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I have never had issues with regular items. But god forbid you order one of the special handling items. I am trying to return some rugs I bought, and so far, I have been on the phone for about 2 hours 30 minutes, and only managed to get one rug picked up so far. Here's the story. I am in the market for a rug, and after looking online for some rugs that looked nice, I went to Macy's Retail Store to see them in person. They only carried a limited selection and none of the ones I was interested in. So I went back online and purchased several rugs. Of course, once they arrived, none of them were really the color they appeared to be on the website, so I now had many rugs sitting in my living room that I needed to return. I called Macy's customer service 1800 buy macy and was told that my return was in process and I should expect a call from the shippers in 3-5 days and a mailing label in 5 days. I got neither, so I called back a week later. Turns out that Macy's Retail Store rugs are processed by Macy's, but rugs are processed by some other central processor. They had notified customer service that the return had not been processed properly, but no one had followed with me. So we lost a week, again with multiple rugs sitting curled up in my living room. I found this out when I called to check on status. They then told me each individual rug had to be processed serially, and I would have to return one rug at a time. This was after I had already spent 1.5 hours on the phone as people kept putting me on hold to figure out what the rug return process was. Then the next day, a UPS shipper shows up without calling so of course I miss him. I wait for him the next day, and it turns out sure enough he only can pick up one rug. Then I have to call customer service again so they'll process the next rug. What a ridiculous process.

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