MAPCO Express / / everything

Memphis, MI, United States

Employees are rude nasty stinky. Move very slow. And always do something other than running the register. Like standing outside of the store talking to boyfriends etc. while people are walking out of the store with unpaid merchandise. I asked for service. She told me to go in and get what ever I want. No charge. Another day I went. She was talking to someone else outside. And said if your in a rush. Just go somewhere else Plus her breath stink and her uniform was filthy. Also the store smelled like wet puppies and sex The parking lots are filthy with trash. There is not one decent mapco in memphis. The worst ones are at Danny thomas and Crump and danny thomas and Vance. Near the downtown area. They are always arguing with customers about service Every time I go. Also police are always on the scene because there is always an incident at mapcos in Memphis. The reason I think they are doing so bad her is because they hire ignorant people

Jun 20, 2017

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