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mattress is different, they won't exchange!

My husband went in to purchase a new mattress for the first time. We found one we loved and ordered it. The...

Resolved refuse to send me a refund that I am due.

Purchase a mattress on 9/24/2011, paid cash in the amount of $361.80. Later after checking a new bedroom set...

mattress sagging

Sealy Posturepedic mattress and box springs purdhased on 4/5/06. Now sagging in center and becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I have the sales slip and True Form Warranty. I am extremely disappointed in the performance of this product.

Resolved defective mattress

purchased a mattress on feb.15, 2010 along with a mattress cover, not even a year later the mattress has a...

Resolved refund request

On March 21, 2011, we purchased a Belmont king mattress & box spring set from Mattress Warehouse in Mechanicsville, Va. with promise of delivery to that store by Friday, March 25. We received a call from the salesperson on March 24 saying there was a problem and delivery would be delayed until the following week.
I called the store on March 28 and was told the manager would get back with me. On March 30, I called the store and talked to the manager, Ed Katz, and was told that the salesperson was no longer with them and he would have to do some checking about the purchase. Over the next two weeks Mr. Katz assured me he was trying to get the product we had ordered. On April 11, I was informed that the product was at the Broad Street Store in Richmond, and we could pick it up there. At this point, I cancelled the order and requested a refund on my credit card. It's now May 5th and I have still not received the refund. I called the customer service department of the company this morning and was told that they had received the refund request on May 4th, and it would take a few days to process. A few days seems to be the mantra of this company. Maybe they should start telling customers it's going to take a few months with no guarantees of anything.

  • Su
    sunny647 May 09, 2011

    I'm still going in circles with Mattress warehouse here in MD. I'm trying to have a sagging mattress replaced or refunded. It started sagging within 4 month of buying it. They are liars at the store...and they ignore your calls, messages, faxes and emails at the headquarters!!! The website to file a warranty claim does not even work!!! They do everything they can to not uphold the warranty. They were even trying to send me to Sealy for the warranty issue. It is not the customers responsibility to deal with the maker!! Mattress warehouse sold me the defective item...they should take care of the customer! My next step will be the Better Business Bureau. I will never buy from Mattress warehouse or buy a Sealy mattress!!! I'm checking reviews of all mattresses we try at the store before we even buy them!!! Good luck.

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  • Di
    Dizzygirl Sep 01, 2011

    I too am having a horrible time with Mattress Warehouse in Frederick Md.(April-til now 2011)
    Customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. Jennifer-Customer Service, had a security guard call me pretending to be a manager. His name is Dan Wells. Oh yes she did. Whenever I ask for someone in authority to call she totally ignores my reguest. I can't get past her. I would wait 3-4 days for someone to call back then call again. Now I am told I am the problem. All because I want someone to help me.
    This company has refused to help me, actually I should say Jennifer has not relayed my messages to a single person but Mr. Security Guard, Dan Wells. I have asked that John Ahrens the president call me. That has not happened. Today I told her since she has already used a security guard maybe it will be the custodian to call me pretending to be Mr. Ahrens. Stay far, far, far away from Mattress Warehouse.
    They have "NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL". Horrible company to deal with.
    Save yourself the headache.. I am now going to ask Channel 11's Jayne Miller, to help me. Good luck to all who are having a problem.

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  • Ro
    RobertG911 Nov 02, 2011

    I have also had a similar experience as you concerning Mattress Warehouse. I am filming a short documentary about this companies corruption. If you are interested in telling your story contact me at [email protected] We will be filming sometime next week in the Frederick/Hagerstown, MD area.

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Resolved no beds and no refund???

On presidents day (Feb 18th) of this year 2011, my husband and I decided to purchase new mattress sets for both of our daughters. We checked several known stores but decided on Mattress Warehouse on Garland Groh Blvd in Hagerstown, MD. The manager was nice and gave us another disount for purchasing 2 sets on top of the sale price (that was our deciding factor) He advised us that the beds would be in on Feb 24th. That day came and went so we decided to call the store. Once again we got the nice store manager who stated that they did not come in but should be in the following Thursday.
Once again we waited for him to call, but he never did. After leaving several messages for him, he returned our call 3 days later. Unfortunatley once again, no beds. He advised us that he would try and get them in from another location who had them in store stock.
March 5th- still no call and no beds. Absolutely livid my husband went to the store and cancelled the order, requesting a refund. We were told that it would take 2-4 weeks! The next day (Sunday), upon looking at other stores, we realized that we could not come close to the price because of the Presidents Day sale and decided to go back and reinstate the order. (all of this happened on a weekend) The manager stated that there would be no problem since the head office wasn't going to get the refund request until Monday anyways, and that he would place a stop on the refund since it all happened on the same business day. He planned on having our beds brought in from the Frederick location on Thurday.
March 15th- Still no call. Once again left a message for him to call asap about this ridiculous issue. He did call back 2 days later and left a voicemail stating that he has 1 bed in stock and was going to give us a different bed (which was a better style) instead of waiting any longer, BUT unfortunatly we could not get the beds because the refund did go through and we would have to wait until his district manager could make up a new invoice and CHARGE our account.
March 28th- NO BEDS, NO CALLS! Once again tracked down the manager and demanded to know what the problem is. He advised that the refund created the issue. He was speechless when I told him that he was full of crap, that we did NOT receive any refunds from them and I have the bank statements to prove it. Called customer service who will not give me the name of the district manager or contact number to verify what the store manager is claiming. I called the store manager back and advised his that we would be in on this Thursday to pick up our beds (that we paid for 7 weeks ago) and I suggested that if this were a problem then to have HIS manager at the store waiting for us, if I leave there without any beds my next step will be COURT... DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE STORES!! I honestly think that our beds did come in and were sold for the non sale price and now we're just stuck waiting. Wish me luck folks, will let you know what happens...

Resolved fraudulent sale practices

My husband and I recently bought a mattress set from Mattress Warehouse. The experience has been anything but...

North Bethesda Mattresses

Resolved customer service

I purchased a mattress on 01/28/2011 and delivery was set for 02/07/2011. Earlier that day, I had arranged for Salvation Army to pick up 2 of my childrens mattresses. The delivery came as the promised time however, they were the wrong mattresses. I then had to take a 2nd 1/2 off of work to wait for the correct mattresses on a different day. I was upset and asked for some sort of compensation and spoke with the District Manager Bill Fisher. I explained to him what happened, that my kids did not have mattresses and that I had to take off a total of 2 1/2 days off of work for their error and would like a refund of delivery or some kind of compensation. His response: "I can't give you a refund on the delivery because we had to pay for it twice, but I can give you a discount on a future purchase". I was just a little taken back by that response, almost as if I was being penalized for their mistake. They didn't pay for it twice! I paid for delivery! They only paid for the second time but not the first. I would never buy another mattress there due to their lack of customer service and their lack of apology for their mistake.

  • Ro
    RobertG911 Oct 31, 2011

    I have also had a similar experience as you concerning Mattress Warehouse. I am filming a short documentary about this companies corruption. If you are interested in telling your story contact me at [email protected] We will be filming sometime next week in the Frederick/Hagerstown, MD area.

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Resolved guarantee

My issue is Mattress Warehouses Comfort Guarantee. This guarantee allows me to exchange my bed within 45 day...

Resolved no warrany/no return/liars

DO NOT GO THERE EVER. I went in to buy a new mattress and explained I have a bad back. I was directed to the...

king mattress set

We purchased a King mattress set on Saturday with a promise for delivery on Tuesday. They later called and...

no refunds/limit 3 exchanges defects

To: Mattress Warehouse (President) From: Brenda Hall Date: March 24, 2010 Re: 3rd Mattress replacement I...

Resolved comfort guarantee

Went to Mattress Warehouse, Hanover, PA on Feb 13th to possibly purchase mattress set. I had seen their ad...

Resolved no return for any mechandise leave the store

My husband bought a ComfortPillow from Mattress Warehouse on Thursday, January 28th.

He bought the pillow as a gift for me, but I do not feel I need a new pillow. I did not even open the box to look at the pillow.

My daughter and I went to the same store and attempted returning the pillow on Wednesday, February 3rd. We were shocked that John, the same salesperson at the store, told us that there is a "no returns" policy for the store, posted on the wall. My husband was never informed of this "no returns" policy.

John tried to fax the receipt to the main office to see if he could get approval for the return, but his fax machine was broken and he could not make contact with the corporate office. However, he took my home and work
phone numbers and promised to have someone call me.

One week have passed and I have yet to hear from anyone from Mattress Warehouse.

I have learned that hundreds of complaints have been filed against Mattress Warehouse:

Additionally, Mattress Warehouse Corporation is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and recieved a grade of "F".

I filed a complaint at Office of Consumer protection. This is the respond I got from Mattress Warehouse.

From: Service [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Friday, February 12, 2010 12:11 PM
To: Springer, Judy; Consumer Protection; [protected]
Subject: RE: compliant against Mattress Warehouse

Dear Ms. Springer,

Since Mattress Warehouse does not resell used merchandise, we adhere to a strict no refunds, no exchanges policy. Our policy is clearly displayed in all of our store locations and is written on the sales invoice. Once
merchandise has left our store and is in the possession of the customer, the merchandise is considered used and is non-returnable.

Mattress Warehouse values our customers and we respond to complaints in a timely manner and attempt to resolve the issues. Unfortunately, not all consumer complaint sites offer us the opportunity to resolve issues and
respond to them when we are not being provided with the customer's complete information or any way to contact them.

Our corporate offices were in receipt of the refund request and it resulted in a denial due to our company policy.

Thank you,

Mattress Warehouse
Customer Service Manager

  • Andrew Perring Mar 25, 2010

    I’m neutral to this complaint, but the “No returns” policy makes sense. I understand that Mattress Warehouse does not accept merchandise back, and I think this is a great practice. This way, when I come into the store, I know for a fact that I am not going to get a pillow or a mattress that someone else had possession of before me. I would never purchase a mattress from a place like Walmart knowing that they will allow you to return personal items. We all know that as long as it’s in sellable condition, they will just put it right back on the shelf and someone else will purchase it. Nothing wrong with Walmart, but when it comes to bedding, I tend to go to other places. I feel comfortable going into a Mattress Warehouse and getting a new sleep set, or pillows knowing that no one put their dirty face on it, or slept on it for only a day. But all things aside, I bought a Simmons from them about 3 months ago, and they did have a sign saying “No returns” and it was also written on the bottom of my invoice that was given to me.
    And it’s weird, but when I went to check out the BBB ratings for Mattress Warehouse by going to the same link that was provided, they had a rating of “A” so I don’t know where the “F” came from, but they sure know how to make customers sleep well.

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Resolved no refunds

Last week I purchased a full size frame. Turns out I didn't need it after all. Took it back 4 days later with receipt in hand. I was told NO REFUNDS. The clerk was very rude. I told her I didn't need it, it was unopened, etc. She contacted her district mgr. who would give me a store credit only. There is nothing in the store I want or need. He even asked her about the condition of the box. She said right in front of me "it's taped shut, can't tell if it has been retaped or not". I just told her it had not been opened and she was essentially calling me a liar. I asked for the phone # of the dist. mgr. She gave me a # where I only get voice mail. I don't think it is the same # she used. I've contacted customer service where I only get voice mail. At the bottom of the receipt in small print says NO REFUNDS. This was not pointed out or told to me. This is poor business practices and I will never ever shop there again!!!

  • De
    DealerThat Cares May 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, i would say, be sure to read all things on anything that you sign. EVEN THE SMALL PRINT.

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poor beds, poor warranty & poor management

I bought a bed(set) worth $1200 before I had my shoulder's rotator cuff surgery. I needed a mattre...

Resolved failure to honor warranty claim

I purchased a mattress from Mattress Warehouse in August 2008 and was told there was 10 warranty on the...

Resolved bed delivery

Let me start by saying this is the first time I've posted a complaint about a retailer, but I felt it...

Resolved unscrupulous, unprofessional practices

Below Please Find Numerous complaints about Mattress Warehouse: Charlene of Louisburg, NC May 13...

company in denial of fraud

We went there to purchase a mattress that was on sale. The mattress was not in stock and the salesman said he...