Mattress Warehousecustomer service

I went into south salisbury blvd mattress warehouse to look for a new mattress i was greeted by sales man by name jerry.He was helpful as i looked around but the guy name charlie who was there was just nasty attitude and just plain jerk.Anyway i was looking for best deal i could get and was informed he had to call his dm in which that guy was a total ###...Jerry did all the right things.But because of this charlie and i believe dm name was tom i walked out .I will never give a business which such nasty people a dime of my money.To which other people have heard this tom the dm cuss at customers call their salesman liars when the sales man say there is no customers in store.I for one believe they have none for way the dm acts .By the way jerry thank you for all your help.Sorry they ruined a sale for you

Jan 26, 2017

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