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Maytag / French Door Refrigerator / problems with the ice maker!

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I bought my maytag ice2o French door refrigerator from home depot 8 mos ago. Loved it when I got it, but soon after had problems with the ice maker. They replaced the ice maker. Now the ice maker is still having problems. Its not strong enough to break up all the ice. The ice cubes freeze in big blocks causing the system to clog. Last night the thing took on a mind of its own. All the lights are flashing on the control panel, the ice and water maker don't work at all. The flap is constantly opening and closing all on its own, constantly making a clicking noise all night long. Finally we had to unplug it so we could get 4 hours sleep. Plug it in this morning and its still doing it. My biggest concern is what happens after the warranty runs out. I already know this thing has mechanical problems. Did I get a lemon or is it junk?? Either way I'm stuck with a $2,800 refrigerator that seems like it has bad engineering.

  • Maytag Customer Care's Response, Mar 31, 2017

    Dear Valerie: We are sorry to hear of the issue that you are experiencing with your Refrigerator.
    We would be happy to look into this matter. If you could email us at with your name, phone number, and address along with the model and serial number of the Refrigerator.

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  • Dr
      24th of Oct, 2011
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    Almost forgot - If you're going to work on your machine yourself, unplug the power first!

    If you don't know how to solder, check out YouTube, there's plenty of videos showing you how.

  • Lo
      2nd of Nov, 2011
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    Bought my fridge July 28, 2010 and the right door makes clicking noises and drops down when opened, clicks (loudly) and goes back up when I close it. have had repair service here twice and they have tried to fix the door but and that's a big but, it will take 6-8 more weeks for door problem to be rectified as Whirlpool says they have to make a new door for it. so I am looking at possibly 12 weeks for total repairs, in the meantime the freezer (on the bottom) on the right side is filling with frost and ice. Oh great, improper seal so it runs almost continuously, called Whirlpool "they are sorry but 6-8 weeks or more still stands before door is available" Called warranty (Home Depot) and asked what could be done, Nothing, it seems But if I don't want the fridge to run and run up my electric bill I was told and I quote "Well unplug it and put dry ice in it."
    Also they replaced "the brain" in this fridge last month as things would freeze in different areas whenever and where ever it wanted to in the fridge area, drawers where ever.
    I am frustrated 12 weeks is a long time .

  • Kf
      25th of Nov, 2011
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    I have the same problem. During my first phone call Whirlpool told me they would ship the part in 1 week booked service repair call for me. A week later I called back because there the part had not arrived, and they told me it was on backorder until 2020, but they would try really hard to locate it for me. They suggested I call back a week later. I called back a week later and they told me they were still negotiating with the manufacturer. and offered to exchange my 5-6 year old Ice2o for a brand new one with a prorated price of $1600. I am not really happy with that solution as I had not planned on buying a new fridge right now, and would rather buy a lower priced fridge from another company.

  • He
      30th of Dec, 2011
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    Came home yesterday to a possessed ICE2O with the flashing lights and the ice flapper cycling every few seconds. Called Maytag this morning. Even though I stated that this was a known problem, they would not send me a replacement HV Control Board for free. They wanted to charge me 295.95 for the board + shipping. I was about ready to bite the bullet and pay for it, but I was cut off. I then called a local parts supply, and they had them in stock for 150+tax. On top of that, they offered a 15% military discount on Fridays. I walked out with a new board for 133.00. Took all of 10 minutes to replace the board, and I now have an operational refrigerator.

  • Ra
      12th of Jan, 2012
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    Same expensive fridge -- same problem with the lights flashing and the flapper opening & closing. Took some of your advise and called Maytag at 800-688-9900 with no luck. I purchased the original fridge in 7/2006 with the extended warranty that just ran out 7/2011. Had minor problems similar to others mentioned here (ice maker, water line dripping down front, etc.), but this is the first major issue that is keeping me up at night with the noise. We also have a home warranty, but I'm sure somehow they'll come out and find a reason to not cover it saying it's related to an ice maker or something and making us pay their fee anyway. So, first step is to provide all of the info and repair instructions to see if he's willing to attempt it, or if not will try home warranty. Thanks for everyone's info & advice. Wish us luck!

  • Ra
      12th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Added comments...they wouldn't cover parts or labor since I'm out of warranty which is their right. I even asked to speak to a supervisor to see if they would fix it in "good faith" since it's a known problem. They would not, but offered to set up a service call for which I'd be responsible. They even tried to sell me another warranty!! I told her I was very disappointed that they are not assisting me and that I am pursuing this another way and hope to find a way to put this back on them since they know it's a known problem. They should have done a recall. I also added I would never purchase another Maytag product.

  • Wa
      17th of Feb, 2012
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    Is there a class action lawsuit against Maytag for these refrigerators? I'm having the same problem as everyone else and I was told that the main control board was the culprit. Change it out with no results. Then replaced the low voltage control board and still no results. Paid over 2500 dollars for this refrigerator about 6 years ago and Maytag won't do anything about it. I say we put in a lawsuit and see what happens.

  • Je
      10th of Mar, 2012
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    Main control board broke on mine around the holidays. I finally got a new one in the mail. Before I got a chance to set up my appt. to get it fixed the fridge is now humming all the time and not cooling properly. It isn't even 6 years old! Off to buy a new one today I suppose. It won't be a Maytag!

  • Ma
      29th of May, 2012
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    Have a Maytag French door refrig and it stopped cooling freezer and refrig. What can I look for being the problem and what should the cost be the refrig is 18 mons old.

  • Eg
      14th of Jun, 2012
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    I purchased my Maytag side-by-side refrigerator from Best Buy in July 2002. (10 years ago) Sometimes my "Change Filter" light would come on, but most of the time it didn't. What I have found is each time the ice maker/dispenser acted up, ie; not as much ice, slow dispensing ice, finding the ice stuck together and the whole tray of ice becoming one big iceberg, and all those noises. etc, when I installed a new water filter, most of the problems went away. I also experienced a HOT SPOT on the freezer door about where the ice dispensing motor on the inside of the freezer door is located. My independent repairman (called him Saturday morning -- he showed up that same Saturday afternoon - NO extra charge -) told me (and showed me) the tiny wire that had burned up in the dispenser door motor. We're thinking that's why the freezer door had that HOT SPOT

  • An
      19th of Jun, 2012
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    Well, I can see this problems been on-going from at least 2007! Here it is, 2012 and I am now a member of the "Maytag makes cheap s*@t club". (Same problem with the electrical panel freaking out and the ice door flapping constantly) This is my 2nd Maytag fridge and I will NEVER purchase another of their products again!! (My first fridge crapped out on me after 5 months!)...wish me luck!

  • Ci
      3rd of Jul, 2012
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    Oh how i wish I had read this board 6 years ago! My ice maker stopped working 3 months ago (I guess I am fortunate it lasted 6 years with no problems). Called my appliance repair and they ordered the part to replace it after the diagnostic test said it was indeed broken. That was April 3, 2012. It is now July 3, 2012 and I learned that there is NO current replacement for the ice maker and they aren't even sure when the manufacturer will sending out the kits. Apparently a 6 year old refrigerator is obsolete and they don't keep the parts manufactured for replacement. Funny, my old GE is over 20 years old, gets plugged in around Christmas time for extra room and works like a charm - just not efficient. I am so frustrated with Whirlpool and the way they run their business that I will NOT buy another product associated with them. Personally, I feel that when you spend that kind of money on a refrigerator you would hope that 1- it will last, 2- it will be dependable, and 3- you should be able to get replacement parts. Is that asking too much? Oh and 16 pages of complaints...HELLO MAYTAG?

  • Ga
      10th of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Wow, looks like I am not the only one with this problem, found my MFI2568AES Maytag refrigerator doing this when I got home from work last night, lights blinking on the front panel and the ice chute opening and closing continuously. Tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and the problem was still there. With all these complaints on the same problem with these model refrigerators you would think a recall or fix would have been sent out from Maytag. This is my second Maytag french door refrigerator (the first one quit working all together) and I don't think my next one will be a Maytag product because of the consistent problems I keep reading about on this board.

  • Rs
      20th of Aug, 2012
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    I might as well add my voice to the chorus. I, too, have a MFI2568AES french door refrigerator. It has blinking lights and flapping ice maker door. Like others, I have tried the basic things like unplugging and plugging in the unit. Lots of research suggests that I can replace bad capacitors, or that I can try to find a replacement part. I really don't want to foul up by replacing capacitors. I am hoping that I, too, may get satisfaction from Maytag. It's a great brand with a great reputation. It seems like a few small parts in a large supply chain are besmirching the brand and reputation.

  • Ma
      27th of Aug, 2012
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    Well, yet another member to this community. I have a MFI2568AEB French door refrigerator and have call the Maytag 800 number. I was successful at ordering the part but was told they are not in stock and the lady couldn't tell me when it might even be shipped. She said it was up to the Manufacturer now. I call ed another number I found and they were able to pull up my order but wanted the part number in which I didn't have. This time I was told that they would be a special investigations team on a search to find the part across the US. I would hear back within 24-48 hours if there was an available part located. I asked to talk to her Supervisor and I ended up the Maytag Customer Service Center in Tennessee and she told me that it would not be 24-48 hours but a week to 10 days before I heard back from them. I've been without a frig for 2 weeks now and shared my frustration that a company this size with obviously a serious problem with their control panels and not fix in sight? She told me that it wouldn't have been covered by the warranty. That infuriated me even more. A $2500 frig that sits because you can put reliable products in your products. She informed that it is not policy for Maytag to reimburse for lost items. I asked if that was in writing and part of the training for her and she stated yes. I then stated well the other customer service rep who told me it was going to be 24-48 hours wasn't properly trained. I'm now on hold for the third time and over 20 minutes just trying to obtain the order part so I can do my own "investigation." Thankfully I wrote my order number down but no part number was ever mentioned. Maytag obviously knows this is a serious defect. When I compared this to a recall, she said there is no recall and I said there should have been. I say a lawsut is in order for Maytag.

  • Ma
      28th of Aug, 2012
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    Update from yesterday. After several more phone calls and writing on the phone and a lot of my own research I think I have the part being shipped to me. Marcone Parts is the preferred parts supplier for Whirlpool/Maytag and they have this control panel along with another, Part Select. When I found this out I called back Customer Service and complained that they were hurting the consumer because 'their' manufacturer didn't have the part but there own parts supplier had it so why wasn't it made available to ship? The answer is Maytag would have to buy it back from them and of course that would be money out of their pocket as opposed to waiting for the manufacturer to produce more. This is highly unacceptable and most customers wouldn't have gone to the trouble that I did and probably wouldn't have done the research I did. We need to force Maytag to support their customers.

  • Je
      29th of Sep, 2012
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    I also purchased this piece of crap fridge 6 yrs ago. First time the HV Board crapped out we had only had the fridge 1 year. It squeked in under warranty and was repaired. Fast forward to August 29th 2012. Snapping and popping ice door, lights blinking all over again. This time the compressor failed to work and I lost $275.00 worth of food. Of course I had just gone shopping the day before. I have called Maytag 3 times. The last time I spoke with Tyree in "Benton, Michigan" he told me a part was available and that I should hear from them in 24-48hours. That was over a week ago. I have 4 children and we had no refridgerator for 3weeks. Still waiting on that part. My Husband went to Radio Shack, purchased 2 capacitors and we soldered them into the HV Board ourselves. We have electromechanical assembly experience so it was easy for us. I am calling Maytag on Monday. Any one else want to start a Class Action Lawsuit? Jessica in Massachusetts

  • So
      8th of Oct, 2012
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    , too, have had major problems with this Maytag refrigerator! We have experienced everything from a malfunctioning ice maker, flashing control panel, overloaded compressor, erratic freezer (freezes much of the fridge contents), and doors not staying closed/inadvertently popping open. We have owned this fridge since 2007 and have repaired the ice maker and the freezing problems on our own dime. When the clicking sound woke the entire house up at 5 am, I finally decided to post! I realize that appliances are not perfect, and that Maytag had the best of intentions when designing and producing this product, but what really infuriates me is that Maytag has known about this wide-spread inherent problem since late 2006! Why no recall? Why no notice? Why no assistance? When I called the customer service line this morning, the representative acted like she'd never even heard of this fridge having problems-- yeah, right...all you have to do is Google the model number or just "Maytag fridge panel flashing and clicking problem" to discover thousands of similar complaints. I do not fault Maytag for manufacturing a "less than perfect" appliance, but I do hold them accountable for adequately repairing/replacing such a rampant and unsafe (compressor overload) product! Maybe, like the woman from Massachusetts suggested, it is time for a class action. Something needs to be done to protect the consumer from a company that is so slow to correct a long-standing and potentially dangerous problem!

  • Wh
      2nd of Nov, 2012
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    We bought our Maytag in Sept of '06. Guess we should consider ourselves lucky that its 6 years later and we are just now having the problem that everyone else has complained about on this board. I have yet to start researching how to acquire the new control panel but I do have a great tip for everyone who has experienced the problem of the ice chute flapping open and closed and making that continuous, annoying noise. We have a friend who is a fridge repairman and his first suggestion was to take a dish towel and shove it down the hole that the ice travels to block the exit, to stop the flapping and to keep the warm air from going back up into the fridge. Wow, how simple. Of course, this is no way solves the problem but it will give you some peace and quiet while you fight with Maytag over an issue that they should have long ago resolved. After reading all the complaints from others, I feel less confident that we are going to have our fridge repaired quickly. Our friend did tell us the same thing that others have said here...that the control panel is easy to replace and can be done by a novice. Maybe the harder task is to find the part. I'd go along with a class action in a heartbeat. Any lawyers out there?

  • Fr
      17th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    History of Icemaker problems on our Maytag French Door refrigerator, MFX2571 XEM1.
    Purchased on January 2011 at Home Depot, with extended warranty.
    Installed by a Professional Licensed Contractor.
    During the first year of purchase, under Manufacturer warranty, we started to have problems with the ice maker. When selecting crushed ice, only cubes came out. Called the warranty number and made an appointment for a check of the ice maker.
    On October 2011, the service technician showed up and did the following:
    Showed me why only ice cubes and not crushed ice was being dispensed.
    Why the buildup in ice had caused the rod to the auger to jam up.
    He hinted that this was an ongoing problem with the icemaker.
    He suggested that I check the icemaker tray weekly to make sure that the ice would not build up in the tray.
    Easier said than done. I lived with the problem until I called the extended warranty for the continual problems with the icemaker of ice still building up in the tray.
    On September 20, 2012 the technician showed up and basically said the same thing as the previous tech. I showed him in the manual where it said that icemaker had an automatic shutoff that would prevent the buildup of ice on the ice tray. I can understand his lack of response since that was not his problem but Maytag’s problem since the automatic shutoff was not functioning. On the following month we had another problem not related to the icemaker that needed servicing. Ice was building up under the lower freezer drawer. He showed me why the problem existed and how to correct it. At the same time I renewed the conversation about the icemaker problems. He was sympathetic but said he could not do anything about it.

    So I googled the internet for Information on the Maytag Refrigerator’s icemaker problems.
    Lots of problems with the ice2o model. Glad I have not experienced any of the noted problems.
    So what to do next? I called the manufacturer 800 number to discuss the problem and what were they doing about it. The 800 number is a Whirlpool number (800-253 1301) and selected the service choice. I explained to the Gentleman of my problems with the icemaker
    Specifically I detailed the following to him:
    Before proceeding, if anyone purchased a Whirlpool product and registered it with them, they would call up you history from your phone number indicated on the registration of your product (800 numbers will display the caller number).
    Date of purchase
    History of service calls
    Problems with icemaker
    Quoted from Maytag manual the item on automatic shutoff of ice maker on ice
    buildups. I indicated that when the technician showed me the where the physical portion of the sensor was, I concluded that it was not designed properly to be effective.
    When I asked him what the procedure was to document my noted problems and what could be done to fix the problems. He said he would create a file with an ID and forward it to the Review Board. When enough complains were received on the subject, they would review it and take action. Not to my liking, so I am requesting anyone with a similar problem contact the 800 number and get a file number of incident so hopefully enough complaints are registered to correct the noted icemaker problems.
    If not, other options can and will be pursued.
    Fred from HB

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