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unethical business practices

I purchased several items from Sleepy's in Farmingdale, now owned by Mattress Firm, in June of 2016 includng a mattress, a pillow, and a protective pillow cover. My invoice # i...

your exchange/return policy

I purchased a mattress thru online in March. After couple months of usage, the mattress sagged down and inner springs were weak. There's no child in my house and my husband and I...

Sleepys/Mattress Discounters — mattress

Do not buy from them No wonder they had to change the name of their company. I feel that they sell recycled mattresses. I paid over $2, 000 after taking their, so called, test on...


We purchased a mattress from u 2 years ago. My back start hurting and my husband got neck pain. My doctor suggest using to replace the mattress. Can u please let me know if u have...

Defective Mattresses/Bad Customer Service

Two weeks ago I paid $1500 for a Laura Ashley firm king mattress from Sleepy's, plus the cost of with box springs.

After about 10 days a sag developed on the side of the mattress where I sleep. I called Sleepy's and was told to take photos and send it in. I did do so, using a level and showing how I could fit my hand up to my wrist under the level where the sag was. They agreed to replace the mattress. When the mattress was replaced the delivery people showed me that also one of the box springs was broken. (King set comes with two smaller box springs.) I called Sleepy's to have that replaced and they agreed to replace it.

Meanwhile after just two nights the second Laura Ashley mattress developed a sag. I called Sleepy's again.

Know this: Sleepy's will do anything to make sure it doesn't have to refund money for a mattress--even a defective mattress. That's its policy. You can only exchange it. And when you do the salespeople will try their damnedest to use your bad experience to convince you to purchase a more expense mattress. More not his in a moment.

Sleepy's customer service people are trained to return to two or three rebukes over and over again, not to listen to what the customer is saying. In the case of the first mattress, the customer service person first said I had to have the mattress for 60 days before I exchange it for discomfort. I clarified that I wasn't exchanging it for discomfort. I wanted it replaced because it had developed a sag. But again and again he would say that I had to keep it for 60 days before they would replace it for comfort. The first person I talked to obviously was starting to feel uncomfortable about that protocol. He knew what he was doing was unfair and bad service.

When the second mattress developed a sag after just two nights sleeping on it I called again. Same routine. Keep it for 60 days before exchanging it for discomfort. Again I kept saying (growing agitated) that it was a defective mattress. Note at this point I had received a total of four items from Sleepy's: two mattresses and two boxsprings. Of these, three (two mattresses and one box spring) were defective.

I asked to talk to a manager above the customer service rep who was parroting back the same lines as the previous one. The manager did the same thing. 60 days. She even insinuated that I was being dishonest about the sag. A couple time she said, "We don't know if there's a sag, we just know you're telling us there's a sag." My experience was that as soon as I challenged Sleepy's to provide the "guaranteed" customer satisfaction they claim in all their stores, the response was to become more hostile to me. But I held my ground. I actually wanted a rebate. But apparently there is no possible way they will do that which, of course, contradicts their customer satisfaction guarantee. But eventually she said she'd waive the 60 day trial period and allow me to pick something else.

Here's the issue. I have a bad back and bad knees. It took me over a year to find a mattress that felt good for both my back and my knees. When I went into Sleepy's again I was, of course, guided over and over to more expensive mattresses. I kept saying I couldn't afford it but the salesperson even said if I get the same mattress with the sags, it will probably sag again, so if I want something better, I have to buy something more expensive. There was one other mattress that felt OK--not great. Of course it was $800 more expensive. I can't afford that.

I was told yesterday by a customer service rep that if they replace the Laura Ashley, I could not expect them to replace it again, even if it sags, unless I wait 60 days. Same line: You have to wait 60 days to replace it for discomfort. Same response from me: this issue isn't comfort, the issue is you should always replace a defective mattress. That was the third out of three people I had talked to at Sleepy's who said the same thing about the mattresses. I then asked again to speak to a manager. I was told the manager would have to call me back. Here I am next day at 8 pm, and was never called back.

So here's the situation Sleepy's forces me into: I can give the Laura Ashley another try. But if it sags immediately like the two I have had so far I have to sleep on it for 60 days, compromising my back and knees. Or I can pay $800 more for a less comfortable mattress and compromise my back and knees anyway. That's their satisfaction guarantee. But more than this, call after call of customer service reps who appear to be trained mostly to do or say whatever they can to defend the company's products, even to the extent of suggesting I might be lying about the defective mattress, has led me to finding every possible place I can warn people about this company. I will not do business with them ever again. And I will do everything in my power to make sure everybody

Defective Mattresses/Bad Customer Service
Defective Mattresses/Bad Customer Service

Sales tactics

I had emailed your company in regards to a sales representative of yours on January 6, 2015 but have yet to receive a response. As per your automated replied of, "One of our...

Terrible Customer Service

I purchased a twin mattress on 2/14 and cancelled the order the next day. Despite cancelling the order, it took Sleepy's 11 days to issue a refund, which still has not been posted to my credit card. Apparently, even though Sleepy's told me the order was cancelled, it really was not because only a district manager can do that. Customer service had to contact the district manager no less than 4 times before action was taken. Customer service instructed me to call the store manager myself who, I am told, finally reached the district manager. I called customer service no less than 6 times by phone and twice by e-mail to get a refund. Customer service told me that it took so long because the district manager is "busy." I will never shop there again.


We bought a mattress a year ago, it turned into a saggy one a month ago.Inspector came and 'approved' that we can exchange our mattress and got a store credit.

Went to the store again with back pain and bought a better mattress, paid a ton of money! and the guys came to pick up the mattress, guess what? oh there's a tiny stain, we have to call someone.. they went down and took off.

About stain: you can barely see it, because it's a dot. We've been talking to sleepy's like 10 times in a year, nobody ever mentions that you lose your warranty if there is a stain. Not even the inspector, the guy who helped us to purchase a new bed, no one! Btw we got rid of the stain in 2 minutes.

About the service:They have an amazing service, that the guys who come to pick up your mattress have the right to run away.

So imagine you are working at a well-known company, the clients are the people who give you money to get a better service right? but your boss says; okay if you see a stain on your client or anything like that you can basically leave the meeting without saying anything at all.

We'll call them and let them know how bad our system is but still advertise our company who has the best service.Perfect attitude!

Sleepy’s and Mattress Marshal IncThe seller didn't want to take the mattress back

I have bought mattress from Sleepy’s and Mattress Marshal Inc. The company provided 30 days of the testing the products and after that they guaranteed money back if someone didn’t want the product or wasn’t happy about it. I wasn’t satisfied with the mattress and I had serious back ache. I called to office and said that I wanted to return the product, but the seller said that it was too late. Stay away from these liars.

Unethical behavior

[protected] [protected] I Rosie Taylor was made out to be stupid by Michael Ditommaso and Darren Keller because I told them the bed frame was rough and snagged my linen when I made my...

Sleepy's Mattress Professionals — Mattresses and So Called "warranty"

NEVER!! NEVER purchase a mattress from Sleepy's...EVER! If you do happen to think you're getting a deal, I absolutely suggest that you NEVER get a warranty from this company!!!...

Horrible Customer Service-LIARS

Sleepy's has the worst customer service ever. Everytime I called customer service each one of them gave me a different policy. I bought a Tempur-Pedic bed from Sleepy's in Ellicott City and I wanted to return it because my body didn't like it. I went to the store in Hanover because that's where I moved. They said you can not do a return you have to exchange it. Then I called customer service they said the same exact thing no returns. I went back to the Ellicott City store they said the same thing. So I did an exhange with another mattress which was delivered defective. The delivery guys said sleep on it the bumps will go away. Well it didn't. I called Customer service the 30 day exchange period was just over so I had to do an inspection and was qualified for an exchange. The customer service representitave said go to the store and pick any bed you like I asked specifically if I could choose any bed and they said yes. I go back to the Hanover store they said I have to pick a bed with equal or lesser value. So I call customer service once again they said well you had an option to exchange or RETURN the Tempur-Pedic but you chose to exchange. WHAT!!! I had a chance to returnnnn when 2 of theirs stores (Hanover and Ellicott City) plus customer service said Sleppy policy has no returns on Tempur-Pedic. I go back to the sales guy in ellicott city he still says we dont do returns and we work seperately from customer service. I don't understand how the same company can have different policy. From my experience I noticed that they change their policy's each time so Sleepy's always wins not the customer. They lie and want your money and don't care about customer satisfaction. I should've done more research about this company. SO they are bunch of liars stay away from them and save your money and time. I have a lot more but want to keep this short. I talked to the manager she just says sorry. I told her about this bad review she didn't even care. I guess this is how Sleepy's grew as a company. Also yelp removed my comment because it wasn't location specific. My review is location specific this location told me I couldn't do a return when I could. There are also other comments on here that aren't location specific that didn't get removed. I am not a happy customer and as long as I get to return my defective mattress no matter how many times my comments get removed I will put them back.

Sleepys — Mattress

DO NOT BUY FROM SLEEPYS. I have had 3 different mattresses from them and each mattress has had a problem within days of delivery - sagging, smell, or comfort issues. They now tell...

mattress and damage

A year ago last December I bought a mattress at Sleepy's in Colonial Heights, Va. We paid Sleepy's to deliver the mattress. The moving truck arrived and the two delivery...

Credit not issued as promised

Purchased 2 mattresses on 9/11/14. I found same mattresses next day for half of cost paid at Sleepy's. Returned to store and manager (Ryan Noon) said he would match price and...

Sleepyswarranty policy is not reliable

i had bought 3 sets of mattress from sleepys. since the day i brought them i have been having a problem with them. The inspection guy came the report he wrote was not accurate and this and that does not qualify with our warranty policy. I am truly upset and they should not have a warranty policy. when u go into the store they are all friendly and nice and make a SALE and later when u have a problem it's not within the warranty policy. i am truly disappointed with sleepy's i did not expect this from them and they did lose a good customer. I am really upset and disappointed i went and brought from sleepy's. i would not recommend it to anyone bc the warranty policy is horrible and they make fake promises

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    Sleepy's Oct 08, 2014

    Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience with us. We regret any inconvenience you may have encountered. We can assure you that our customers are very important to us and we are anxious to retain you as a satisfied customer. Please email us at [email protected] and provide your Invoice Number or Customer Code along with your telephone number and the best time to reach you. Our specialists will review the information provided and will contact you to work towards resolution. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you.

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Sleepys Kings Down Top Of The Line Queen Set — Poor Warranty Service - feel scammed

I have had the same experience. How do so Many mattresses manage to sag 1-3/8" and not be covered under warranty? Perhaps someone from Sleepys should attempt to get a decent...


First, the trial period that sleepy's office appears to be a manner to solicit additional funds from consumers. In order to take advantage of this so called trial period, you...

deceptive business practice

Late 2013 my 3 year tenure at SLEEPY'S ended abruptly as it does with most SLEEPY'S employees sooner or later.What it comes down to is that some people are better suited...

Bad customer service

I ordered a mattress from sleepy's and asked upon ordering if there was going to be a sale in a few days. One of the workers told me there would not be, so I bought a mattress that day. A few days after, I saw an advertisement for a sale that promised free delivery was included. I returned to the store and asked if this was true. A worker at the store told me it only applied to certain products. While I was at the store, I called customer service to check out my options. The store worker, Peter from the H1 store, was a witness to the rudeness I experienced from customer service. The worker on the phone, who would not reveal his name, put me on hold for 35 minutes after I told him my situation. I could tell he was actually still on the phone. Peter and I called back and spoke to someone else and told them what had happened with the previous worker. All of a sudden the other worker gets back on the phone and tells us that he didn't forget about us. He put us on hold for another 15 min and eventually hung up after I asked for his ID and name. This is the worst form of customer service I have ever encountered and this worker should be fired.

  • Sl
    Sleepy's May 28, 2014

    Good Afternoon Susan,

    We apologize for your dissatisfaction at showroom level. Please provide your invoice number and customer with the best date and time to reach you so we may assist with your concern. Thank you

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  • Ev
    ev1233 Nov 09, 2014

    I'm not the type of person to write these kind of comments, but at this point I feel it is necessary. I placed an order Saturday October 4th for a mattress and an " I love my pillow" pillow. I received my mattress but not the pillow. I was told I would receive the pillow on 10/17/14. I called customer service a few days after the estimated delivery date. The call ended with the customer service rep. saying the department would contact UPS to see what had happened, and that I would receive a call after. I got a call from UPS instead, they asked me if I was "sure" that I did not receive the package, to check with my neighbors, community office, etc.. I had already done so when the customer service rep told me the status of the package said delivered. After I waited a week and received no response, I gave costumer service a call. This time around I was told to call back 2 days later because UPS investigation took 8 days and I had called on the 6th day. I called UPS to see if they'd be more helpful, but hey weren't. They simply told me the were till investigating and that the sender would contact me.Today I called and because its Sunday, the only thing they could do is send an email and call me back. It has been a month since I placed my order, so you can see how upset I am to be going back and forth with the customer service department and UPS.

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Terrible Mattress!

I am really upset with my mattress but more so with Sleepy's. I bought it from Sleepy's in 2011 - although they were pretty pricey, I figured I would get a great quality...

Sleepys — Rude salesman

I went to sleepys to get a mattress with my mom and sister. The salesman started talking to us about his personal life, kids are 'special', his wife survived cancer 3...

Sleepy's - Miralux Mattress — Warranty not honored

We purchased a bed from Sleepy's in October of 2007. We paid over $3300. for a king. We were given one sheet of paper about a warranty without a full disclosure. When we...

Sleepy's - SertaNo response to my complaint

This is actually the SECOND time I have had a Sleepy's problem. 1 1/2 years ago, bought a king mattress and box set from local Sleepy's. Within ONE YEAR, it started to sag and cause us problems. Name brand Sealy set. They came out quickly and said mattress was defective, BUT tech also made NUMEROUS comments about my housekeeping, claimed the thing was 'filthy' etc. I figured they were trying to wiggle out. Got full credit, and went down to local store to pick out new set. Found a VERY nice foam Serta set, which was on sale, and bought it. Now the problems start - they claim they have it, then hey don't have it, say it's going to get delivered on such and such day, they never show, then say it was not scheduled, even though I have it in writing. In this, the price of the set keep changing too, and they try to have it MUCH cheaper, and throw in sheet sets, get that straightened out, and set finally gets delivered. What shows up is a FILTHY, STAINED MATTRESS THAT LOOKS LIKE IT WENT THROUGH A FLOOD OR WAS USED BY SOMEONE WHO PEED ON IT! We refuse, go round and round, finally they agree to give us pillows, sheets, and a new set. Again try to make the sales slip say that we paid for pillows and sheets and mattress set is cheaper, I refuse, saying if we ever have a problem in the future, now they are going to only give me credit for half of what I actually paid in the first place! Finally get it all straightened out, and get set delivered, and I want to say, this Serta foal set is WONDERFUL. So, last week or so, hubby says something about him rolling uphill to the center of the bed. I strait checking parts of mattress, and all places where me, THE DOG, and hubby sleep, may be kind of level with the entire mattress, but you can stick your finger in them like it's fluff, where the rest of the mattress where we don't' sleep is more firm. So I call Serta direct, and they say this is NOT right. And they can NOT find the model mattress we have and ask if it's theirs. HMMMMM. I call Sleepy's, and say I want this looked into, and someone to check out the bed and why it's soft in some places and firm in others. I am told that customer service will contact me in 24 to 48 hours. It is now 6 days later and NO ONE from Sleepy's has returned my call. I think it's time to STOP dealing with them, and start dealing with either the courts or BBB, or someone. NEVER again!

  • Sl
    Sleepy's Jan 14, 2014

    Liz - I am so sorry that we did not meet the expectation of returning your call within 24-48 hours. I would like to discuss this further with you and ask that you contact me at [email protected] and I will be sure that we contact you.

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Sleepy's -king Size ArianaExtremely Poor customer service

We purchased a King Size Mattress for almost $ 4, 000 from Sleepys in May 2013 (just 7 months ago). The Salesman said there will be no problems - we can exchange at any time-we learned pretty quickly that this is not the case.
My wife has now experienced severe back problems and a pinched nerve by sleeping on this mattrass . She has been doing physio-therapy and is under medication. A Sleepys Technician inspected the mattrass and found that there is a 1/4 inch depression in the mattrass (he also said that this mattrass has air pockets) but the company is refusing to do anything as they say that the manufacturer of the mattrass has to see a 1/2 inch depression to agree to an exchange.
The mattrass has deep drains and holes, and the only way to sleep on this mattrass is by settling into these depressions. It is a shame that you pay so much for a mattrass and then one cannot be comfortable on it.
Do not purchase from this company, they claim to be a mattrass company but in fact is just another marketing company, they do not want to take responsibility for what they sell and come up with the manufacturer's rules.
I hope a sleepy's representative will contact me regarding this problem as I am terribly frustrated with this purchase.

Sleepy's Mattress Professionals — Wrong Mattress, Deceptive Ad, Salespeople

I'm not a complainer; I'm willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. But this has been, hands-down, the worst retail experience I've ever had. Here's the...

Sleepys — Not Honoring warranty

I purchased a Miralux Splendor Plush mattress & box spring from Sleepy's 5 years ago. I spent about $2k all together for the mattress & delivery. The mattress had a 15 year...


Sleepy's advertised a rebate for up to $450 when you purchase a matress during their 4th of July sale. It was stated that the paperwork would be mailed 7-15 days after the purchase to select which gift card you would like. 3 weeks later I call to be told our purchase was ineligible for the rebate. We spent over $2300 on one of their best matresses and it was not eligible! Why did the salesperson not state this when we purchased? How much do we need to spend on a matress to be eligible? Complete BS by Sleepy's

Shipping Charges

I have purchased Mattress spring box from Sleepy's. We have a king size bed & any sleepy's store do not carry king size mattress or spring boxes at store location. They...

defective mattress scam

I am now on my SECOND defective mattress. I purchased the first one in 2008. It sagged an amount the mattress inspector had never seen. My bed had all the proper support needed, so it was deemed a defective mattress.
I got credit which sleepy's made impossible to use. The sales people bacame instantly less helpful once they knew we would be using a credit. One employee actually deleted my credit on accident, which made the day I used it particularly annoying...It took an extra hour trying to get it back and understand what happened.

So I get a new mattress for which I am responsible for delivery fees and tipping. (seems a little unfair, but I was excited for a new bed) But now only about 5 months later this new bad is even worse than the first one!!!

Customer service is making me go through this same ridiculous process of measuring everything, being in front of my bed when I call, etc.

I really don't even want another mattress from sleepy's!! I want my money back. Especially since I was told there was nothing they could do to ensure me I wouldn't get a THIRD DEFECTIVE MATTRESS.

In my mind, there is no way this isn't a scam. They can make some extra money off you buy hoping you upgrade in the mattress and delivery fees, so they send you defective merchandise. I am only one person, but I will do my best to tell everybody I can not to buy from sleepy's. I will tell them what a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE I have had with this company.

I have been sleeping on my couch or horizontally in my bed it so awful.

  • Sa
    sammycat13 May 30, 2012

    The Sleepy's chain is notorious for selling a used mattress as new and have been fined accordingly.. Check with BBB and your state's Attorney General.

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Even exchange on a defective mattress COSTING me money?

We purchased a Queen Kingsdown mattress from Sleepy's for a spare bedroom in late 2008. We started sleeping on it on a daily basis last year and recently noticed a bad sagging on both sides, resulting in back pain. Their warranty assessor came out and we received a letter stating that it was "Not Up to Manufacturer Standards" and offering an even exchange or store credit to reselect. We opted for a simple even exchange and called to set that up. They have the audacity to not only attempt to change me TAX on a replacement mattress, but an additional delivery fee! Both combined, it was close to $200 that they were demanding we pay out of pocket to get a DEFECTIVE product replaced through their warranty!!! I told the rep that there was no way we were going to pay to have something that shouldn't have failed in the first place redelivered and tax on the second mattress, when the product price and tax should be a wash. She refused, stating that they (Sleepy's) needed to pay their drivers and pay to ship the mattress back to Kingsdown for warranty evaluation. THAT'S THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS!!! Not something that should be forced upon your customer!!! I'm disgusted and still sleeping on a defective bed. No way are we going to give them another dime of our money when the product we paid for should have held up to warranty standards in the first place!

  • Te
    Teresa Trotta Sep 25, 2012

    Oceanside, New York - I purchased a Sealy's Posturepedic Queens set from Sleepy's in 2004 with a ten year warranty!! It literally takes me 3-4 minutes just to turn over in bed that is how badly my mattress has indented (and I am not a heavy person) - my entire back feels horrible every single morning!!! I called Sleepy's to see what could be done - first the only way they were able to accommodate me was for them to have my phone number from 8 years ago - there old system couldn't find me any other way!! Wow!!! Anyway, an inspector came out and took pictures of my mattress and boxspring - I was informed by Sleepy's that Sealy's refuses to do anything about my bed - Sealy's only will do something if the indentation is 1 1/2 inches - mine is 1 1/8 - wow again!!! What is the point of having a warranty if you are not able to use it?? I do not understand!! Especially when someone pays so much money to have a good nights sleep, which I do not. I have never ever had a mattress effect my body the way this Sealy's Posturepedic set is. No one is willing to really do anything about it - they just think we should just keep giving them money and go get a new bed from them! Like that will ever happen!!!

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  • Ta
    tap tap Oct 03, 2012

    we should all get together and start a pretest at all the sleepys sotres i lost 1500 bucks over a defective matress and all the wanted to give me was 418 for the box spring and dish out more money on a nnew set. i said forget it and forget the credit... sleepys is the worst and will never shop there again.

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  • Ta
    tap tap Oct 03, 2012

    I too bought a queen kingsdown but i tested in the sotre on the comfort level tester machine. when it was delivered, it felt like a different mattress and i called the salesperson who i dealt with at the store and she told me to give it 30 days to brea kit in, i said ok. i called after the 30 days and a different saleperson told me after 30 dyas no exchanges or refunds. i was pissed and got stuck with it. Now 3 yrs later the middle is sagging as im laying in the bed, long story short inspector came it was off by 1//4 sleepys gave only a 418 credit towards the box spring. The sales, an lied to me from begiinning to end until the credit came about and we had a big arguemnt aand he said take the credit or leave. i just said forget it i do not want the credit cause i will never buy from there again. I also think that when they credit u for a new set or mattress alone they will give a used or salesfloor sample... i do no trust Sleepy's they are the Matress Unproffesionals! there is a lot more to this stry with this horrible salesman... but i just wanted to get to the point... Anyone who reads this stay away from any sleepy's they are Liars & Crooks!

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Sleepys Mattress ProfessionalsMisleading to Make a Sale

On 9/20/11 I went to Sleepy's to purchase a Tempedic bed in West Springfield, Ma. I told the salesman what I was looking for and explained about my bad back, lower lumbar problems and how I had limited income due to my wife being handicap as well as myself having the disability with my back. I wanted the back to go up an dlegs to go up as well. Just like the picture in their add. But not a queen sixe. He said "You don't want that." I will try to save you money and include the best pillow I would lay my head on. I'm 6'5" with an 8' wing span. I tried out a few of the beds while we were talking about the third bed, another customer came in, and he left me there for about 15-20 minutes. Then he came back to me.
We sat down to make a deal and he's printing up an order when another customer came in and he left me there again for another 10 minutes. By now my back is killing me, and my wife is waiting at home with no one there and it is almost closing time. When he finally sat down with me to make the deal. He said, and I quote "You are going to love "Sleepys" gaurantee. If at any reason you are not satisfied with your purcahse you can just return it. So I signed the paper work. At no time did he say I could not return the motorized unit. Had he told me, I would not have purchased the unit.

Delivery took 15 days. When they called me the day before, I had my old bed removed so there would be room for the new one. So now I had no bed. I told the delivery people that the item they were delivering me was not right. He assured me it was, so I signed the paper work, accepted it because I had no other bed. They brought in a box spring, which I did not order, so he called the office and they credited me for it and they took it back. Why would their sales associate offer a box spring for an adjustable bed? After they set it up, I measured it. It was only 3 feet wide. Too small. The pillow smelled funny but I tried it anyway and after just a couple hours I had a rash on my face. They bed itself, did not have the legs go up nor down, only the back went up. As well as the mattress was not the right one for the frame. It was not what I wanted or the impression he gave me that I ordered. I tried the bed for about 2 weeks and going on what he told me the gaurantee was I attempted to resolve with the store.

He charged me 139.99 for a twinmattress bed that the competotors sell for 69-70$. I was supposed to get free delivery and he asked me to pick it up. I tried to get the bed returned because the product sold was not what I wanted or told what I would get, nor did the product actually go together. The salesman when I entered was friendly unitl I told him why I was there, he then became extremely uncooprative, and said we don't take the beds back here and no motorized returns. Also, the sales man that sold me the bed no longer worked for them. I tried to explain he sold me stuff under false pretenses. I feel he sold me the product to get the sales and lied during the sale just to get it.

SleepysAdditional charges

They over charge my credit card by 1214.55 ! Then had the nerve to cancel my order just days before Christmas even after confirming that it was in stock and would be delivered on the 23rd of December. This put our credit card over our limit and caused us to not be able to do our shopping for Christmas. My wife was embarrassed when our card was declined at Walmart and she had to return all of our purchases. Sleepys is The Scrooge of Christmas for us for 2011. We will never do business with you or 1-800- mattress which is the same company unknown by many because of how poor they did business. They also will NOT return your phone calls! Amy Keller with customer service is a ### too and could care less of our delima they put us in. She promised to return my calls and never has to date! If you want to get screwed and robbed then buy from these thieves who ruined our Christmas!!!

  • Cathy Sable Dec 26, 2011

    Mr. Suffield, Please allow us to apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please reach out to me at [email protected] and include a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you.

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Sleepys — The cost of the Returned matress

I went into a Sleepys store to purchase a Tempur-pedic mattress. The salesman said that I had a 90 day home trial to try out the mattress. I financed $3500 for the mattress and...

After the Sale

Great presentation and sale with promises 3 separate times "You don't have to worry- we have a Low Price Guarantee". Bought a $5, 000 set at a great discount, but one day...

Sleepy's- Dr. Bruce bedfraud

I bought the Dr. Bruce firm mattress in mid Sept. both my husband and myself had deep indentations under us when we lied on the bed. The bed was also extremely soft and squishy and the mattress cover was not even attached to the mattress so when you rolled over it got all bunched up. When you sit on the edge of the bed it sinks down about 6 inches. I went in to the store and was told that they were sorry but it was not there problem and that I needed to call the warranty department to have someone come out and measure the bed.( While at the store I retested the bed in the showroom and it is definitely a different bed than the one I got at home!!) I called and of course, there was not a 2 inch dip on the mattress when no one was sitting on it. The inspector said " There is something wrong with this bed but unfortunately if there is not a 1 1/2 inch dip when we do the string test then it is not defective...!!! I then got the report, which of course said the bed is not defective, and I called to argue my case to no avail. I was told that the bed is from International bedding and that is there policy. I asked what SLEEPYS policy is and they said we go to the manufacturers and Sleepys has no warranty. This is a SHAM and I was Duped...this is not the end. I am hiring an expert and suing Sleepys under the guidelines that I did not get the bed I purchased.

  • Cathy Sable Nov 09, 2011

    Sleepy's would like to thank you for sharing your concerns. We aspire to provide all of our customers with not only the highest quality product; but also with high quality service and support worthy of consumer confidence. We sincerely regret that your experience did not meet those standards, but appreciate your taking the time to inform us. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please reach out to me at [email protected] and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you. Thank you.

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  • CMRVA Nov 12, 2011

    Great shopping experience, but I too found they do NOT want to have to make good on a promise or do the right thing. Private company and obvious it's all about get the sales through the register and fight every customer service claim. Pity the after the sale service can't match the "before they got your money' service.

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Poor mattresses/Poor service

I had a very terrible experience at Sleepy's. They seem to know what they are talking about, but in the end, I know they are just good talkers who scam people out of their money. The first time I walked into the store they sold me a bed for at a good price because they did not want me to leave without making a purchase and my budget was only $700. However, when I received the mattress, it was not how it was at the store. I needed to return the bed. They made me pay another $800 to exchange the bed because I had to get something of equal or higher RETAIL price. I did not want to make the same mistake again so I trusted their advice. The saleswoman convinced me that since I am a small girl I would need a plush bed. They even made me complete a computerized test to make it seem very legitimate and quoted research studies from prestigious universities. I purchased a Miralux Queen size mattress with split box springs. Within one week, I have been have severe back problems and I am now sleeping on the floor. I have checked reviews for Miralux and it has many terrible reviews. I wish I had known this earlier. Now, I cannot use this bed and I will probably just have to throw it away. I feel duped and out of $1000+. I will never buy anything at Sleepy's again.

Complete Liar's and Scammers

We bought a $3, 000.00 mattress from Sleepy's and were told it had a 100 % lifetime guarantee. The only clause in the warranty, we were told, was that if any stains got on...

Sleepys — Broken Mattress Delivered

Purchased a new mattress set at local Sleepy's store. Sleepys delivered a severley damaged mattress, springs exposed fabric separated etc. Immediately called showroom who...

Sleepy's/sleep to live — Unhappy with product and service

I'm not sure if I can articulate in writing how angry and upset I am with Sleepy's but I will give it my best shot. I purchased a Sleep to Live bed with the...