my fridge started the same thing!!!! Control panel blinking and flapping noise... It has been in service for 13 1/2 months. Nothing I can do tonight obviously. Anyone know if a class action has been started?

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