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Marriott quoted me 84000 pints + 437 for 6 night stay beginning March 16 and ending March 22, 2017.  I made this reservation on the Marriott website. When I received a confirmation email, it included the price in dollars but failed to include the amount of points. When I checked my upcoming reservation on the Marriott website, I noticed that the amount of points needed per night had changed from 14000 to 17500.  When I booked the hotel room on January 18, 2017, the hotel was a category 5 and, according to the rewards chart posted by Marriott, cost 14000 points plus $65 per night. That was what was offered to me when I reserved the room.  The hotel has changed to a category 6 and now my upcoming reservation on the Marriott website has changed from 14000 to 17500.  Category 6 hotels require 17500 plus cash per night, while category 5 still remains 14000. Furthermore, I have reviewed available nights at this hotel in the future as a category 6 hotel, and they are charging the same amount of points for the exact same room as I booked.  They are overcharging me points, even though I booked it when  it was a category 5 hotel, they are charging me the current higher fee of 17500 points.

I have tried to bring this to their attention, but the two people I spoke to at customer service denied any changes were made and would not contemplate that there was a discrepancy in the amount of points being charged.  On the Marriott website, they give a rewards plus cash chart, and then underneath say that there is no fluctuation for the amounts of cash and points.  This is the exact question and answer on the Marriott website:

"Do Cash + Points amounts fluctuate?
No, Cash + Points amounts remain the same within each hotel category. Please refer to the chart for further details."

Here is the website address for the chart:

The chart says Category 5 is 14000 points + $65 per night. I booked this hotel when it was a category 5 hotel, and that was the precise amount my screen displayed when I booked the room.

When I brought this to Marriott customer service and tried to explain that there was a discrepancy to the second customer service representative, Katie, she refused to acknowledge it and hung up the phone on me.

I am very disappointed that Marriott would automatically deny any discrepancy without even further investigating this problem.  The proof is clear as day on their very own website that I am being overcharged points. However, they could not fathom that their system may have been faulty and possibly automatically displayed the current points needed instead of the amount quoted to me at the time of reservation.  They just continued to say that no changes were made, over and over.

Customer service did not seem interested in problem solving, but more interested in problem avoiding.

Not only would I like the points needed to reflect the original amount of 84000 points when I reserved the room, I would like an apology for an entire night of lost sleep and the stress it has caused me.

Mar 09, 2017

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