Madira Virgin Hair Company / Poor Quality

1 P.O. Box 574, Bear, DE, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 302-544-0905

On May 13, 2011, I purchased 8 oz. of 22 inch Remy Virgin Hair from Madira Hair Company. Since the company's website was inactive, I was forced to make the purchase through Paypal. The total cost of the hair was $203.60, and I received the hair on May 17, 2011. On May 21st after a thorough inspection of the hair, I noticed the length of the hair was significantly different, the hair had many gray strands and the bundle contained a lot of split ends. Only one quarter of the hair was 22 inches long, the length advertised.
I immediately emailed the merchant to express my concerns and to ask questions about the hair. She replied that the different lengths and split ends were normal, but if I still had any concerns to call her. I called her to ask about her exchange policy and to discuss the hair. She said the hair isn’t even because the donors did not have blunt cuts. She said I could dye the hair and clip the ends until it was even. She said its virgin hair which means the hair lacks chemical processes and could be dyed, however, she warned me about adversities if I bleached the hair. I assured her that the hair would be colored black using a rinse and no bleach.
On May 23, 2011, after dyeing the hair, I noticed many metallic strands. Since I have bought and dyed hair for several years, I know that metallic strands are an indication that the hair was previously dyed to cover gray strands of hair. It soon became apparent that some of the hair had already been dyed. After the dyeing and shampooing of the hair, the hair was extremely matted. I could not comb the hair, untangle the hair or use the hair. I called the merchant back and asked about the return or exchange policy again.
At that time she refused to exchange the hair or allow me to return it because of the company 5 day return policy which was not located on the receipt, Website (since it is inactive), nor Facebook page. I told her I would have returned hair when I first called her had she not told me to dye the hair for the grey strands, and had she not told me the hair was normal and all I had to do was clip it and dye it. I told her I called her during the 5 day period and once she knew the hair was defective she should have allowed me to return the hair during that time, instead of giving me solutions on how to fix the hair. She said “well it’s too late now.” As a result, I am not able to use hair that cost $203.60. Per Paypal, the case has been appealed and is currently being viewed by their staff

The picture attached is the hair (matted) lost while attempting to untangle the hair. BEWARE of this Merchant!

Madira Virgin Hair Company


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