Macy'sreturn policy and credit card fraud

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Macy's card is the most abusive card in terms of terms and conditions. For example, if you make a return before the bill cycle closes, most of the credit cards will deduct the amount of return from your bill immediately. However, Macy's would not. If you don't pay the previous bill in full (although you already returned the item), you will be charged the finance charge and then the next cycle, your balance will be negative for the amount of your return reduced by the finance charge. This way, not only you would pay the finance charge, but Macy's will also keep your money for longer time (until you call and request the refund which will come in 10 business days after you request it).

In addition, Macy's really defrauds consumers on return policy. The policy states that you can return the merchandise within 180 days with the receipt. However, Macy's tracks your rate of return (by dollar amount) and will close your credit card account without warning if the rate is "too high" (but there are no description anywhere what that means). Therefore, if you bought one inexpensive item (say, $10) and one expensive (say, $100), and you returned the expensive one - your rate of return is 90% and they can close your account. Obviously, once Macy's closed your account, you cannot return anything you bought on Macy's credit card even if it is within 1 day (not even talking about 180 days). The only thing you can get is “store credit”. This way, Macy’s insures that it keeps your money no matter what. So much for "easy return policy" that is advertised by Macy's.


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      Apr 23, 2010

    ty for this complaint, working for the company..had no clue...I like knowing what they do wrong, so I have some type of answer when issues such as that happen to a customer

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