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P Nov 24, 2017 Review updated:

I went shopping on Black Friday and waited 45 minutes in line but when I reached the counter, Macy's system is down and they're not accepting any credit card or debit card. Nobody peaannounced that the system was down, customer will only know it once they're ready to pay that they're not accepting credit/debit card and only accepting cash. They put the items on hold and I told them I'll be back in 10 mins to get cash and was told that I need to go back in line. It was not my fault that system was down. If it's my fault, I don't mind falling in line again. It will take an hour to wait in line again. There should be a Macy's associate announcing to people on line that they're only accepting cash so that they can go out on line. That was a very frustrating experience. Falling in line twice for an hour each is ridiculous specially when it's not a customers fault.


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      Nov 28, 2017

    The same thing happened to us. we just left our items and went to jcpenney. to the poster above... someone should have told everyone in line that they could not accept cards as payment plain and simple and it doesn’t matter if it’s black friday or not. smh

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