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On multiple occassions I have dealt with a young manager that makes up lies about my hygiene... She has a talk with me in a stockroom and claims that customers have complained about my body odor and now she has added associates with it... I know better! I stay clean and I do a good job at the company... I feel personally attacked and I am sick of it!

Feb 11, 2019
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  • Mi
      12th of Feb, 2019

    Go to HR... but keep in mind, people who smell bad often cannot smell their BO themselves.

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  • Mr
      13th of Feb, 2019

    Stop and think... Am I eating or doing anything that could be excreted through my pores?

    If you eat (literally) nothing but "taco spice" for example, your body WILL excrete the odor and go on everything you touch and wear. If you come from a culture where undershirts and/or deodorant are not norm, that might be something to consider adding to your routine.

    Wash hands frequently. You can tell if you need a wash by looking at your fingernails. If you clean under your nails and a little while later they are grubby again. I found this out when I was 12.

    Shower daily/nightly.

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