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We placed an order for $4, 000 worth of drapes w/ Macy's Custom Decorators Inc in December 2017. It is now June, six months later, and what ensued between then and now is beyond belief. Our drapes were delivered and hung in terrible condition, far from what anyone would expect, and the wrong rod installed. Weeks later they were removed and we were promised they would be fixed. I was forced to call and email over and over, mostly with Judi Chedester with CDI.

The designer, Linda Morgan, tried to pass off the drapes as being fine and then admitted they were not.

Two weeks ago they were reinstalled. There is still puckering on the seams of the lining and the pull cord is still too long, but at this point we are tired of dealing with this.

Nevertheless we would like to receive compensation for the considerable time and frustration it took to get his job done.

In summary, it went like this:

Request for Macy's for drapery consultation
Confirmation of Macy's appointment
Order is confirmed. #P2766121
We check in regarding progress. Told still another 2-3 weeks.
Second check in. Told work to begin the following week.
Drapes are installed. Make note to designer and installer that there are numerous issues. In addition, the wrong rod is sent yet installer puts it in anyway. He is also rude. Told by designer to leave drapes open and tied for at least 5 days and then they should be fine. They aren't. Write first email to CDI, Judi Chedester. Include images with details of errors in the manufacture of the drapes. She opens case file.
3/2 - 4/18 2018
More emails with Custom Decorators International and Linda Morgan (decorator) to ensure that it is clear what is wrong with drapes. Continued lapses in communication. Still no drapes.
I received an email from Linda Morgan that the new rod and the drapes have been completed and the installer will contact regarding an appointment.
Installer calls to make appointment for installation, scheduled for Friday May 25.

I can provide a comprehensive zip file with documentation of the dozens of emails that went back and forth between CDI and myself.

Thank you,

Bertrand Pellegrin

Jun 06, 2018

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