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foundation delivery / xpo delivery service

Well in Jan we had a Serta adjustable bed Foundation delivered.

I paid for the white glove delivery and setup for up a flight of stairs👻

Should be some good stuff. Well they came on time but one of the 2 said we can't take this upstairs, why? Because this is only a three foot width. Now I had a king size and queen size both taken up stairs. So I asked are you serious and he said yes we can't so I just said that's some BS and let me. Make some calls 🤣 well well now they try and made it...

So they set it up and don't say hey come see or let us show you and only say sign this tablet. I come up stairs and see the stuff instructions, accessories all just sitting around which was okay but again a preferred delivery company can do much better.

So I do the survey and am 💯 honest. I get a call from an Angela [protected] wanting to know what was wrong. I did call and explained on my voice message just like here...a month later no return call...so last week I called an left another message and included her name the reason and my cell number and asked to be called back...of course I wasn't called back so here we are.

king size mattress

To whom it may concern,

I purchased a matress through Big Lots in Longmont CO back in June of 2019. The matress is sinking in, I am now experiencing back pain due to the defective Serta matress that was sold to me.
I would like my matress replaced as soon as possible.

if you can contact me as soon as possible, my email address is

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Angel Compian

serta fusion model blue 500x5 hybrid model # [protected]

This is the second mattress that we had to complain about for this order. the first mattress was replaced because your man said it was defective. This mattress is on an Angle Ergo Motion Frame. When I raise the bed it bunches up in the middle in several places and makes it very difficult to sleep on. I wake up every morning with a very sore back and it takes me awhile of stretching to get rid of the pain. We had not slept on the mattress all this time we have owned it. My husband was in home hospice and he slept on a hospital bed in the family room and I slept on the couch for a while. I hate this mattress it is not like our other mattresses that we had before that were also on adjustable beds. It is so uncomfortable. It bunches up in several places not just one place and hit me in several parts of my back.

I called in several days ago and the man said he would send me out a complaint form, I never received it, I have a picture of the tag that he asked me to take and I can take more pictures of the mattress itself. but I need a phone number to send them to. That is the only way I know how to send them. The first time I called about the first mattress you took the information over the phone and there was someone out here in a few days. I just can't sleep on tis one anymore.

I have the receipt and we purchased it from Colders on June 23rd 2018. We also purchased one for our grand daughter a few months later and hers is just fine

Pauline Parker [protected] Name on the bill is Chester Parker

blue max 3000 elite plush

I purchased my mattress from Art Van 1 1/2 years ago. The mattress is sagging and so I contacted Art Van. They came out and confirmed that the mattress was defective. They told me that I only need to come to the store and pick out a mattress. We went to the closest stare and the sales associate did not want to bother because it was not a new purchase.

We drove over to the store where we purchased the mattress and were told me the customer service that we could pick out any mattress. The sales associate came to the floor and told us that we would only be entitled to a replacement mattress. We argued that defective beds should just be refunded. She stuck with their 'policy' and said that they did not care what other stores did with defective products and would only be amenable to replacing the mattress with another Serta foam mattress.

serta mattress

I purchased mattress in 2015 from a Serta retailer in my city. For the last 6 months it has caused my wife a stiff back and is uncomfortable.
I called the retailer and sent the required pictures for a warranty claim. There was two very noticeable saggs in the mattress. There is no question that it is defective. The retailer denied the claim stating that there is a stain on the bed. The stain has nothing to do with the fact that the mattress is defective.
I could of purchased a $400 bed and been just as uncomfortable in it but the retailer bragged up the quality and the warranty of the Serta so I upgraded and spent $1300 on this one. So now they say I'm stuck with it.

serta mattress


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serta mattress

I bought a "sdet" and have 1 "law" tag covering mattress & box spring but with 1/2" sag in middle of mattress Sert5a say I need 2 "law" tag=9 yrs. ago the dealer who backs me up sold me a set"=Serta refused to honor the 10 yr. warranty & when I bought the "set" in August 2009, there was only 1 "law" tag, I spent hours on phone with Serta contract customer service attempting to resolve the issue, Serta made it impossible by not allowing me to email them directly, instead I had to use a submission email form on their site limited to less than 150 words, I uploaded a scan of "law " tag for my set that clearly gives Mat. fill details & also box spring in that 1 "law" tag if had wehich was from the "set mattress which I had to tear off to scan, I couldn't take a picture of it due to position on the mattress, and Serta refused to honor m7y warranty although I agreed to pay up to $149 for new mattress & up to $20 cost of inspection=Serta is a dishonorable company and everyone should know this before they look for a mattress

mattress plus mcminnville tn/serta

I was totally mislead about what mattress I was purchasing from Mattress Plus in McMinnville TN
My Receipt says Blue Max 100 - They delivered a Blue Fusion 100 which is like trying to sleep on a bed of concrete. I tested the Blue Max at the store and that is what I wanted. He played the sales part up like I was getting a secret deal but once he got my money the story was different. The owner at Mattress Plus and his worker hide when I come into the store and are avoiding any exchange per the trial period. I have requested a refund and they basically told me to go screw myself. I threatened legal action - they said Go right ahead and sue me...

I have text messages where the sales person incriminated himself with lies and misrepresentations about the Serta product
I have 5 ruptured discs in my lower back
This is why I needed a new mattress
I have called and emailed Serta repeatedly
I have not received any acknowledgement from them at all
I am sick over this and feel that the people at Mattress Plus are Criminals and that Serta does not stand behind their product.
I am Sick over this whole ordeal

full size mattress purchased at boscov's

I purchased 2 mattresses and box springs around 3 yrs ago from Boscov's department store. I got a full set for my son for Christmas. The mattress was investigated by Boscov's and was considered faulty, but they said in the fine print that there is to be no stains on mattress. Well if the mattress is faulty and the spring is sticking out of it there was a tear and of course if you have this mattress it is going to get some kind of stains on it. They said that due to the stain and the tear they won't own up to the warranty. I just don't quite understand why! I paid for 2 sets only asking for a new mattress or some kind of satisfaction it was determined faulty. Just because it has a stain on it really are they going to resell it NO I am very upset in this matter I paid good money for this and they should last longer than 3 yrs! My name is LeEtta Swigart my Phone # [protected] e-mail [protected]@aim.com. I would appreciate a response in this matter.

  • Updated by LeEtta · Mar 15, 2018

    Please contact me

serta briarton ll pocket coil euro top mattress

I have tried contacting Serta Canada multiple times via phone and email but sadly no response. They have shown an extremely unprofessional attitude and I am utterly upset with them. their phine seems to keep ringing and after a certain time the phone line drops. They never responded to the multiple emails that I send them.
My mattress has completely caved in from one side, within 8 months!!! I feel like I've fallen into a ditch!!! Even though it was rotated after 3 months yet it just formed a depression and given me a severe backache.
I demand immediate response and remedy!!!

serta briarton ll pocket coil euro top mattress
serta briarton ll pocket coil euro top mattress
serta briarton ll pocket coil euro top mattress


serta I comfort insight

We bought this years ago. One day I noticed I was in a sink hole. and had to force my self to a higher spot. Then the edge of the mattress started to flatten out in a 45 degree angle for about 2 feet. I went to furniture row and they did nothing said I needed to call the company. yet they bragged about the warranty when selling it to me. They even looked it up and had us on the computer showing when we bought it. Still said we had to have the receipt. $1500 for it. called the company and asked for help. Same response, asked if we had the receipt. Like no we look but couldn't find it. they were like Sorry can't help you. Guess the receipt should have been stored under the mattress?? lost this customer.

serta I comfort insight
serta I comfort insight
serta I comfort insight



I bought a Perfect Sleeper and after two years it sunk where I sleep. Contacted Serra...was told to go back where I bought it. Ross Furniture came and put his whole fist in the middle. I discovered the warranty is for the top of the mattress only. I am waking up with pain. After reading the complaints, I feel this company's product should be looked at. Eleanor Morelli.
[protected]@yahoo.com. I would like a resolution or compensation.

replacement mattress

After having our Edgarton Firm for a year we had major sink holes to the point my husband had to sleep at one end and I at the other. We had a 10 year warranty, I lost the receipt, finally found it and called about the warranty, 35.00 for a inspector and 114.00 for a delivery of a new Mattress that was the same quality, well that was a joke, I got it delivered today, Old Mattress that was 2 years old, was almost 10 inches in height, new mattress 8 inches, no memory foam or pillow top like our old one did, If you sit on the side, the mattress sinks 3 inches, down to 5 now, if you lay down and total relaxed you roll right into the middle, the Coils squeak, oh did I tell you we haven't even slept on it yet, this mattress wont even last a month, I called Serta twice, they said I signed a paper that I might not get the same mattress BUT it would just as good as our last one, WRONG, this is a cheap mattress that they put in RV's . It is a Homeworth Firm, but nothing firm about it, Even the Queen size sheets are to big for it.. Never again will I buy a Serta they really ripped us off, I plan on sending them all my chiropractic bills for the piece of crap they call a mattress. I took a picture today and will take another one in 30 days if it last that long. I will be making a BBB complaint too, I have lost to much money on this company, I can go to the thrift store and buy a brand new mattress that is better than this!!! Serta wont do anything about it, Its not even Stitched correctly, very very poor workmanship.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 07, 2017

    "I signed a paper that I might not get the same mattress BUT it would just as good as our last one"

    Do you have a copy of the paper you signed? This is really strange phrasing because it is so subjective.

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cushion firm eurotop

The mattress is sinking after one year. No one every picks up the company's customer service phone and I've tried 3 times. Sears, where it was purchased, is on their last legs and are useless. Time for the Better Business Bureau to get a complaint. Next move is to file in small claims court. Serta may offer a warranty, but the consumer will never get anyone on the phone to get help. Just looked them up in Consumer Reports, who also mentions that there are a lot of complaints about the mattresses sinking after a short period of time. A warranty from Serta = a lot of BS! GARBAGE!

cushion firm eurotop
cushion firm eurotop


full size pillow top extra firm mattress

My mattress is 3 years old maybe 3 1/2 if that and the one side is like slid out on the. Pillow top as if it had blown out and the side that is like that feels like there's an arch when you're laying on it and the opposite side is fine. It is horrible to sleep on! I am extremely upset being how much money I had spent on my mattress. I rotate the matress regularly and take very well care of my possessions. Is there anyway you can send me a replacement or something. I have all serta beds in my house I absolutely love them all But this one is horrible.

serta perfect sleeper

Roughly 30-45 days ago I purchased a King Size Seta Perfect Sleeper, and today I discovered you can unzip the cover from the mattress. I decided to pull it off and wash it, but little did I know I was in for a surprise. What could it be you may ask? A stained mattress. Black and yellow stains all over the sides. The black substance resembles mold. Not being an expert I wont say that's what it is, but you can imagine how bad it looks. This was suppose to be a brand new mattress. I will be waiting for a follow up with this issue.

self inflating mattresses queen and twin

Both mattresses started leaking on the circles . Design. Flaw? We are very disappointed. I'm now sleeping on the floor until I can afford a bed. I have arthritis. In my knee and hip. Real hard getting up off the floor. No I'm not obese . no kids in the house. No smoking in the house they just started springing leaks. Not only both of our mattresses, one of our friends queen self inflating Serta mattress started leaking on the circle . it seems to be a seam? They were impossible to patch.

my pillow mattress sag in the middle

My king size mattress center sag extremely uncomfortable .Ill call the store and they said it had stain they...


serta king luxuriant 12" euro top mattress & boxspring

I purchased the King Luxuriant 12" Euro top mattress & box spring set from QVC on 8/31/2013. It has a center sag/dent and extremely uncomfortable. The sag developed about 6 months ago.

This mattress has not stood up to my expectations or it 10 year warranty. Please contact me for a warranty replacement asap.

I can send a picture that will clearly show the sag. Tag info: Date of manufacture:9/9/2013 (11A11-1-828), Place: 18 Prestige Lane, Lancaster, PA ; Model: [protected]

Donna Graham, [protected]@gmail.com, [protected]

merit iseries

I purchased my iseries mattress from Haverty's Furniture in Jan. 2015. Within 30 days it had noticeable...

icomfort savant

I purchased the IComfort Savant in 2015 with the belief that your "cooling" system was the absolute best on the market. The matress is comfortable, but both my husband and I experience "hot spots" under our backs. I contact customer service and was told that was a "personal" comfort issue. They advised me to purchase your $200 reversible mattress cover. Wow, with what I already spent on our king size mattress and box spring why should I have to pay $200 to fix an issue that Serta is obviously aware of, since you have a mattress cover to fix the problem? Why wouldn't you offer that mattress cover to keep your customers happy?
I am very unhappy with your customer brush off and will continue to tell friends and family to stay away from Serta. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing.