Macy'sreturn policy change affecting wedding registry returns made prior to policy change

As a loyal Macy's customer for decades I am livid that when I went to exchange two item from my daughters registry for a higher priced item I was told that it was after 180 days and that the items could not be exchanged. How is it even legal for a store to not grandfather customers in who signed up for a registry that at the time offered 365 to return/exchange ? When I asked this question of Peggy, Floor Manager at Macy's in Staten Island, she went on to share horror stories of customers who returned used registry items such as vacuum cleaners and bed sheets. I must say that this information was irrelevant and was not the case with us sine the Breville Toaster Oven and KitchenAid Hand Blender that we were returning were new and unused. The manager had already ascertained this when she opened and inspected the items. My daughter simply wanted to exchange both and purchase the Breville Smart Oven Air which by the way would have resulted in a higher cost to us and profit for the store. I shared with Peggy that what was relevant was that it was unfair to hold customers to a policy that was not in effect at the time that we registered. We were now being penalized for not adhering to a new policy that we were never notified of and which was not in effect at that time. Once again I asked, "How is this fair to the customer?" Peggy excused herself and came back and then proceeded to appease me by offering to give me 1/2 the purchase price of what each item sold for. At the onset of this interaction Peggy had already identified the items on the registry and had verified what each person had paid for them. Why would anyone in their right mind agree to something like this? It is nothing less than robbery. At this point I could see that Peggy was simply following the directives that she had been trained to implement. I asked for the store manager's name and was told it was Christina. When I asked if I could have her last name I was told that it was company policy not to give surnames. Peggy then asked if I wanted to give my name and number which I did. Peggy asked when I was available and I said anytime from 9:00am on. It is now 12:16 pm and I've yet to receive a call. Finally I'd like to say that my daughter and son-in-law just moved into their house this past month and they took their shower/wedding gifts out of storage and that is the reason for the late returns. I had also shared this with Peggy to no avail. Within the last few weeks we have made substantial furniture purchases from Macy's. for their new home. This whole experience has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I wish that I had gone elsewhere and not given my business to a store that clearly does not implement fair and equitable policies for their customers. I now can understand why so many of your stores are being closed.

Jun 04, 2018

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